Friday, August 25, 2006

So far, the State Department is relying on reports from United Nations personnel and nongovernmental organizations in southern Lebanon

Can someone explain this to me?

Our allies, fighting the striking arm of our most inimical foe, armed and financed by that foe, who themselves have named the USA as their enemy, in the midst of an ENEMY population, is being investigated by the State Dept which ALSO held up weapons for our ally after they had been attacked by that enemy.

demon condi.jpg
Are we ready for this thing? Condi, are you in control over there, or is this who you have morphed into?


KG said...

I don't believe for one moment that Condi is in charge. Because if she is then it means athat She and State share the same worldview, which is just too frightening to contemplate.
Am I alone in thinking that the President's single biggest failure is his inability or unwillingness to reform the State Department?
Because these bums have been cosying up to the Saudis and the U.N. for years.
They're the Enemy.

Pastorius said...


You know how people talk about the Council on Foreign Relations, the Illuminati, and the Tri-Lateral Commission having a secret conspiracy to control the world? Well, I've almost started to think the State Dept. has the same sort of mysterious power.

I swear to God, light itself bends when it gets near that entity.

Ecumene said...

Adonis Arab poet

If the Arabs Are So Inept They Cannot Be Democratic, External Intervention Will Not Make Them Democratic.....

The Muslims today - forgive me for saying this - with their accepted interpretation [of the religious text] are the first to destroy Islam, whereas those who criticize the Muslims - the non-believers, the infidels, as they call them - are the ones who perceive in Islam the vitality that could adapt it to life. These infidels serve Islam better than the believers.

Pastorius said...

Ergo te Lina,
What language is that? I can't read it.

Frank said...

kg said: "Am I alone in thinking that the President's single biggest failure is his inability or unwillingness to reform the State Department?"

Well I for one don't think that. I think the administration's biggest failure is in not naming the enemy. The enemy is, as it has been for 1500 years, Islam. Yet apparently its an enemy which must be alluded to euphemistically if at all. Iran and Syria are the current bullyboys for Islam, and Hezbollah is a proxy. To win this war, Iran has to be disappeared, Syria severly damaged and Hezbollah destroyed, yet we haven't even made it to the naming the enemy stage.

This latest is ridiculous. Even Canada has taken a stronger and more definitive line than the US admin in this battle between civilization and barbarians.

Anonymous said...

That's why they call the State Department 'Foggy Bottom'.

Ecumene said...


it s greek,but i have at the top
english links