Friday, February 29, 2008

Winds of War: How Some Dealt With Terrorism in History

Saw the movie ‘Vantage Point’ this weekend. One line struck me about our current fight with terrorism. One of the terrorists said just before he died. “You can’t stop us. This fight will never end.”

Over at, a member wrote a long post about how history dealt with terrorism.

… every day the police inform us about the arrests of “peaceful Muslims” and about the plots uncovered in Italy, Spain, France, Holland, USA, Russia…

Yet, the Muslims, supported by the gang of “liberal” politicians and journalists, look at us innocently like the famous husband caught in bed with another woman and ask the same question: Who are you going to believe? Us, or your lying eyes?

And what is absolutely puzzling; there is quite a lot of people who quite seriously try to convince us that we can stop this rain of mortal attacks by being “kind” and “tolerant”, and who with clever faces repeat like parrots the senseless commonplaces like “violence gives rise to more violence”, or “two wrongs don´t make a right”, or “you cannot defeat violence with more violence”.

Is that true? History says otherwise.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.


Anonymous said...

What is causing the almost unbearable tension in the current situation is trying to predict what it will take to trigger the appropriately "vicious" response that will decisively put an end to the threat. Yet the threat is not even identified in the public arena! Instead, we drift down De Nial while the danger seems to increase exponentially day after day. For Hiroshima it took 4 years of total war, hundreds of thousands of dead Americans, and a choice that had come down to firebombing cities followed by land invasion resulting in a death toll perhaps in the millions and killing a couple hundred thousand of the enemy with a single bomb. Make that two bombs; the first one failed to convince them. That was in 1945. What will be the equivalent in the first decades of the 21st century?

WC said...

And remember this - not even the second bomb changed the minds of Tojo and his gang re: History Channel doc 'The Last Mission'. They still wanted to fight to the end.

Some officers even plotted to kidnap the Emperor and steal the recording he made to the people to surrender. It was a lowly secretary , frightened, who confronted the officers and refused to tell them where the recording was hidden.