Saturday, May 25, 2013

What is Our Goal in the Counterjihad Movement?

Clearly something is wrong. Orthodox Islam is spreading, and great numbers of non-Muslims around the world are ignorant, confused, or blinded by an indiscriminate multiculturalism, which is allowing orthodox Islam to spread relatively unimpeded.

Those of us who have discovered the disturbing nature of Islamic doctrine (and the growing threat of its spread) want to do something about it. But what? The emotions provoked by this are intense, of course. Many of us are frightened or horrified or angry or frustrated — and some of us feel all of these and feel them strongly. We want to stop this madness we see spreading over the world. But what can we do? What should we aim at? What is our goal?

We've been at this a long time. We started Citizen Warrior about a month after 9/11. Our comments on this site are "moderated," which means we read every comment before publishing it, and we've been doing so since the beginning. We also have a Facebook page, and we read every comment there, too. So we've heard many emotionally aroused counterjihadists saying things like "we should nuke the Middle East" or "send them all back where they came from" or "ban Islam." Understandably upset, people want to do something about Islam's growing threat. But of course, nuking the Middle East is irrational, morally unacceptable, and wouldn't solve the problem anyway. You can't nuke an ideology. Many of the Muslims now living in the Middle East would defect from Islam if they had a chance. Millions are children. Nuking the Middle East is a ridiculous proposition arising out of intense feelings of helplessness. We can't "send them back" either because many of them were born in our countries. These kinds of solutions are impotent; full of sound and fury, signifying nothing but frustration.

What kind of language should we use to describe the counterjihadist's goal? On Citizen Warrior here we have characterized it a number of ways over the years: Defeating the third jihadthwarting Islam's prime directivestopping orthodox Islam's relentless encroachmentreversing jihad, etc. None of these are really adequate either.

After thinking about it for awhile, we've come up with the language we'd like to use, and we want to know what you think of it. Either email us or leave it as a comment below. This is our goal:

To marginalize, discredit, and disempower
orthodox Islam.

We can't really get rid of Islam. But we can make it so weak and maligned, so cut off from resources and shunned that it no longer poses a serious threat to the free world.

The Ku Klux Klan was once a growing movement in the U.S. They had millions of members, some of whom were in high places. They had a massive demonstration in Washington DC in 1925. Fifty thousand Klansmen were in the parade, dressed in their white robes. Just as an aside, did you know the Klan had a Kloran? I kid you not. Here's a PDF version of it.

What happened to the KKK? Why didn't they grow into a national party or take over the country? They were marginalized, discredited, and disempowered, and remain so to this day. They are still around. It's an ideology. You can't really get rid of an ideology. But you can make it something that few people want to be associated with.

How can we do that with orthodox Islam? There are many ways:

1. The first and most important is getting more people to understand that Islam is unlike other religions in important ways and that the "extremists" are not doing anything but following the written creeds of their religion. They're not "picking and choosing" passages from their texts to justify what they're doing. They're not "taking things out of context" or "misunderstanding" the Koran. It is the Koran itself and the example of Muhammad that is incompatible with modern society. We need to effectively reach people. Once enough people understand the situation accurately, the rest of this list will be relatively easy.

2. Cut off oil money to OPEC, which is the main power behind Islam's current expansion in the world.

3. Stop the oppression of women in Muslim lands (and everywhere else, including Muslim enclaves in free nations). The more power and freedom and rights women have in Muslim countries, the less orthodox those Muslims will become. 
4. Prevent Sharia law from worming its way into our legal system — passing legislation that explicitly forbids it.

5. Stop Muslim immigration into free societies, or at least limit it for Muslims, limit it from Muslim countries, test Muslim immigrants for their level of orthodoxy, or something along these lines.

6. Prevent the construction of mosques inside our borders.

You've learned about the terrifying brilliance of Islam and you want to do something about it. Excellent. Here's what to aim for: To marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam everywhere in the world. Each one of the actions on the list has a link. Follow the link to find out how you can begin to make this goal a reality.


Always On Watch said...

About Step 1...I guess that I need to quote from the Quran more. I've tried using the history of Islam as a method of reaching people -- no dice because they have a pre-9/11 mindset in that (1) they believe that Islam has modernized even since many events such as the cartoonifada, and (2) they notice that most of the Muslims with whom they have personal interactions are "nice people." I WILL say, however, that just a few days ago, one woman who has thought I'm a nutjob about the dangers of Islam has come to believe otherwise because the community college which her eldest son attends has Muslims that have gotten "pushier and pushier."

I've also found that handing people "counter-jihad material" to read doesn't work. America is no longer a nation of readers.

I HAVE found that people will watch a video is the video is under 5 minutes.

Pastorius said...

Great article. Thoughtful. Good analysis.

I like the idea of disempowering and discrediting Islam as an ideology. I think that we have been attempting to do that for years. Educating people about the history of Islam and the ideas in the Koran is the way to go. However, progress will be slow. Americans don't even know the history or ideas of our own country anymore.

An important solution actually would be infiltrating pop culture, and that is something I have tried to do here and in other ways which I will not name here.

Popular culture, however, is controlled by people who have the opposite ideas to us. The ideas of the people who control pop culture are more like the ideas of Muslims. They are fascistic and power-oriented to the extreme.

I am, as always, concerned about your ideas on Step 2.

Are you aware that Step 2 is already well on the way to being accomplished (and at an accelerating rate)?

Are you aware that the current estimate (without taking into account the acceleration of our progress) is 2030?

Are you aware the United States is now the number one oil producing nation in the world?

What do you have to say about it?

Have you read this?

Pastorius said...

Have you read this?

Pastorius said...

Have you read this?

Pastorius said...

Have you read this?

Pastorius said...

Have you read this?

Pastorius said...

Have you read this?

Pastorius said...

Have you read this?


Charles Martel said...

It is unfortunate, but educating people is difficult because the PC culture is encroached in our society, as well as in Europe.

Still, education and truth are the enemies of Islam. But what to do?

People will be slowly opening their eyes as the savages become bolder and bolder. The beheading in London is part of that awakening. And terrible as it is, the more mistakes they make (bloody attacks) the sooner people will react against PC.

Our big enemy is the enemedia, as Pamela Geller calls it. How to educate them? People like Bill Maher, John Stewart and other media liberals should be made familiar with undeniable facts. Bill Maher has already said he does not want to be killed by the jihadists, and confronted a San Francisco enabler about Islam, and called the professor arguments "liberal bs."

But how to proceed? Does anybody have the connections to reach these targets?

Pamela Geller's transportation campaign must be opening many eyes, I'm sure. But it's an expensive and up-hill battle with metro authorities.

Anonymous said...

America it was not a good idea to
re-elect a Muslim president...

Nicoenarg said...

I agree with point 2 that one needs to cut off oil money to OPEC but the links suggest that one should NEVER think about drilling oil in America.

A couple of things, green energy is so expensive that if you go the non drilling route, you are only going to bankrupt the West. If we are serious about saving the Western civilization then you have to constantly be on weed to think green energy BS is going to somehow save the US and the West.

The only thing green energy is going to do is make the decline of America a lot faster than right now.

Secondly, if you successfully, without going bankrupt switch to green are you going to force Europe and most importantly China to do the same? Last time I checked, China was a bigger consumer of Middle Eastern oil than the US. And last time I checked, China didn't give two sh*ts about the environment or showed any signs of going green.

This, I'm afraid, is a stupid Utopia created by West that says "if only we were not dependent on ME oil, terrorism would vanish". This idiocy forgets that Europe and China are way bigger markets for ME oil than the US.

If you are really serious about cutting off oil money to OPEC (which includes Venezuela) you have to not go green (that's lunacy) but instead you have to create another market for oil that both Europe and China can depend on. And the only way you would do that is by drilling more oil.

The US is well on its way to becoming a net exporter of oil and with the new technologies America will have a lot of oil for a long time. America is also a lot more stable than the ME. America can EASILY become an oil exporter to China and Europe leaving the ME with little to no market and drying up money supply to terrorism.

The only reason the world buys from the ME (at least since 1973 when Arabs showed their true nature to the world) is because every country in the West is adamant on NOT drilling any oil because they want to go green. That's bullshit is costing the West everything and will prove to be our demise. You go green, you might as well declare Islam victorious. Going green is making the West economically weak and that's in the best interests of Islam not the West.

Anyway, countries buy oil from ME because no other alternative exists. America is the only country in the West that is in a position to drill enough oil to export it to different markets around the world. Western Europe, being allied to the US, will switch to importing oil from the US and forget about ME. China would switch as well seeing that US is the biggest market for Chinese goods.

So here's my solution to drying up oil money for the ME. Drill, drill, drill, drill, drill...

If you have an anti-oil position to save Western civilization, then its akin to having an anti-blood position to save humanity.

Saving our environment is a good thing but the life of a tree is not and should not be more important than the life of a human being.

Nicoenarg said...

And just to add to my last (really long) comment. If "NO OIL" becomes the mantra of the counter-jihad movement, I will be the first one to go against the counter-jihad movement.

Christine said...

I applaud you Nico. :D

Pastorius said...

Anti-Oil is Anti-Capitalism.

It is a leftist notion, supported by the religion of Gaia.

It is a Leftist trope.

Islam and Leftism - work in tandem, and together they can defeat the West. Separately both of them are not powerless against the West.