Friday, June 03, 2016

The PC is ALREADY fully institutionalized and SOMEONE must DESTROY THIS:Case of Genl Boykin

Wasn’t it enough when Stephen Coughlin was fired?

George Bush was commander in chief at that time.

Wasn’t it enough when we read Major Hasan’s fitness reports after the Ft Hood massacre even as we read his true feelings?

Wasn’t it enough when we heard from the neighbors of the San Bernadino’s killers, and their fears of being accused of Islamophobia?

Now General Boykin has been DIS-INVITED from a Heroes Payer Breakfast BY A MILITARY in FEAR of accusations of this same bent.
A prayer breakfast at Fort Riley set for Monday as part of 1st Infantry Division’s “Victory Week” celebration has been rescheduled, and the retired three-star general who’d been invited to speak — and whose invitation to a similar event at West Point in 2012 met with fierce opposition — won’t be asked back.

Retired Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, a 36-year Army veteran and longtime member of the special operations community, was to address the morning gathering at the Kansas base, but “due to a number of scheduling conflicts … the breakfast will be rescheduled for a later date,” 1st ID spokesman Master Sgt. Mike Lavigne said in a Wednesday email.
The day before, Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder Mikey Weinstein sent multiple emails to 1st ID commander Maj. Gen. Wayne Grigsby on behalf of his advocacy group, demanding the leader “immediately withdraw” Boykin’s invitation.
Boykin IN FACT, has spoken against organization such as CAIR, and in favor of support of those Muslims who happen to be American and are AGAINST sharia and Islamist influence.
I sincerely doubt that America can expect to win wars if the people who are tasked to do so are frightened by an old retired general with biblical views and a testimony of faith,” Boykin told me.

Boykin, an original member of Delta Force and an executive vice president of the Family Research Council, was scheduled to deliver remarks at a June 6th prayer breakfast. The event was set to be held in conjunction with the 1st Infantry Division’s Victory Week celebration.
Admiral Denton then proceeded to blink the word ‘TORTURE’ in morse, knowing what the results would be


“It was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake,” said the U.S sailor, who was identified by Iran’s Press TV as the commander. “It was a misunderstanding. We did not mean to go into Iranian territorial water. The Iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. We thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance."

Mikey Weinstein is nothing more than Lenin’s polezniye duraki,  a USEFUL IDIOT.


We DO have a nominee who WILL ensure this INSANITY can START to die.

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