Thursday, May 30, 2013

Did Eric Holder Also Lie... to a Judge?

I don't know what the fuck I'm saying anymore
It's very simple: In his warrant application, Holder claimed to be interested in investigating James Rosen as a coconspirator in an espionage case. In addition, he claimed Rosen was a "flight risk," which would justify even closer monitoring. 
Now he says he never had any intention of prosecuting Rosen. In other words: He now says helied when he told the judge these things, in order to secure his license to snoop on Rosen. 
Well, which is it? If he never had any intention of prosecuting Rosen, the warrant application is a fraud on the court. 
If he did have such an intention... that raises some additional questions.
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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, for pointing this out.

It also begs the question, did Holder's reason for requesting the warrant escalate/evolve after each prior failed attempt until Holder trumped it up to the level of 'coconspirator in an espionage'? (Holder DOJ Went Judge Shopping to Three Different Judges Armed With Criminal Warrants for James Rosen)