Monday, May 27, 2013

Helene Grimaud
Piano Recital.2011.01.17

01:36 Berg - Piano Sonata Op. 1
17:40 Liszt - Piano Sonata
49:07 Bartok - Folk Dances


Anonymous said...

OT (seems like the best place to post this):

UK Daily Mail: Pictured: Man in his 20s stabbed metres from where soldier Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich
Quote: "A man in his twenties has been stabbed in broad daylight less than 300 metres from where soldier Lee Rigby was executed on Wednesday afternoon.

Police treated him at the scene in central Woolwich but Scotland Yard said the violent assault is not linked to the terror attack last week."

UPDATE: Arrest made after man stabbed in Woolwich near Lee Rigby murder spot
Quote: "A MAN has been arrested following a stabbing this afternoon around 300m from the spot where Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered.

Emergency services were called to Wellington Street at 3.53pm today and found a man suffering from stab wounds to his chest and arm.

The stabbing victim’s injuries are not life threatening and he has been taken to a south London hospital for treatment.

Detectives have now confirmed a man has been arrested in connection with the assault and he is in custody at a south London police station.

It is thought there is no link to Drummer Rigby’s murder nor with the English Defence League activity in the area."

Got that? Coincidentally, the EDL were in the area. Intentional msm SLANDER of the EDL.

Pastorius said...


Thanks for the information. I really appreciate what you do for us.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure. Though, I am often accused of being to quick to judge . . .here's the other side:
video: Don't be too quick to judge --heh!