Sunday, May 26, 2013

Why they fought

Below on the left is my Great Grandfather Frank Bartlett. This picture was taken in Brooklyn, NY just prior to him embarking to WWI. The picture on the right is my great uncle Ted Bartlett taken during WWII. 

My uncle Jimmy Mitchell was an Air Force pilot in Vietnam. My uncle Dick Johnson spent many years in the Navy, then entered the Coast Guard and went to Vietnam.

Thank God all four of these men were able to survive, continue to serve their country and retire from the military.

Memorial Day is the day to remember all of those who didn't. They fought and died for our country, our freedom and our rights. Rights that appear to be slowly eaten away.

We Americans have been truly blessed. Blessed to be living in the most free, peaceful and prosperous country in the world. But today, there appears to be many people here who do not appreciate it. They are willing to stand by, watch and even encourage the changes that are taking place.

Changes that are in the realm of Socialism.

Socialism on the surface, appears to be such a wonderful ideal. But, if you ask people who live or have escaped socialist countries, they will tell you it is far from it.

Keep this one thought in mind... whenever you allow a person or government to take control of an aspect of your life, you give total control of that part of your life away. You no longer have any say so, whether you like it or not.

I like making my own choices. I like living my life the way that I want to. And so long as I am following the law, I do not want to be forced to answer to anyone, most especially the government. 

And that is the way this country was built. It is slowly changing and I am not comfortable with that.

All of those men and women who have died for our country, would be seriously pissed if they saw the direction our country is going in.

That's all.


Anonymous said...

You have an enormously proud legacy - thank you for sharing your very intimate memories for Memorial Day.

Christine said...

Your welcome.

I think it is very important for each of us to stop and reflect this time of year, on why so many served, died and continue to serve and die.

Especially right now, considering all that is taking place.

Nicoenarg said...

We Americans have been truly blessed.

And a lot of people around the world have been blessed by Americans.

There are millions upon millions of people all around the world who owe their lives and the fact that they can exercise their rights to Americans...Americans like your family members.

It is a sad fact that most people don't realize it or don't want to acknowledge that fact.

Another sad fact is that now there are scores of Americans who don't care for any of the sacrifices made by these brave and selfless men, who gave up their freedoms so countless strangers could exercise theirs.

There are scores of Americans these days who don't give a flying rat's ass about whether they are free or not as long as they have their free stuff in one hand and a way to ask for more free stuff in the other.

I have faith that the good and honest people of America will be able to pull this great nation out of the ditch it seems to be heading for. I have that faith precisely because I know that people like your family still exist.

I know that my family and I probably wouldn't have survived the first gulf war if it wasn't for the US military. I was 6 years old back then, learning how to put on a gas mask in case Saddam attacked with chemical weapons and my parents were not able to help me put the mask on (in the case of them being either dead or incapacitated otherwise).

I also vividly remember helping my parents put duct tape around all the doors and windows and sealing ourselves in...hoping that someone somewhere would save us from Saddam's army that was sure to destroy Saudi Arabia and its pussy military in no time. It was, after all, the "mother of all wars" according to Saddam.

So yeah, if it wasn't for the US, I am not sure I'd still be around. And I am not ashamed to say that I probably do owe my life to American soldiers.

And before this comment of mine turns into a novel I'll just say that I salute your family and the sacrifices they've made for the great country that America is.

Christine said...

Nico, I am very happy you survived and proud of our soldiers for all they have done and do to help those like yourself.