Thursday, May 30, 2013

Matt Hawkins needs to do better research

In a minor conversation about the 7th issue of the Think Tank comic, Top Cow's senior manager Hawkins and a reader said the following:

Some important points to make about history and facts:
As for Think Tank itself, I did some more research, and according to Fanboy Nation:
For about twenty minutes after I finish an issue of Think Tank I contemplate stocking up on canned goods, water, and emergency supplies. Matt Hawkins ensures that you will think about what’s going on in our world, even if you’d planned to be blissfully ignorant and just indulge in a comic. My main warning is that if you are a staunch Fox News Conservative, this likely is not the comic for you. If you are interested in how war, science, or a combination of the two, work, this comic is something you should continue to pick up until Hawkins and Ekedal retire.
Not if it's built on liberal anti-war/science beliefs, I'm afraid. If it's negative to conservatives, and if it resorts to trutherism, as I'd worried before, then the chances of it getting any of its subjects right is extremely minimal, if at all.

Hawkins has to choose whether he's interested in fantasy adventure like Aphrodite IX or fantasy politics like Think Tank's story. It just can't be both.

Update: here's a review of the second part of this story, which describes the story as so:
After previously being betrayed by his lover in previous comics, Mirra, Dr. David Loren finds himself numb and disillusioned. His realization that the military will never let him go causes his language to become more blunt and his behavior to become erratic. Under design is a bio-viral weapon that released into the air as a gas will target distinct strains of DNA to kill intended targets. The formula is designed to be specific in its targets, meaning that should the military use it on a Middle Eastern target, they will be able to destroy only one genetic group of people’ even with the close genetic heritage of the Israeli and Palestinian people. The project clearly violates international laws on genocide, and the general in charge of the project is not pleased with his name being attached. The battle of what is moral and what is necessary comes into play.
Whatever Hawkins had in mind here, it sounds ludicrous and mind-numbing. And, it's politically tendentious.

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