Saturday, May 25, 2013

Duped! But now what?

Charlie Cook of the National Journal (relatively dead center), is one of those people like Nate Silver who, interpreting EVERYTHING as political and politically motivated never the less find truth in numbers, if not in motivation.
Here’s your key quotes…

No Wonder Republican Criticism of Obama Isn’t Working

They’re attacking the president where he’s least vulnerable at a time when they have minimal credibility.

Henny Youngman, the late borscht belt comedian, told hundreds of politically incorrect jokes. One of them was his response when asked, “How’s your wife?” “Compared to what?” he’d say.
What’s most telling is where Obama scores well with voters and where he does not. When asked whether they thought each of seven phrases did or did not apply to Obama, he rated best with “is likable,” at 79 percent.

On “honest and trustworthy” and “is a decisive leader,” respondents scored the president at 58 percent. “Is not a typical politician” came in next, at 54 percent

His bottom three ratings were “can manage the government effectively” (52 percent said it applied, 47 percent said it did not); “generally agrees with you on issues you care about” (51 percent to 47 percent); and “generally agrees with your views on the size and power of government” (48 percent to 50 percent).
Basically, Republicans are attacking Obama where he is least vulnerable and at a time when they have minimal credibility. It isn’t working. By trying to turn everything into a scandal rather than saying Obama’s policies are wrongheaded—and rather than fixing their own image problems with minority, female, younger, and moderate voters—Republicans are focusing on attacking a guy whose name will never again appear on a ballot.
This article appears in the May 25, 2013, edition of National Journal as A Glass House.

SunnsteinAxelrod, and Carney all unintentionally made the case the republicans  it seems should be making.
Who among the republicans today can be likable enough to explain why a large govt, the ENTIRE underpinning of today’s progressive dem party, will always lead to where we are?
We have to remember that in the ~1850’s the republicans were regarded as disgusting radicals, and the extremist moral police whose election to power came about as a result of a three way national split.
The issue then?
Only slavery.
Today the SEEMINGLY modest repressions of a huge out of control monster whose lightest footstep crushes opposition and becomes self sustaining despite party are SEEMINGLY less dangerous than the issues then because we can just go out to dinner  grab a joint, or have a G&T, and watch cable or satellite while we think about the BBQ this Memorial Day.

The repubs have to find a way to break thru to the lowinfos


WC said...

EPA - you can't get to the low infos. They don't care. These people are the mud that fascism is molded into. Feed me my food stamps and my iPads and leave me alone.

But one day, they won't be left alone.

Unknown said...

Epa, given what we known of the 'long arm' of this 'Admin' can we really believe these numbers to be true in the first place?

Can we believe anything in the MSM about this 'Admin'?

As Jesus said 'The TRUTH shal set us free'.

Epaminondas said...

I believe Charlie Cook, Will.

This is real.
There is little arguing with EVERY SINGLE POLL, including Rasmussen and Fox showing Obama approval #'s continuing in the low- mid 50's

It beggars the mind, but people just don't know about this stuff, and if they know, do NOT WANT to believe the president is who he is.

Always On Watch said...

There are SO MANY low-infos!

Always On Watch said...

I haven't been able to get a single Obama supporter to look at any evidence that interferes with their worship of Obama. It is surreal!

The past two weeks, I've spent countless hours trying to convince one Obama supporter on the web -- she is my age or a few years younger -- to take an objective look at the recent scandals that have broken over the heads of the Obama administration. She will not entertain the possibility that Obama is a "venal man" (her words). She also has brought up his "burden," meaning, of course, his being the first African-American POTUS. Clearly, this particular Obama supporter has one mantra that overrides everything else, "HE MUST NOT FAIL!"

Today, I decided not to waste any more of my time with this particular Obama supporter. There is no way to reach her! None! Zip! Zero! Nada! Zeebee!

One of the major problems that I've run into: The sources that I cite are not "reliable" sources because they are not mainstream media sources.

In many ways, the biggest problem is this: THE ENEMEDIA!