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The homegrown al Qaeda terrorist

In last week's issue of The New Yorker, there's a whole article about how Adam Gadahn became a homegrown terrorist and is possibly one of the most respected member today of the al Qaeda:
Adam Gadahn, the first American to be charged with treason in more than fifty years, was born in Oregon, grew up in rural California, and converted to Islam at the age of seventeen. He is now twenty-eight. No one who knew him before his religious awakening ever thought that he would join Al Qaeda, and many people who knew him after he did are still perplexed. And yet, in a short time, Gadahn has become one of Osama bin Laden’s senior operatives. (He is believed to be hiding in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan.) He is a member of Al Qaeda’s “media committee,” and his responsibilities are thought to include those of translator, video producer, and cultural interpreter. Primarily, though, Gadahn is a spokesperson, a role he performs with tremendous conviction. He has addressed the United States in five videos, most of which reach a wide audience on the Internet and, in some form or another, have been discussed on the evening news. Last year, shortly before the fifth anniversary of September 11th, Al Qaeda’s leadership featured Gadahn in a video titled “An Invitation to Islam.” The video began with an introduction from Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s main theoretician, who referred to Gadahn tenderly as a brother and as “a perceptive person who wants to lead his people out of darkness into the light.” Zawahiri implored his Western audience to listen to Gadahn, even to follow his example. Al Qaeda had never before given one of its members, let alone an American, an endorsement so intimate and direct.
And that's probably the single most scary part about him, that not only is he one of their most respected members, he's possibly one of their most devoted-to-Islam members as well. Read the whole thing to see what they have to report about him.

Infidel Babe Of The Week


Gina Elise is a great American gal; a Hollywood actress who, inspired by the pinup calendars of old, decided to put her own version together to raise money to help Veterans Hospitals.

And for this gesture of kindness from the bottom of her heart, I expect that many of us Infidel guys will respond with, ahem, gestures of our own.

Go here to buy one of her calendars.

UPDATE: Gina wrote in:

I was recently contacted by a Marine Captain who invited me down to the Medical Holding Platoon in San Diego that is treating 55 recently injured soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan. My goal over the next few weeks is to get 55 donated calendars to bring to each and every one of them.

I challenge everyone to donate a calendar or two. Let's help out the Vets, and, of course, dream about the lovely Gina while we're doing it.

They Wanted To Behead a MUSLIM British Soldier

In the story below, I noted that the British Muslim community was not reacting to these arrests in their normal fashion. I speculated that this was because the terror cell operation had been a setup of police, and that it would prove to be a bogus story.

But alas, it looks like I was only half-right.

I was right that the Muslim community is not reacting with their usual anger and veiled threats


The reason they aren't is because the British soldier who was to be beheaded was a Muslim British soldier.

In other words, a man who was considered to be a traitor to Islam.

Let us be clear about this, this is yet another story that reveals the bottomless and malevolent duplicity of the British Muslim community. They seem to be in lockstep agreement that this man, this British Muslim soldier deserved to be beheaded.

How sick are they? Well, apparently, we will not cease to be amazed by their depravity. They are sicker than we can ever imagine, my friends.

Storm Track Appeasement: Defending Our Culture? How unPC of You!

It didn't take long to happen.

When the town council of Hérouxville in Quebec issued a set of wide-ranging rules for immigrants considering moving there - including bans on beating or burning women alive, veiling one's face and children carrying symbolic weapons to school - the appeasers and apologists, flying under the flag of multiculturalism and political correctness, went ballistic.

Organizations representing minorities are outraged by a Quebec town's “standards” for newcomers, calling them insulting and xenophobic……“It is totally distasteful to see someone using this kind of writing and putting it in a public domain, and this is not just an ordinary someone, these are people in authority,” said Salam Elmenyawi, president of the Muslim Council of Montreal.

Yep, bans on beating or burning women alive, veiling one's face and children carrying symbolic weapons to school – very distasteful.

Critics urged Quebec Premier Jean Charest — who called the standards an “isolated case” earlier this week — to strongly denounce the town officials. They also want the mayor and councillors to apologize and retract the document.

Does the word ‘apologist’ ring a bell, Mr. Charest?

“It tries to make a mockery of this whole debate about reasonable accommodation, and it tries to say that these are our rules and if you don't like them, don't come here,” said Steven Slimovitch, national legal counsel for B'nai Brith Canada. “The whole tone of the document, and it says so quite clearly, is that this is the law of the strong.”

Oh really?

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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Islam And The Molestation Of Little Girls

More Islamic vileness towards little girls, note that this comes from University of Rhode Island Professor, Donna Hughes, an expert on the international trafficing of children as sex slaves (thanks to Religion of Pieces):

"An 11-year-old girl was married off to a 27-year-old man. The father, who had seven daughters, received $300 for his consent. The morning after the marriage ceremonies, the girl was taken to hospital suffering from severe lacerations to her genitals."

"According to the penal code, a nine-year-old girl can be punished as an adult by flogging, execution and even stoning. Given the arbitrary punishments and the virtual lack of due process of law, large numbers of children have been executed, in many cases without being officially charged or even having their identities established."

"According to a special "religious decree" issued by Ayatollah Khomeini, virgin women prisoners must be raped before execution to prevent their going to heaven. A Guard conducts the rape the night before their murder. The next day, the religious judge at the prison issues a marriage certificate and sends it to the victim's family, along with a box of sweets."

"...the small children of many young women in Evin Prison are viciously abused ....they are kept "because they are an asset to the prison authorities for gaining confessions." Szimkus ... witnessed several cases where Iranian children were tortured in the presence of their parents.

"One time these guys [torturers] raped a nine-year-old girl. The parents had to watch. The father shook and rattled so badly that he could no longer sign the espionage confession they put before him."

"the Elle magazine reporter wrote in January 1997 about the life of a 9-year-old girl whose destitute parents arranged for her to be a sigheh. The man visits his temporary "wife" every weekend at her father's house, for which privilege he pays her father about $12 per visit. Not surprisingly, AIDS is spreading in Iran at an alarming rate. Despite the serious health and social problems this poses, little is being done to address the crisis."

"The report added that girl children as young as ten, instead of spending their days playing with other children, were being forced to marry men three to four times their age. Meanwhile as "married women," they are banned from attending school. "

And more (from Catholic Resources on the Internet):

"female genital mutilation is normally performed by traditional practitioners with crude instruments, such as knives, razors, blades and broken glass, usually without anesthetics." 1

This report finds that, though some girls are mutilated at birth, "most girls are mutilated between the ages of 4 and 12."

"Young girls who are sentenced to death in Islamic countries present a problem for Islamic authorities. Islamic clerics and rulers, unsatisfied with a mere penalty of death for the accused, wish to ensure that these women will suffer eternity in hell as well. However, quite a number of the accused girls are virgins, and Islam teaches that virgins go to Paradise upon their deaths. As a solution this problem, in order to ensure the damnation of the accused, Islamic authorities will often order the prison guards to systematically rape female prisoners before they are killed.

According to Amnesty International, this practice is widespread in Islamic countries. "During Khomeini's rule, the minimum age for the death penalty for girls was nine years old, and all these girls were systematically raped before they were executed. All this to ensure damnation. All under the sanction of law. All because of the teachings of the Koran.

What this all adds up to is a very unpleasant picture. Those girls who are in prison on fornication charges are actually victims of rape. The remaining female prisoners are raped to ensure damnation. It is no exaggeration to say that Islamic countries are nations of rape victims.

"Partially due to the fact that these girls have already undergone the sexual mutilation of female circumcision, and partially due simply to their juvenile biological makeup, these children suffer immensely when they are married. In Egypt, honeymoon centers have been built outside communities "so that the screams of the brides will not be heard." 11

"There is no nice way to say it: Moslems across the world are practicing pedophiliac rape, a most vicious form of child abuse, and nothing in their behavior contradicts "true Islam." ....

Islamists have for centuries preached that the rape of child slaves is perfectly commendable in the eyes of Allah.

"Imagine for a moment the life of a young Christian girl in an Islamic country, such as Sudan. She is abducted from her parents in a slave raid at the age of four. She is given a new Islamic name and, under gunpoint, forced to pray as a Moslem. At age five, she is forced to undergo the torture of mutilation. At age six, she is engaged to a man ten times her age. At age nine, she is married and repeatedly forcibly raped. For the next year, she is beaten daily. At age ten, she is forcibly raped by another Moslem man, and is sentenced to death because of a charge of fornication. The night before her death, she is raped by a prison guard and assured that she will spend eternity in hell. The next day, she is whipped with lashes until she dies. "

UK: Police Foil Plot To Kidnap Briton And Behead Him Live On Internet - Something's Not Right Here

Iraq style kidnapping comes to England (Thanks to Religion of Pieces):

Eight people have been arrested under the Terrorism Act in Birmingham in connection with an alleged plot to kidnap a member of the armed forces.

A number of addresses in the city have been sealed off after morning raids.

The operation, believed to have taken six months, involved police and security service MI5.

Senior security sources said a terror plot not aimed at mass casualties would mark "a different approach to terrorism in the UK".

BBC Home Affairs Correspondent Daniel Sandford said sources close to the investigation said the aim of the alleged plot was to kidnap a serving member of the armed forces, perhaps while they were on home leave.

Baswant Kant, who lives in Stratford Road, near the junction with Poplar Road, said about 55 police officers "turned up in white vans" in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

"They went into shops and restaurants along the road - a lot of people got arrested," he said.
Saqib Hussain, of Sparkhill, told BBC News he had visited the raided book shop many times and "had never seen any suspicions of terrorist activity".

Mohamed Barber told BBC News his cousin was one of the men arrested in Alum Rock.

"We can vouch for him he is innocent. He doesn't even have time to go to Friday prayers - that's how busy he is," he added.

Abdul Ghaffoor, a regular shopper at the general store, said he had never heard politics being discussed in the shop.
Public co-operation

Leaders at the Alum Rock Islamic Centre, the main mosque in the area, said the community was shocked at events, but urged calm and appealed to people to co-operate with the police investigation.

Ayub Pervaz, the mosque's president, said: "Our view is very clear. If people have broken the law they should be brought to justice.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Why do I say that?

Think about it, what is missing here?

Where is the usual anger from the Muslim community that the British police would have the audacity to invade the homes of decent Muslims and arrest them? Where are the claims of Islamophobia, and the veiled threats of these events causing further extremism in Muslim youth?

Remember, just days ago British police agreed to reveal ongoing investigations to Muslim community leaders before going in for the arrest.

I have a feeling the British police have been setup on this one.

Just you watch.

Dr. Seuss's Political Cartoons

A catalog of Dr. Seuss's political cartoons is HERE. After clicking on "Enter," be sure to access the small-print index at the top of the new page for graphics other than those on the opening page.

Just imagine how Dr. Seuss could have satirized and demonized Islamofascism!

[Hat-tip to Little Miss Chatterbox at THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS]

Nobel Laureate Cancels Trip to Germany

The Nobel Prize-winning author Orhan Pamuk has decided to cancel a trip to Germany in the light of the recent murder of the Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink. Threats shouted at Pamuk by the alleged mastermind behind that murder seem to have persuaded the author to keep a low profile for the time being.

The celebrated Turkish writer was due to receive an honorary doctorate at Berlin's Free University on Friday before embarking on a reading tour of major German cities. Pamuk's German publisher, Carl Hanser Verlag, and the Free University confirmed Wednesday media reports that the author had cancelled the trip at short notice.

Read the rest at Roncesvalles.

Family Reproves Adultery Muslim Style

"Familie ahndet Ehebruch" (Family Reproves Adultery) is the coy headline of a report dated January 30 from the website of the German TV-channel n-tv.

Only the next line: "Paar zu Tode gesteinigt" tells us what the "reprieval" was really about...

This is a big one: Islamic Jihad's website promotes Carter's book

Can you get a better publicity than that?

Large screenshot and links here.

Not only that, the president you see on TV? HIS real name is Sheldon Greenburg from Rockville Centre

It Wasn't Saddam But His Double Who Was Executed

From the inimitable MEMRI
A new conspiracy theory has gained currency in Egypt in recent weeks, according to which it was not Saddam Hussein, but rather his double who was executed. Also, it was not his two sons 'Uday and Qusay who were killed during the war, but their doubles.

The book Saddam Was Not Executed and 'Uday and Qusay Were not Killed - The United States' Lies and the Double Game, by Egyptian researcher, author, and journalist Anis Al-Daghidi (363 pp), was published in early January 2007. In it, the author claims that Saddam Hussein was never captured, and that it was his double that was executed. [1]

Mahmoud Nafi', a columnist for the Egyptian government daily Al-Gumhouriyya who rejects Al-Daghidi's claims, presented further details on the contents of the book: "The first thing that Al-Daghidi focused on to prove that it was not Saddam who was executed but his double was the mole on his forehead or on his temple. The 'real' Saddam Hussein did not have such a mole, and thus the Saddam who was put on trial was his double, Mikhail Ramadhan, whose real name is Makhluf Ramadhan…

"In addition, Saddam's hair was thick, whereas the hair of the double we saw in court was thin…

"The Iraqi-Iranian doctor Muhammad Asasidi who conducted scientific research on Saddam… made a computer-aided comparison of the ear of the 'Saddam' who was caught and tried, and photos of [the real] Saddam's [ear] when he was the Iraqi vice-president - that is, before he had a double… and found that there was a clear difference between the ears…

Not only that, but the guy yelling 'Moqtadr' was Sharon.

Back, go BACK to the Sudan

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Uh-Oh. Looks Like Somebody Jumped the Mahdi Gun

And this isn't even Ahmadhimmijerker's very own hand-picked 12th Imam yet. Iran state broadcasting publishes the entire text of the hoo-doo prophecy behind this, and the AP still doesn't pick up on it...

From Charles at LGF:

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Associated Press Mystified by 12th Imam Cult

Associated Press analyst Robert H. Reid is greatly mystified by the sudden appearance in Iraq of an apocalyptic cult devoted to bringing about the return of the so-called “12th Imam,” from a well where the little rascal’s been hiding for centuries: Analysis: Najaf battle raises questions.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Accounts of the bloody battle near Najaf have produced more questions than answers, raising doubts about Iraqi security forces’ performance and concern over tensions within the majority Shiite community.

Among the questions: How did a messianic Shiite cult, the “Soldiers of Heaven,” accumulate so many weapons and — if Iraqi accounts are accurate — display such military skills? Iraqi forces prevailed only after U.S. and British jets blasted the militants with rockets, machine gunfire and 500-pound bombs. Both U.S. and Iraqi reinforcements had to be sent to the fight.

It’s also unclear how a shadowy cult that few Iraqis had ever heard of managed to assemble such a force seemingly without attracting the attention of the authorities earlier. Iraqi officials say the cult planned to slaughter pilgrims and leading clerics at Shiite religious ceremonies Tuesday — only two days after police and soldiers moved to arrest them.

If the “Soldiers of Heaven” were able to accomplish all this, how many other fringe groups may be operating beneath the radar, especially in the politically factious Shiite community of southern Iraq? Did the cultists have links to other established insurgent or militia groups?

Such probing questions! This is, indeed, a head scratcher of the highest magnitude.

Of course, this heretofore-unknown apocalyptic cult just happens to believe the same things that the genocidal, raving president of Iran believes.

But I’m sure there’s no connection. Can’t be. Naah.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Volkswagon - The Jihadi-Proof Car

The latest Volkswagon commercial. It's da' bomb.

Let's put a few 'yarns' together

Hizbullah quietly rearms in Lebanon, storing thousands of rockets in private buildings

Hizbullah is concealing its military build-up in Lebanon by storing thousands of rockets from Iran and Syria in homes and buildings owned by allies.

Western diplomatic sources said Hizbullah's supporters have been accepting shipments of short-range rockets for storage in southern Lebanon. The lion's share of weapons from neighboring Syria reach their destinations despite efforts by the Lebanese army and UN peacekeepers. "Hizbullah has a huge support network in the south, so smuggling is not a big deal," a diplomat said. "The Lebanese army has also been cautious in dealing with suspected arsenals."

On Jan. 19, the Lebanese army captured 75 BM-21 Grad rockets from a Hizbullah ally, identified as Al Jamaa Al Islamiya. Al Jamaa confirmed the seizure from the village of Biri and demanded the weapons be returned.

Weapon-smuggling by Shi'ite Iraq officials tied to Iran network

Iraqi officials have been identified and detained on charges of smuggling weapons from neighboring Iran.

Officials said the smuggling was financed and facilitated by the Teheran government with support from Shi'ite politicians in Baghdad.

"Iran has significant influence in both the national and regional government," an official said. "Iranian agents know exactly who to approach for what."

On Jan. 16, two Iraqi officials in the Wasit Province were charged with smuggling weapons. The weapons were believed to have stemmed from Iran.

A U.S. military statement said the two officials were arrested in Al Kut. The two detainees were identified as members of the Iranian-financed Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, headed by Abdul Aziz Al Hakim.

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The Blueprint For Angry Young Muslims

In this video Asghar Bukhari, spokesman for the Muslim Public Affairs Council of the UK, says that Bin Laden gave angry, young Muslims a blueprint for how to effect the changes they want to see.

Charles at Little Green Footballs comments:

Bin Laden’s blueprint, however, ends up in the complete abolition of democracy, in favor of shari’a law. If involvement in the democratic process is intended to achieve the destruction of that process, is it correct to call that “democracy at work?”

And what kind of “ethical foreign policy” is Bukhari talking about, if the model for that policy is Osama bin Laden?

I think everyone should post this on their blog. This is up there with the Undercover Mosque video in terms of importance, in my opinion.

Debbie Schlussel strikes back

Debbie Schlussel constantly gets hate-mail from the devout followers of the Religion of Peace™ threatening her and her family with death, rape and torture. This is what we are up against and this is how to deal with it. And it MUST be dealt with in order for us to survive and to crush the deadly tentacles of the Religion of Peace™.

By Debbie Schlussel

As readers of this site know, among the vast pinata of hate-mail I get, I have received death threats from four diverse members of the "Religion of Peace," threatening to murder me and my family members, after raping and torturing me. And I take them very seriously.

Last week, one of them--Robert Mustaq John--pled guilty in federal court, and the previous week, another--Wasil Burki--was federally indicted. I've posted the court documents associated with both, herein, as well as a reposting of their death threats. [...]

Read the rest and see photocopies of e-mails and court documents here.

Islam and Muslims

Matt asks in the comments:

I do have a question for you Isaac, as one who used to follow Islam. In the US you have (broadly) a division in Christianity between those who believe what the Bible says literally (Conservatives like the Southern Baptists) and those that interpret it in modern times (like Episcopalians with gay and female priests). I know there are more divisions, but those are two general/large ones.

Would you say there is a division within Islam between the "Fundamentalist Radicals" who whole to everything within the Koran and Hadith and more moderate Muslims that ignore certain strictures and live reasonably peaceably in the West? I'm not arguing that the latter group have a powerful voice. But is that a way to explain why all of the Muslims in the US & UK aren't engaged in Jihad? Or is there another explanation?

There is certainly a division in effect but not much in the religious sense.

I'll elaborate. All of the following listed items are considered forbidden (haram) in Islam.

  • Alcohol.
  • The meat of a pig.
  • The owning of dogs as pets.
  • The wearing of gold by males.
  • Interest and therefore mortgages.
  • Paintings or photographs of animated creatures.

You can look around in the West and see numerous Muslims who don't follow, let alone know, most of these rulings. In addition, it's tough to decipher the moral angle of these matters -- but that's Islam for ya.

So, in effect, we have many Muslims who don't follow Islam to the fullest (and thank God! for that). However, this does not mean that most of these mussulman are pushing for their view in the Muslim community. (As you've realized they do not have a powerful voice.) And on the rare occasions when they do speak up, the other Muslims simply beat them by saying, "Aha, the Quran and/or Muhammad say that so-and-so is haram! End of debate."

These points should be plain to see but instead the spectacularly wrong view has become the consensus: Islam is a harmless and peaceful religion that is being hijacked by a bunch of demented thugs. That's not true. The reality is that Islam is an evil faith that has, fortunately, not managed to obliterate the shreds of humanity in all of its adherents.

So your name is Mohammed and you want a HAZMAT driver's license?

From The Blotter:
A 28-year-old Muslim from India has been taken into custody in Rhode Island after a truck driving school became suspicious of his efforts to obtain a license to drive trucks with hazardous material.

Upon appearing in court today in Boston to answer immigration charges, Mohammed Yusef Mullawala was denied bond pending a removal hearing scheduled for next Tuesday, Jan. 30.

Federal Immigration Judge Matthew D'Angelo said he found Mullawala's court responses not to be creditable and ruled that he posed a danger to the community and was himself a flight risk.

Rhode Island State Police said Mohammed Yusef Mullawala came to the United States on a student visa but never attended classes at three separate schools he said he was going to attend.

Instructors at the Nationwide Tractor Trailer Driving School in Smithfield, R.I., became suspicious when Mullawala showed up last November.

"He kept saying he wanted a HAZMAT license, and he wanted it quickly and that he did not want to learn to back the truck up, only to be able to drive it forward," said Darleen Crawford, president of the driving school, who reported her concerns to Highway Watch, a national Homeland Security program for highway safety and anti-terrorism. [...]

More here.

Storm Track Intimidation: A Week in the Life of the Islamist Intimidators

I'm posting this for WC of The Gathering Storm:

It’s been quite a week last week for the jihadists and their intimidation tactics on the non-Muslim world. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

We all know of the Muslim women who refused to remove her veil at the request of car rental company.

Now she is demanding another hearing.

HAMTRAMCK, Michigan (AP) - A Muslim woman who lost her small-claims case against a car rental company after she refused to remove her veil while testifying has been granted a new hearing. The decision came after Ginnnah Muhammad of Detroit wore a scarf and veil that covers her head and face, leaving only the eyes visible, during a court hearing.

Muhammad wanted to contest a rental car company's charge to repair a vehicle she said had been broken into by thieves. The judge told her he needed to see her face to determine her truthfulness, and gave her a choice: remove the covering while testifying or have the case dismissed. She kept it on, and the judge ordered her to pay the rental car company. Muhammad successfully argued that she shouldn't have been forced to choose between her religious beliefs and her case and has been granted a new hearing next month.

Here are others. A very busy week for Islamists.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Well, Of Course, What Do You Expect? It's Europe

Europe resists America's Call To Curb Ties With Iran:

European governments are resisting Bush administration demands that they curtail support for exports to Iran and that they block transactions and freeze assets of some Iranian companies, officials on both sides say. The resistance threatens to open a new rift between Europe and the United States over Iran.

Administration officials say a new American drive to reduce exports to Iran and cut off its financial transactions is intended to further isolate Iran commercially amid the first signs that global pressure has hurt Iran’s oil production and its economy. There are also reports of rising political dissent in Iran.

In December, Iran’s refusal to give up its nuclear program led the United Nations Security Council to impose economic sanctions. Iran’s rebuff is based on its contention that its nuclear program is civilian in nature, while the United States and other countries believe Iran plans to make weapons.

At issue now is how the resolution is to be carried out, with Europeans resisting American appeals for quick action, citing technical and political problems related to the heavy European economic ties to Iran and its oil industry.

“We are telling the Europeans that they need to go way beyond what they’ve done to maximize pressure on Iran,” said a senior administration official. “The European response on the economic side has been pretty weak.” The American demands and European responses were provided by 10 different officials, including both supporters and critics of the American approach.

One irony of the latest pressure, European and American officials say, is that on their own, many European banks have begun to cut back their transactions with Iran, partly because of a Treasury Department ban on using dollars in deals involving two leading Iranian banks.

American pressure on European governments, as opposed to banks, has been less successful, administration and European officials say.

The main targets are Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Britain, all with extensive business dealings with Iran, particularly in energy. Administration officials say, however, that Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, the current head of the European Union, has been responsive.

Europe has more commercial and economic ties with Iran than does the United States, which severed relations with Iran after the revolution and seizure of hostages in 1979.

Yes, that's right, the United States severed relations with Iran in 1979.

For all those who say that America acts only in its self-interest, or only in pursuit of oil, this is proof that there thesis is just not true. The fact is, America also severed relations with Iraq after the Gulf War. In other words, because we believed Iran and Iraq to be immoral and dangerous threats to the world, the United States refused to deal with two of the largest oil-producing nations in the world.

Meanwhile, Europe kept pumping away at those oil wells. And, opposing taking any action to end the regimes, and alleviate the suffering of those who live under their evil authority.

I love our European readers, and I am sorry if this post sounds harsh, but it is true.

The real meaning of the popular phrase, "No War for Oil," is, "No War, because we need oil."

Or, in other words, "We say, 'No War,' for oil.

The Ayatollah Khomeini's Fling With A Four Year Old

The Ayatollah Khomeini was the man who led the Islamic Revolution which established the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979. Khomeini died in 1989, and the current Ayatollah Khameini took over the reins of power from him at that time.

If you want to understand the depths of depravity upon which Iran is founded, you need look no further than this story:

Khomeini slept with 4-year-old girl.

An excerpt from 'Hal Ataaka Hadeeth ur-Raafidah?' by the late Sheikh Abu Mus'abaz-Zarqaawi

“The author of the book 'For Allah, Then For History' [1] mentions to us an event that took place before his very eyes, when al-Khomeini [2] was living in Iraq, and was visiting an Iranian individual by the name of Sayyid Sahib.

He says: 'Sayyid Sahib was joyous with our visit, and we arrived at his house around the time of Dhuhr. So, he prepared for us a lavish dinner, and called some of his relatives, who came to see us, and the house became crowded in celebration of our presence.

Sayyid Sahib then requested that wespend that night at his home, to which the Imam agreed. When it was night time, we were given our supper, and the guests would take the Imam's hand and kiss it, and they would ask him questions, with him answering their questions.

When it was time to sleep, the guests had all left, except for the inhabitants of the house. Al-Khomeini laid his eyes on a young girl who, despite being only four or five years of age, was very beautiful.

So, the Imam requested from her father, Sayyid Sahib, that he spend the night with her in order to enjoy her. Her father happily agreed, and Imam al-Khomeini spent the night with the girl in his arms, and we could hear her crying and screaming.'”

[1] This book was written under the alias Husayn al-Musawi, a former companion of al-Khomeini who later abandoned his previous beliefs.
[2] Ayatollah al-Khomeini was the leader of the Shee'ah Raafidah of Iran in the 1980s.

One may reasonably ask, "But Pastorius, why do you believe this story? After all, it could be a lie, couldn't it?"

Sure, it could. But, I don't believe it is, and here's why:

Let me begin with a quote from a fatwa by the late and unlamented Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran.

"A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual acts such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not committed a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man's four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl's sister."

You need not fear that your Muslim male baby-sitter will rape your 7-year-old daughter. If he is a good Muslim he will only sodomize her. If he does force his penis into her tiny vagina he is obligated to pay for any surgical repairs that may be required. If those repairs are deemed insufficient you may work out a financial settlement to compensate you for his trivial infraction. No big deal. Muslim boys will be Muslim boys. And, after all, she is only a girl.

Other forms of sexual abuse inflicted on children by Muslim male family members include fondling of genitals, coercing a child to fondle the abuser's genitals, masturbation with the child as either participant or observer, oral sex, anal or vaginal penetration by penis, finger or any other object.

Another technique used by Muslim men is called "thighing". The child's legs are pressed together and the abuser inserts his penis between the thighs of the little boy or girl. As this was how Mohammed had sex with his wife, Aisha, from the time she was six years old the practice, of course, was approved of by Ayatollah Khomeini who in his Little Green Book asserted “It is not illegal for an adult male to 'thigh' or enjoy a young girl who is still in the age of weaning; meaning to place his penis between her thighs, and to kiss her.”

Yes, indeed, you can be a good Muslim while copulating with the thighs of an infant. An Arab woman vigorously denounces this vile practice in the following video clip from Bahrain TV. Her denunciation of the "thighing" of infants and young girls comes towards the end of the interview.

This practice flourishes in Muslim countries where women are ruthlessly oppressed and normal sexual development systematically suppressed. That would include the Arab world, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Deny men wholesome and natural sexual outlets and they will find unwholesome and unnatural alternatives.

The Grand Ayatollah's full ruling on marriage can be found here. The institution of "temporary marriage" appears to be designed to facilitate prostitution. A USA Today article tells the story.

Spencer Shreds Dhimmi Dinesh

I hope this posts all right, I'm still trying to get past my Blogger mental block. But I can't resist pointing out that I was the first here to squawk about Dhimmi D'Souza's dreadful "The Enemy at Home".

Spencer: The D'Souza Follies

The featured article at FrontPage this morning is my full review of Dinesh D'Souza's The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11:

Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11, is not all bad. He is absolutely right that Osama bin Laden’s perception that Bill Clinton was weak in the 1990s led to the stepping-up of global jihad efforts. But the central point of the book is that “the cultural left in this country is responsible for causing 9/11,” not only by fostering a view that America was weak, but by spreading around the world “a decadent American culture that angers and repulses traditional societies, especially those in the Islamic world that are being overwhelmed with this culture. In addition, the left is waging an aggressive global campaign to undermine the traditional patriarchal family and to promote secular values in non-Western cultures. This campaign has provoked a violent reaction from Muslims who believe that their most cherished beliefs and institutions are under assault.” Therefore, “without the cultural left, 9/11 would not have happened.”

In response, D’Souza calls for the American right to build a traditional values coalition with what he calls “traditional Muslims,” who abhor both bin Laden and Britney Spears. “Admittedly,” he acknowledges, “some on the right may feel uncomfortable about teaming up with Muslims. Yes, I would rather go to a baseball game or have a drink with Michael Moore than with the grand mufti of Egypt. But when it comes to core beliefs, I’d have to confess that I’m closer to the dignified fellow in the long robe and prayer beads than to the slovenly fellow with the baseball cap.” Which core beliefs? D’Souza doesn’t say, but the grand mufti of Egypt has declared sculpture un-Islamic, so perhaps he and D’Souza could get together for a fun evening of statue-smashing. Of course, that is one of the core beliefs of the mufti that no doubt D’Souza does not share. But this is just one example of D’Souza’s propensity to make statements without apparently having examined their implications.

For although his book is focused on the Left, D’Souza has criticism for the Right also. He asserts that in order to cement the necessary alliance with these “traditional” Muslims, “the right must take three critical steps. First, stop attacking Islam. Conservatives have to cease blaming Islam for the behavior of the radical Muslims. Recently the right has produced a spate of Islamophobic tracts with titles like Islam Unveiled, Sword of the Prophet, and The Myth of Islamic Tolerance. There is probably no better way to repel traditional Muslims, and push them into the radical camp, than to attack their religion and their prophet.” He offers no prescription for how his “traditional Muslims” can repel the appeal to violence that jihadists everywhere base on the teachings of “their religion and their prophet,” for presumably in D’Souza’s ideal world even Muslim reformers, since they insult Muslim sensibilities, would be forbidden to discuss the Islamic teachings that jihadists use today to make their case among Muslims. How anyone would in that case counter or repel this jihadist appeal D’Souza does not explain.

Conservatives also must also “stop holding silly seminars on whether Islam is compatible with democracy. In reality, a majority of the world’s Muslims today live under democratic governments – in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Turkey, not to mention Muslims living in Western countries. There is nothing in the Koran or the Islamic tradition that forbids democracy.” And “if they want Sharia, let them have it.” Of course, even if most Muslims today do live under democracies, to assume that this means Islam is compatible with democracy is like saying that most Russians loved Stalin’s reign of terror, since they lived under it regime for so long.

But that is just a small example from one of the most poorly reasoned books I have ever read. There is so much wrong with it that a review that noted it all would be as long as the book itself, and many have already pointed out some of the holes in D’Souza’s thesis: although Kathryn Lopez fawned over D’Souza in National Review, the New York Times, Glenn Beck, and others have given him a hard time. D’Souza’s central contention, that the left has allied with Islamic jihadists and therefore the right should ally with “traditional Muslims” on the basis of shared moral values, is wrong in numerous ways. First, who are these “traditional Muslims”? In his entire book, D’Souza offers not a single name, although his criticism of conservative opposition to the Dubai ports deal last year suggests that he may consider the United Arab Emirates (which he calls “the small country of Dubai”) a “traditional Muslim” state. D’Souza doesn’t mention the fact that the 9/11 hijackers used the Emirates as a base of operations, or that Al-Qaeda has claimed to have infiltrated the Emirati government.

Read it all.

The Two Hatreds

In the aftermath of the suicide bombing in Eilat, the kumbayista community (not to mention the Israel-haters) have spared no effort to say how “there is hatred on both sides”, hatred that needs to stop if there is to be any chance of peace. Presumably, drumming and chants and other tried-and-true tactics of the 1960's can “heal the rift between the Israelis and the Palestinians” and make the conflict history. But enough of ranting about the hopelessly naïve, and on to refuting their main thesis.

First off, it’s actually true there is hatred on both sides; but—and that’s the crucial, oft-overlooked point—it’s not the same kind of hatred. I hate the Muslims (not “Palestinians”) for what they perpetrate against us, and the latest event only fuels my hatred, but it must not be overlooked that if the hostilities against us were to cease, I would cease hating them. That’s a very important difference between Israeli Jews’ hatred toward their enemies and the converse.


The Muslims of the West (Europe and Israel, for example) have standards of living there that their brethren in the Middle East hell-holes can only dream of. Do they, then, live normally? (I’m not talking about showing gratitude—that’s really too much to expect.) Not a chance. Not in Britain, not in Australia, not anywhere. Wherever they live, far from integrating to their host society, they do everything to lower it to their 7th-century level. And they hate, hate, hate their non-Muslim hosts, not because of any “legitimate grievance”, but because they believe they are to dominate and not to be dominated. Their religion commands them to harbor and show everlasting hatred toward the other, no matter the circumstances. Greater a contrast between two types of hatred there could not be.


In full on Our Children Are The Guarantors »

Bernard Lewis: Muslims 'about to take over Europe'

(JPost) Islam could soon be the dominant force in a Europe which, in the name of political correctness, has abdicated the battle for cultural and religious control, Prof. Bernard Lewis, the world-renowned Middle Eastern and Islamic scholar, said on Sunday.

The Muslims "seem to be about to take over Europe," Lewis said at a special briefing with the editorial staff of The Jerusalem Post. Asked what this meant for the continent's Jews, he responded, "The outlook for the Jewish communities of Europe is dim." Soon, he warned, the only pertinent question regarding Europe's future would be, "Will it be an Islamized Europe or Europeanized Islam?" The growing sway of Islam in Europe was of particular concern given the rising support within the Islamic world for extremist and terrorist movements, said Lewis.

Lewis, whose numerous books include the recent What Went Wrong?: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East, and The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror, would set no timetable for this drastic shift in Europe, instead focusing on the process, which he said would be assisted by "immigration and democracy." Instead of fighting the threat, he elaborated, Europeans had given up.

"Europeans are losing their own loyalties and their own self-confidence," he said. "They have no respect for their own culture." Europeans had "surrendered" on every issue with regard to Islam in a mood of "self-abasement," "political correctness" and "multi-culturalism," [...]

Crossposted at Eye On The World.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Men, if you don't want your penis to fall off, READ THIS STORY

Muslim urged to shun 'unholy' vaccines

Abul Taher
A MUSLIM doctors’ leader has provoked an outcry by urging British Muslims not to vaccinate their children against diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella because it is “un-Islamic”.

Dr Abdul Majid Katme, head of the Islamic Medical Association, is telling Muslims that almost all vaccines contain products derived from animal and human tissue, which make them “haram”, or unlawful for Muslims to take.
Islam permits only the consumption of halal products, where the animal has had its throat cut and bled to death while God’s name is invoked.

Islam also forbids the eating of any pig meat, which Katme says is another reason why vaccines should be avoided, as some contain or have been made using pork-based gelatine.
His warning has been criticised by the Department of Health and the British Medical Association, who said Katme risked increasing infections ranging from flu and measles to polio and diphtheria in Muslim communities.

Katme, a psychiatrist who has worked in the National Health Service for 15 years, wields influence as the head of one of only two national Islamic medical organisations as well as being a member of the Muslim Council of Britain. Moderate Muslims are concerned at the potential impact because other Islamic doctors will have to confirm vaccines are derived from animal and human products.

God how I miss the Sudan

Continue reading "Men, if you don't want your penis to fall off, READ THIS STORY" »

Suicide bomb in Eilat

Thanks to Ehud Olmert's negligence and easing of security restrictions, now suicide bombings have returned, and this one reaching as far as Eilat:
A terrorist bomb rocked a shopping area in the Izidor neighborhood of Eilat Monday morning killing at least three.

Palestinian terror organizations Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, an arm of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization, and Islamic Jihad have claimed joint responsibility for the attack.

Officials from the Eilat Police Department confirmed that a suicide bomber infiltrated the area and detonated explosives nearby a local bakery.

Residents of the neighborhood reported a violent blast that shook the windows of nearby buildings. Many reported seeing smoke rising from the area of the attack.


The bombing is reported to be the first suicide bombing in the Red Sea city of Eilat. The Israeli government has taken steps to elevate the alert level of the country.

Today's attack is the first in many months and comes only weeks after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert eased travel restrictions and eliminated a number of security checkpoints to terror-riddled Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and the Gaza Strip.
As you can see, Olmert is responsible for this. When he's out of office, he won't be missed.

It's The Deep South All Over Again ...

No, it's even worse. It's the Deep South with honor killings, female genital mutilation, stoning of gays and apostates, Beslan, 9/11, 7/7, Jihad, Arab Supremacism, the Sudanes genocide, beheading of Christian schoolgirls ...

you know the story.

In Australia, now Muslims have their own bathrooms. How about that? (From the Australian Herald Sun)

A ROW has erupted over Muslim-only washrooms at La Trobe University that can be accessed only with a secret push-button code.

Muslim students have exclusive access to male and female washrooms on campus, sparking claims of bias and discrimination.

The university and Islamic leaders have defended the washrooms as vital to Muslim students' prayer rituals.

A university student, who did not want to be identified, raised the issue with the Sunday Herald Sun this week.

Australian Family Council spokesman Bill Muehlenberg said concerns over the exclusive facilities were valid.

"Do we have a Christian washroom or an atheist washroom?" he said. "The whole thing is madness."

Mr Muehlenberg said the separate facilities were divisive. "If Muslims are saying 'we are good Australians and want to integrate', why are they insisting on separate washrooms?" he said.

Oh, by the way, the reason they say they need separate bathrooms is to wash their feet for prayer. Got that? It has nothing to do with the fact that they consider Infidels to be unclean.

Storm Track Infiltration: August 1942 – Nazi Strategic Conference Held in Times Square – J. Edgar Hoover says, “That’s Cool.”

Ridiculous right? Can you see Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goering and Martin Bormann holding a conference in New York to plan the next phase of the Nazi plan to take over the world and the FBI doing nothing to stop it – or the mains stream media even reporting it?

I say again, ridiculous right?

But that’s what’s happening in Australia. Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia, a Sunni group with terrorist ties that openly advocates overthrowing the Democratic Australian Government and replacing it with an Islamic caliphate is hosting a 'Khilafah Conference Program' on the 28th of January. ‘Khalīfah’ or Caliph is the term or title for the Islamic leader of the Ummah, or community of Islam. Khalīfah’ means "successor", that is, successor to the prophet Muhammad. Hat tip to the 910 Group.

Here’s the agenda of the conference.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Sign up for my free WEEKLY STORM REPORT and receive a synopsis of the most important weekly news revealing the intimidation, infiltration and disinformation tactics used to soften-up the non-Muslim world for domination.


There! I said it! Some of us who weren’t particularly fond of President Richard Milhous Nixon used to use his middle name. Apparently, some people who don’t admire Barak Hussein Obama are ... gasp … using his middle name. Tough!

Ever wondered why non-Muslims are not allowed in Mecca?

Well, wonder no more. A comment left on one of my videos explains everything. (spelling and orthography preserved):

the reason non muslims arent aloud in mecca anymore is many non muslims knowing that hajjis dont carry weapons and wont fight back durring hajj have gone there just to kill and mistreat the muslims!!! if yalled stop killing the muslims in mecca yalled be aloud back in during the non hajji season it is also not safe for too large a number to be in mecca during hajj season many are killed in stampedes to get the required hajj motions over with on the last days!!

Apparently, the non-Muslims were allowed in Mecca but they were killing the defenseless hajjis left and right, and for that reason they are now banned from there. Now you know it.

Crossposted at Eye On The World.

Bernard Lewis sees the threat

In a stunning reversal, Bernard Lewis joins with Bat Ye’or and Bruce Bawer to warn that Islam could soon dominate Europe. Read it here. Hat Tip Rebecca. Lewis says, “Europeans are losing their own loyalties and their own self-confidence. They have no respect for their own culture.” As to Iran’s Ahmadinejad, he says, “For him, Mutual Assured Destruction is not a deterrent, it is an inducement.”

Why Are Britain's Muslims So Insane?

This Telegraph poses the question (well, not in so many words), and the readers respond. From the Telegraph (thanks to Religion of Pieces):

Young British Muslims are far more likely to hold radical, anti-Western views than their parents or grandparents, a new survey has claimed.

The study found that 40 per cent of Muslims between the ages of 16 and 24 would prefer to live in Britain under sharia law, a legal system based on the teachings of the Koran, compared to just 17 per cent among over-55s.

Why do you think young British Muslims are more prone to fundamentalism than previous generations? Are multicultural policies to blame? Has too much emphasis been placed on minority rights and not enough on integration?

Or is the explanation more straightforward: Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan has provoked the increased hostility towards the West and its values?

Is the situation in Britain unique? Or does it reflect increasing polarisation between Muslim communities and the West as a whole?

Are these young people likely to mellow as they grow older or will they grow still more radical?
To post a comment
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Comments (108)

BRitain has lost the plot!! THey do not feel proud to admit that christianity is their way (but they celebrate X'mas!)They encourage a lawless society (under the blanket that everyone has freedom of speech)In other acountries in Asia they are proud to disclose what the main religion is and they follow the rules of the state or they get deported.
Posted by m robert on January 29, 2007 2:41 PM

If one wishes to live under full Sharia law I am sure there are several countries that would be suitable, if not, then think seriously "Why not?" Maybe when the Islamic countries allow Christians, and other religions, to practise freely and openly and to build their own imposing structures, that do not fit with the local architecture and so stand out like a sore thumb calling attention to themselves and irritating indigenous people, rather than destroying beautiful ancient monuments such as the Buddha in Afghanistan, then we can maybe think again. By then we will probably have a Muslim majority in the UK anyway.
Posted by Kylena on January 29, 2007 2:37 PM

God there are some ignorant people here, who'd make Jade Goody proud! Did you know in the survey that 3% of NON-MUSLIMs felt allegiance with al-qaeda!! Explain that one... The racists on board should stop drivelling and realise that young people are always going to rebel against the establishment. Good on them... That's how we progress as a society.
Posted by Sheeraz on January 29, 2007 2:34 PM

This was foreseen many years ago when Muslims starting pouring into Britain. Complainers were told to "shut up" and were branded as racists. Since then British people have been brain-washed into believing in peaceful co-existence with an offensive minority who have absolutely no interest in these islands, their culture, values or history. Unless the pathetic NewLabour takes a very determined, and I mean determined stand against these people, then I can only see civil riots and inevitably civil war as a result.
Posted by Chrissie on January 29, 2007 2:33 PM

It goes on like that.

Malmo, Sweden Falls To Islam

Has Sweden actually allowed its third largest city to fall to Islam? Ronald Barbour of The Freedom Fighter's Journal says it is so:

Thirty years ago this February in 1977, I went to Sweden for a winter vacation. I was stationed with the U.S. Army in Berlin at the time, so armed with a very inexpensive "EuroRail Pass,"I hopped the trains to Sweden, after first spending a wonderful four days in beautiful winter Copenhagen, Denmark.

The next stop on my journey was Malmo, Sweden. I toured the city, which then was 90% native Swede (In fact, I don't even recall seeing any Middle Eastern people there in 1977) and boasted many nice discos and dance clubs where the wine, women and song flowed to beat of Sweden's most famous songsters, ABBA. I well remember walking in the clear northern moonlight of February with a group of English speaking Swedes in downtown Malmo to the docks and a view of the cold Baltic and distant lights of Denmark, only about 20 miles away.

So it is with a shock that I read today Malmo is one of the dangerous cities in Europe where Muslim rape gangs and thugs would make such an outing as mine foolhardy in the extreme, as Malmo has become a combat zone where the Swedish police are forced to travel in convoy for self protection.


Muslims rule major Swedish city

Sweden is one of the worst hit countries in Europe of Muslim immigration and Political Correctness. Now, the police themselves have publicly admitted that they no longer control one of Sweden's major cities. I have made some exclusive translations from Swedish media.
They show the future of Eurabia unless Europeans wake up.

Go read the whole thing at The Freedom Fighter's Journal.

The Enemy takes note of us (again)

The Other Side has (once again) taken note of our humble little blog here. Even though our readership is comparitively tiny, especially compared to giants in the cyber-counterjihad like LGF and Powerline, sometimes our Islamic Enemies notice us. Of course, that means we're doing our job.

Quiet jihadist, Fifth Columnist and terrorist apologist Sheila Musaji over at "The American Muslim" (TAM) has recently compiled a list of, ahem, "Islamophobia - Alarming statements 3 - 2006 to 2007." We're honored to have been added to that list, with not one but two of our blog posts at the very top of the "Islamophobic" blog list. In case you're too pressed for time to follow the link, here are our two award-winning money quotes with the Official TAM Islam-o-phobic 'Seal of Approval':

By all means, read the rest of our Islam-o-phobic alarming statements here at Pedestrian Infidel.

The poll with meaning

I have seen the BBC poll which says in most of the world, people think the USA is a negative influence on the world.

We've all seen the polls which says we suck. We've seen our own politicians braying about the USA being a pariah (while sitting next to a govt official, and ex president of a nation which hosted at the govt's expense, a conference to dispute the fact of the Holocaust).
We see every day the hormonally deprived hysteria driving the stomach churned pols to the safety of non action.

Imagine though that despite the actions of american well meaners and the non virtues of cholesterol, american muscle to change the world is once again, the $1 double cheeseburger, courtesy of the Golden Arches.

McDonald's strength grows, especially among nations where they 'hate' us...
The secret plan is working !

Forget Bouillibaisse, and Camembert, Messr Chirac, ....

The appeal of the American way seems to transcend all boundaries. When McDonald's opened its first restaurant in Kuwait in 1994, 15,000 customers formed a seven-mile line at the drive-through. China boasts 780 McDonald's restaurants; and this month, in a Beijing suburb not far from the Ming tombs, McDonald's pinned its prospects to the motorized middle class by unveiling a drive-through in a gas station. For a while in China, McDonald's offered customers Asian-style wraps and considered marketing a "rice burger." But now the company has realized that the Chinese want hamburgers.

Be very afraid, Mahmoud, we are opening near you......maybe it's kosher

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'Iran is prepared to offer Iraq government forces training, equipment and advisers for what he called “the security fight.” '

Hey, just like the US and Canada...nothing to worry about here.

BAGHDAD, Jan. 28 — Iran’s ambassador to Baghdad outlined an ambitious plan on Sunday to greatly expand its economic and military ties with Iraq — including an Iranian national bank branch in the heart of the capital — just as the Bush administration has been warning the Iranians to stop meddling in Iraqi affairs.

Iran’s plan, as outlined by the ambassador, carries the potential to bring Iran into further conflict here with the United States, which has detained a number of Iranian operatives in recent weeks and says it has proof of Iranian complicity in attacks on American and Iraqi forces.

The ambassador, Hassan Kazemi Qumi, said Iran was prepared to offer Iraq government forces training, equipment and advisers for what he called “the security fight.” In the economic area, Mr. Qumi said, Iran was ready to assume major responsibility for Iraq reconstruction, an area of failure on the part of the United States since American-led forces overthrew Saddam Hussein nearly four years ago.

“We have experience of reconstruction after war,” Mr. Qumi said, referring to the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. “We are ready to transfer this experience in terms of reconstruction to the Iraqis.”

Mr. Qumi also acknowledged, for the first time, that two Iranians seized and later released by American forces last month were security officials, as the United States had claimed. But he said that they were engaged in legitimate discussions with the Iraqi government and should not have been detained.

Mr. Qumi’s remarks, in a 90-minute interview over tea and large pistachio nuts at the Iranian Embassy here, amounted to the most authoritative and substantive response the Iranians have made yet to increasingly belligerent accusations by the Bush administration that Iran is acting against American interests in Iraq.

Continue reading "'Iran is prepared to offer Iraq government forces training, equipment and advisers for what he called “the security fight.” '" »


Eli Lake, intrepid reporter to the New York Sun, is IMAO the leading journalist on what's really happening in Iran. So when we connected at The National Review Institute Summit I asked him what was really going down in the second nuclear arms race in the Islamic Republic of the Poison Dwarf. Listen to it ALL. This you need to know. And there's more from Lake here.

Is A Civil War Inevitable In Australia?

From ABC Australia:

A speaker at a conference in Sydney's south-west says a revolution or a civil war may be necessary in order to create an Islamic state, or caliphate.

The meeting has been organised by the controversial Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is banned in several countries overseas.

A number of politicians have called for the group to be banned here.

One of today's speakers, Ashraf Doureihi, told the audience action needs to be taken to ensure an Islamic state is created.

"It is important... [to move] collectively in the Muslim world to demand this change from such influential people in our lands, even if it means spilling onto the streets to create a revolution or staging a military coup," he said.

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Wassim Doureihi has told the audience a number of speakers will address the meeting today and discuss ways of establishing an Islamic super-state.

"As we were here today, what is at stake is not just the destiny of the Muslim world but indeed the whole of mankind," he said.

Is Civil War Inevitable In Britain?

A new report seems to point to the idea that it is, if the Brits don't put an end to multculturalism:

The doctrine of multi-culturalism has alienated an entire generation of young Muslims and made them increasingly radical, a report has found.

In stark contrast with their parents, growing numbers sympathise with extreme teachings of Islam, with almost four in ten wanting to live under Sharia law in Britain.

The study identifies significant support for wearing the veil in public, Islamic schools and even punishment by death for Muslims who convert to another religion.

Most alarmingly, 13 per cent of young Muslims said they "admired" organisations such as Al Qaeda which are prepared to "fight the West".

The poll exposes a fracture between the attitudes of Muslims aged 16 to 24, most of whom were born in Britain, and those of their parents’ generation, who are more likely to have been immigrants.

A report published alongside the poll, commissioned by the Right-wing think tank Policy Exchange and carried out by Populus, said the doctrine of multi-culturalism was at least partly responsible.

A series of Labour ministers have broken recently with the idea that different communities should not be forced to integrate but should be allowed to maintain their own culture and identities.

Trevor Phillips, head of the Commission for Racial Equality, and Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, have also expressed serious doubts about multi-culturalism.

Academic Munira Mirza, lead author of the report, said: "The emergence of a strong Muslim identity in Britain is, in part, a result of multi-cultural policies implemented since the 1980s which have emphasised difference at the expense of shared national identity and divided people along ethnic, religious and cultural lines."

The poll of 1,000 Muslims, weighted to represent the population across the UK, found that a growing minority of youngsters felt they had less in common with non-Muslims than their parents did.

While only 17 per cent of over-55s said they would prefer to live under Sharia law, that increased to 37 per cent of those aged 16 to 24.

Sharia law, which is practised in large parts of the Middle East, specifies stonings and amputations as routine punishments for crimes.

It also acts as a religious code for living, covering dietary laws and dress codes. Religious police are responsible for bringing suspects before special courts.

The poll found that just 19 per cent of Muslims over 55 would prefer to send their children to Islamic state schools. That increased to 37 per cent of those aged 16 to 24.

If a Muslim converts to another religion, 36 per cent of 16-to-24-year-olds thought this should be punished by death, compared with 19 per cent of 55s and over.

According to the poll, 74 per cent of those aged 16 to 24 prefer Muslim women to wear the veil, compared with only 28 per cent of over 55s.

The report by Miss Mirza, British-born daughter of Pakistani immigrants, concludes that some Muslim groups have exaggerated the problems of "Islamophobic" sentiment among non-Muslim Britons, which has fuelled a sense of victimhood.

How To Get Accomodation Of the Muslim Religion In The Public School System

And other fascinating facts from the Islamic website SoundVision.

They also have a page which claims that the United States is a "Virtual Internment Camp" for Muslims. That's right, living in the United States is so unbearable for Muslims that it is like living in an Internment Camp:

"Since the events of September 11, 2001, Muslims and brown-skinned people in this country are under siege. While many have in fact been picked up and jailed without any probable cause, the majority are living in virtual internment camps."

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show

And now, coming to you live from a stealth bomber circling above Mecca, it's the Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show ...

Last night, the Fu2rman and I did our latest installment of the Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show. This weeks show features:

1) Interview with Ayisha, Mohammed's 9 year-old child bride. Ayisha is back together with Mohammed now, and it sounds like she is in dire need of help.

2) The Muddy Stardust Dating a Pornstar Report - We talk with my friend, the minor league rock star, Muddy Stardust. Muddy talks about the time he brought his porn star girlfriend over to my house for Christmas and my four-year old daughter thought the hot babe was Cinderella.

3) The Wet Burqa Contest - Imam Ali Allah Akbar Bibi takes over the show for fifteen minutes and holds a Wet Burqa Contest. The lovely Khadija wins, and then begs us to please help her get away from the Imam.

You gotta hear this crap to believe it, or well, maybe, you just shouldn't believe it.

blog radio

Huge Contrast

[Cross-posted at Always On Watch Two]

While our schoolchildren are being fed drivel about ants and sweet weed (See the video at this posting) and reading Islamic-friendly books such as Clever Ali, children in the Middle East are being indoctrinated in this manner:

[Hat-tip to Gayle for the above video]

I've had it with this kind of stuff


On stage.

In Switzerland

On international TV

With those who consider us the spawns of hell

Is it any wonder no one serving will eat with this man?

The WaPo Overlooks Hindu Rites

Graphic from Wikipedia

The following letter appeared in the Washington Post on Saturday, January 28, 2007:

In recent months, The Post has covered various religious, cultural and ethnic events in the Washington area and around the world. There have been local and international stories about Muslim festivals.

But The Post doesn't seem to be covering the festivals of other religions. I saw not a word in November about Diwali, the Festival of Lights, a sign of celebration and hope for mankind. It is one of the biggest Indian festivals and is significant in Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. I come from India, a secular democracy, where several major Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian religious festivals are national holidays and are extensively covered by the media.

Now millions of Hindus are bathing in the holy river Ganges in India on the occasion of Ardh Kumbh Mela, celebrated every 12 years; more than 70 million are expected by the end of the festival. Why has there not been a single report in The Post?

-- Anila Vohra
Falls Church

I confess my own ignorance about Diwali. This article in Wikipedia provides details about the festival which apparently the Washington Post apparently ignored in the newspaper's zeal to "educate" readers about Islam.

Bush 'would order the necessary military action' against Iran

Richard Perle, or the Prince of Darkness to some, believes that of George Bush.

TEL AVIV — Israel and the United States have begun their annual strategic dialogue, designed to focus on the Iranian threat.

Richard Perle, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and former member of the Defense Policy Board, said President Bush would not allow a nuclear Iran. Perle, who for years was regarded as a voice of conservative strategists within the Bush administration, said
the president would be prepared to help an Israeli operation to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities.
"The U.S. position is that if there is going to be action against Iran's nuclear infrastructure, it is vital that it succeed," Perle said.

"The worst is a failed military action that leaves Iran with a nuclear capability or close to a nuclear capability. I have very little doubt that this president would order the necessary military action," he said.

Officials said Israeli and U.S. teams began talks in Tel Aviv on Jan. 21. The dialogue focused on Iran's nuclear program but also included such issues as counter-insurgency and arms exports control.

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Too bad, so sad ...quelles dommages !

Iran condemns U.S. raids against its operatives

TEHRAN, Iran - A top Iranian lawmaker denounced the United States on Saturday for allowing its troops to kill or capture Iranians in Iraq whom U.S. forces believe pose a threat.

“This is support for terrorism. It is against all recognized international treaties to order the death of nationals of another country in a foreign land,” Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of Parliament’s Foreign Policy and National Security Committee, said on state television.

On Friday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said U.S. forces “are authorized to go after those who are trying to kill them.”

Orwell - If we kill and arrest those who are paying for and teaching murder of civilians and their protectors, we are supporting terrorism.

Is there anything to discuss?

The more aggressive policy — evolving over a period of months — was described as the result of mounting evidence that Iran is supporting terrorists inside Iraq and is a major supplier of bombs and other weapons used to target U.S. forces.

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told journalists Saturday that “bullying and threatening” were part of the U.S. strategy in Iraq and said Iran was a “part of resolving Iraq’s problems, not a part of the problem itself.”

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Pipes Vs. Livingstone Debate - Video

Storm Track Infiltration: Financial Jihad in Dearbornistan

So what’s new in our most Muslim of US cities? Debbie Schlussel reports on a financial jihad scheme in Dearbornistan.

When I first heard news reports in the Detroit media that an area man was caught with $240,000 worth of counterfeit Nikes, I figured the man must be a Muslim and wondered whether the media would mention his name. It's well known that counterfeit items--especially counterfeit cigarettes, rolling papers, and apparel--fund terrorism. In the Detroit area, the counterfeit items--including designer perfumes, viagra, and batteries--have been traced to Hezbollah funding schemes. But they also are linked to funds for HAMAS and Al-Qaeda.

Nike is enraged that such a thing is happening with their product. Right? Nope, the little dhimmis are fooled again.

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