Thursday, May 30, 2013

Speak Your Mind About Islam Day: Thursday, June 6, 2013

The declaration below was written by a British citizen who wishes to remain anonymous. Let's show our solidarity with the British.

Just this past week we were shocked to witness, in broad daylight, on London streets, the ambush and barbaric murder of Lee Rigby, a British soldier, husband, and father of a young child. Lee was ambushed by two men, one of whom spoke directly to the camera afterwards. This man made it clear that his motivations were based upon Islam and the numerous verses in the Quran that call for violence against non-Muslims.

Afterward, individual citizens from the UK and around the world flooded social media with their sentiments about Islam, the false narrative that it is a “Religion of Peace” and the blatant falsehood put forth by Prime Minister Cameron that the teachings of Islam had nothing to do with this brutal assassination. Several citizens have since been arrested by the government of Great Britain for comments they made under the influence of grief and anger. These actions by the government are an attempt to suppress free speech and must not be tolerated. We ask that you stand with these persecuted individuals as a unified people.

In response to the British government’s attempts to suppress free speech, we wish to declare Thursday, June 6th, 2013 “Speak Your Mind About Islam Day”. June 6th is a day of great significance for the free peoples of the world.

In the 1940’s, American, Australian, Brit, Canadian, Frenchman, Indian, Russian, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh and countless others were bound together by the common goal of eradicating forever the vile ideology of Nazism. On June 6th, 1944, segments of these diverse allied forces bound together and stormed Fortress Europe marking the beginning of the end of the ideology of Nazism as a force among men.

Let June 6th 2013 once again be that day for us.

On Thursday, June 6th, 2013 we ask that you flood social media with your thoughts on and knowledge of Islam as a clear and unmistakable message to our governments around the world that we will NOT be silenced by blasphemy laws, statutes on “community cohesion”, or threats and acts of intimidation carried out by our governments in an attempt to silence us on the issue of Islam and its undeniable ties to religiously motivated acts of terror around the world. Our overwhelming numbers and unified voice must make it clear that we will become increasingly UNGOVERNABLE, without becoming violent, on the issue of Islamic terror. An assault on one will be treated as an assault upon us all; we will stand together as one voice. Political careers will pay a price at the polls for the condescending act of telling us that Islam is what we all know it is not.

Rules of Conduct:

  1. Keep it civilized — nothing positive comes from mob-like behavior.
  2. Focus on the ideology of Islam, not individuals.
  3. No profanity or ad hominem attacks — they cause people to tune out the message because of the messenger.
  4. The goal is to unite us, garner group support for the cause, and put our governments on notice that we will not be silenced.

Please share this now with every blogger and social media group you know about.


Always On Watch said...

MTP died on June 8, 632 AD. Just pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

Several citizens have since been arrested by the government of Great Britain for comments they made under the influence of grief and anger.

Perhaps now, some, or dare I suggest most of the surviving family members of the 52 known victims of the London bombers would appreciate holding British authorities to account for their govt's ignorant [anti] social policies which not only enabled the violent invasion of their homeland under the pretense of multiculturalism, but continues to sanction it with their continued wishful bleating 'Islam is peace' BLOODY LIE. How many more indigenous British lives must be sacrificed on the altar of this horrificly blood soaked lie?

Anonymous said...

Crown Prosecution Service has authorised the Metropolitan Police Service to charge Michael Adebowale with the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby on 22 May in Woolwich, London.

The charges are that Michael Adebowale:

1. On the 22 May 2013 within the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court murdered Drummer Lee Rigby.

Contrary to Common Law.

2. On the 22 May 2013 within the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court had in his possession a firearm, namely a 9.4mm Dutch calibre KNIL Model 91 revolver, with intent by means thereof to cause persons to believe that unlawful violence would be used against him or her or another person.

Contrary to section 16A of the Firearms Act 1968.

That's all folks.

In essence - no charge for terrorism

Anonymous said...

Martel, that is exactly the point to be made, there are no limits to Islamic terror - not to race, not to creed (think shia/sunni rift)not to gender, not to age, not to anything. Islam results with survival of the most brutal.