Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kosovo Joins The Ummah

So, those Western nations recognizing the independence of Kosovo are enabling and empowering the Ummah. Isn't that just wonderful? Another step to the establishment of the worldwide caliphate.

From Muslim Matters.org:
Congratulations to our Muslim brothers and sisters in Kosova, which has just declared its independence from Serbia on Sunday (2/17/2008). As might be expected, this is not without international controversy, as Kosova’s independence has been opposed by Serbia, Russia, and other neighboring states. However, with recognition from the US and much of the EU, Kosova, despite the displeasure of its enemies, is here to stay, inshaAllah.


We here at MM welcome Kosova to the international community. May Allah grant this new government the wisdom and ability to rule by the most just of legal systems, the Shari’ah, and allow it to, in doing so, become a shining example for our Ummah to follow. Ameen.
How stupid can the West be?

Um, never mind. I already know the answer. I see the voluntary dhimmitude on a regular basis.

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