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Muslim Convert to Christianity: "In Boko Haram we butchered Christians and drunk their blood"

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Muslim Convert to Christianity: "In Boko Haram we butchered Christians and drunk their blood."HT: TundraTabloids.

 This confession by Isiaku Nazir, 27, who was in the fierce bloody militant Islamist movement Boko Haram, is a particularly striking example of the havoc on the souls of an inhuman ideology, but also the work of grace as Nazir Isiaku … as the good thief of the Gospel, one day passed from darkness to light by becoming a Christian … A long document, documented, but of great interest to read and ponder … 
Our teachers taught us that the more we kill the Christians, the more we are likely to enter the paradise of God” (Alijonan).
I joined the Bafarawa Islamic Center in 2010, where we followed the Arabic language. Each year, twenty of our members stayed in Iran where our headquarters is to follow a special training. Our group was called – and still call - Shiitte, but we shared with Boko Haram’s ”program of ethnic cleansing.” You have not heard that Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is a sin”, but there are other Islamist criminal groups, who are part of the Boko Haram sect and I know at least six.

As soon as we learned that one of these groups would attack Christians, we rejoignions. My own group existed long before my birth. It imposed its law in the North, in the Abacha military regime and even today he runs many branches in the region. We are present in most northern states, including Katsina, Kaduna, Zamfara, Kano, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Zaria.

Sometimes, when we decided to attack Christians and terrorize at home, we rented a private bus to transport our own weapons we use against the infidels. We joined members of the Boko Haram sect, every time they decide to kill Christians or soldiers, because we knew that they killed our brothers Boko Haram in Maiduguri, Yobe and Potiskum.
I was one of the prisoners of the group, as obedient and loyal. I had my own secret office, where I received the delegates of our sponsors, when our leader was away and I pourvoyais the needs of each of our members.
This is why I have not been involved in any attacks against Christians and the military. Our leaders preparing us psychologically by us undergo brainwashing, to put us in a condition to fight the Christians, because they were the enemies of Allah. More we kill Christians, the greater our chances of entering paradise of Allah were great.

Most of our training took place at night around 22 pm and were held in the grove surrounding the Islamic school.Some forms of training were rather unusual. We drank a special water, some would call “spiritual water” because it was not an ordinary water. We also receive strange visitors, who bore no resemblance to human beings. They looked so weird. Our leaders asked us to recite passages from the Koran to show the visitors. Today, I realize that these practices were evil. They could occur at three or four. They looked like humans, but were not. They fortified us with charms and prepared us to accomplish our task. They asked us to be strong and fight.

Our chiefs also brought us a lot of material and financial assistance to support our cause. They were carrying large amounts of money in a pick-up and asked us to buy weapons. Many of our suppliers were the headquarters of the region. There was also a man, quite popular in the city of Bayelsa, which, although Christian, supported our cause financially. I do not remember his name. This man gave us money and weapons to help us accomplish our mission.

I was the second chief and whenever our president went to Iran, I became the coordinator of the group and I was getting the sponsors in place. So I knew all that was going on.We originally planned to kill all Christians in Kaduna, before we deal with others in the North. Before each operation, we drank “spiritual water”, then we might be eager to commit evil. This “spiritual water” made us very dangerous and if we were bored, we could easily kill. Water also strengthened us against bullets revolver or rifle. When we drink this water, bullets could not reach us. Our leaders had rings of mysterious power. Eight of us were selected and received the rings. They afforded us everything we asked.

I do not remember how many people I killed. We took our guns to shoot people in the legs. When we ask a victim: “Do you agree to become a Muslim” and she replied: “No”, we √©gorgions like a goat. And after killing the infidel, we collect blood in a small cup and drank. Thus, the ghost of the slain person could not come back to haunt our dreams. This is what was said by our leader. And, indeed, when we tasted the blood of the victim, we do not see it in our dreams. Sometimes, when we did not want to drink the blood, we trempions fingers in the cup and the portions of the mouth and that was enough to prevent the ghost haunt our dreams.

We assassinated Christians, because we thought we would enter paradise of God after death. Our leaders we read a passage from the Koran that seemed to justify our criminal actions: “O you who believe, do not befriend your enemies. “The” believers “referred us, Muslims and” enemies “were Christians.
We have many leaders and sponsors. These are rich Nigerians, they work in government and some were Nigerian leaders. If I quoted you their names, you would think I’m lying. There are governors, senators who strongly support us. Some are part of our group. We often invite during the graduation of students.
Some day, we went into the city to preach and attract new members. We wore then a red cap, white pants and T-shirt. When we wore a black hat, it meant that we would not fight.
Our movement had infiltrated the Nigerian forces. We have members in the police and the army. These brothers helped us tremendously when we decided to fight the Christians.But we are very secret. My blood brother, who was not a member of the sect, did not know that I was. I’m not talking about my involvement in the sect to my family because they do not share our ideas about Christians. My father loved me very much, because he does not suspect anything.When we attended the school Chachangi, a small school in my neighborhood, Islamic instructors drumming in our ears that we should “tighten our belts” to fight the Christians. They gave us instructions as to always be armed with either a knife or a gun. They also advised us to have a permit to carry a weapon.
My territory in Kaduna was Torumada. It is a paradise for many Islamic terrorists in Nigeria.Before I joined the Shiite school, I participated in many attacks against Christians, during which we massacrions many people. Christians in Sokoto are more vulnerable to attack our people, as they are within our reach, but they also have the chance (so to speak) as an Islamic religious importance often in their favor. We know many places in Sokoto where Christians live, but out of respect for our Imam, we leave alive.
Boko Haram men attend training in Afghanistan. I do not know if you’ve heard of the Taliban, the religious who sacrifice their lives in suicide bombings, well, they are the ones that drive the members of Boko Haram. Sixty men depart regularly in Afghanistan, where they learn how to make suicide attacks, make their own bombs, fighting etc.. They also provide their advanced weaponry.
Since I gave my life to Christ, I have been threatened many times by the sect. One Thursday evening in Sokoto, I had to go to an evening with my friend Matthew, my roommate. But as I was tired, I decided to stay home. During the night, I heard a knock at the door. The voice that called me out like that of Matthew. She asked me to open the door. The man spoke in Hausa and insisted that I open the door, but something stopped me. My heart was pounding and I suddenly realized that it could be an impostor, who came to attack me, but I could not pray, just mumbling “by the fire of the Holy Spirit.” I repeated these words several times, until the stranger disappears. And then I heard a dog barking somewhere in the night.

And when my friend Mathieu returned to the church and asked me to open the door, I became hysterical against him, because I was suspicious of everyone. I asked him to explain about his previous visit, but he replied that it was not him. I do not believe them. It is only when another brother assured me that Mathieu had spent much of the night in the church, I decided to calm down. I could have killed Matthew.Before the attempted attack, I hardly ever went out. I could anyway not do it, because I was wanted by the cult members. After this incident, the pastor decided to take me in his village.

Only God can stop the war that Boko Haram and other Islamic terrorist groups initiated against Christians. I thank God for becoming a Christian, no longer be part of the criminal cult. I sincerely advise Christians to begin to prepare for war, to arm and “tighten their belts.” The Islamist terrorist sects are ready to go to war. For me, all the Christians in Nigeria will die, besides, I already know all dead, given the level of preparation of sects and their determination to stay the course, namely the extermination of all Christians in Nigeria .

It was March 6th I did a meeting that would change my life. We went to our sermons on Fridays and Saturdays. I came back and I was going to do my ablutions for evening prayers when the incredible happened. I saw before me a man dressed in a shining white dress. I got scared, small container of water fell on the floor and ran out of the office. My friends asked me what was happening. I described what I saw them, but they said they had not seen me no stranger. I then returned to where it had appeared, but the man in white was gone.

That night, when I slept, a strange man dressed in white made me visit again. He was holding a stick. Scared, I started screaming. My friends came running to me and I told them my nightmare. The chief said the man in white was to be the devil, and he took me to see a powerful Mallam (a Koranic scholar) at Gombe, which took a few prayers to chase the evil stranger dressed in white. After prayers, the Mallam assured me that nothing could happen to me and that I could return to base. But the next night, the same man in white came to me again and said, “God has chosen you.” He repeated it three times. Again, I woke with a start and my cries alarmed my friends. But this time, I lied to them telling them that it was nothing.

The next morning, I went to a friend’s hairdresser. After he had finished cutting my hair, I told him of my meeting with this strange man in white. The barber told me he was a Christian and told me that this man had to be white Jesus and He called me to him. I replied: “But why me? ”He asked me if I was ready to give my life to Christ and to serve God and I said yes immediately. I myself was surprised at my answer.
Since my conversion, I became another man. I feel that taking a cleansed me of all my dirt bath. Before this experience, I walked the streets like a man struck madness. Since then I have found inner peace. I do not use drugs anymore and I feel good.
It is not easy to leave the cult, because we suffered terrible evil initiations hardened us. This is after being touched by the grace of God, we can detach ourselves from this satanic group.
When I was still part of the group, a very important member of Boko Haram, a Shuaib left the sect. I was among those who swore personally flay him alive if we ever meet.I want to tell my old companions to change their heart. I realized that killing Christians I do not go to heaven, but hell. And I’m ready to live a Christian life, to lead a life in the service of good. ”

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Hmmm....Boko Haram is still NOT recognized as a terrorist organisation by the Obama 'admin',only three individuals of the group are recognized as terrorists' by this 'admin'. 


Anonymous said...

If only they knew what they were boasting about, and what the result will be ...

And I saw the woman drinking herself drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus. And when I saw her I was filled with utter astonishment.

Revelation 17:6

Pastorius said...

That "utter astonishment" is a phase.

Hopefully we get over it soon, and move on to the Buddhist technique of simply setting Mosques on fire and striking fear into the hearts of the followers of Satan.