Saturday, May 25, 2013

UK Guardian: Universities crack down on the preachers of hate 

Universities asked to draw up guidelines on handling preachers with track record of inciting hatred in aftermath of attack in Woolwich.

---isn't that nice. LE can't legally justify arresting these pious instigators so they take their time 'drawing up plans' yet LE have no problem with the legal justification to immediately arrest 83 year old woman ranting at a mosque?
Read the next article to see if you better understand this old lady's outburst:
Woolwich attack: Al Muhajiroun linked to one in five terrorist convictionsThe group, founded by the Islamic fanatics Omar Bakri Mohammed and his deputy Anjem Choudary, was eventually banned in 2010 but not before radicalising a wave of British Muslims. 

*both Bakri and Choudary boast of their influence with the two savages of Woolwich.


via twitter, two discussions worth mentioning:

28-year-old man (@AbuNusaybahUK) who had named London hacker on twitter has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police.

Abu Nusaybah @AbuNusaybahUK 8h Did u know #Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo was approached by MI5 Just over 6months ago to work as a Spy, He refused ? #NOMORELIES #UK


Anonymous said...

UK Standard: Woolwich suspects were 'hunting soldiers' in weeks before attack, claims neighbour (hat tip Iconoclast/New English Review

Christine said...

I take it they don't have freedom of speech over there.

Christine said...

That @AbuNusaybahUK fella isn't exactly a nice muslim.

Just went to his profile and read a bunch stuff he wrote.