Sunday, August 25, 2013

Delta Air Lines Warns Obamacare To Drive Health Care Costs Up By $100 Million Per Year

Delta Air Lines has issued an urgent warning about the impact of ObamaCare, claiming the law’s implementation will contribute to a roughly $100 million increase in health care costs next year alone. 
The astonishing figure was included in a letter from Delta executive Robert Kight to officials in the Obama administration. The website was the first to obtain and publish the letter earlier this week. 
A representative with Delta confirmed the authenticity of the letter to
“Like many large companies, Delta faces significantly increased healthcare costs in 2014 and beyond,” the company said in a statement on Friday. “Delta will absorb the vast majority of those increased costs so that we can continue providing a high value, high quality health plan. Consistent with our culture, Delta will always keep the best interests of our people in mind in connection with the healthcare and other benefits we provide.” 
In the original letter, Kight disputes the notion that the law — the biggest parts of which take effect at the start of 2014 — will mean “business as usual” for big employers. A combination of factors, he claimed, will “mean that the cost of providing health care to our employees will increase by nearly $100,000,000 next year.”


Anonymous said...

OT but related to ObamaCare.
At our local County Fair there are several buildings which house local vendors for any variety of services and products. One could walk past the water softener company, insurance agents, power company, roofers, furniture, local produce/wines/cheeses, bees wax candles, sham wow demo, etc. There are also several local service groups represented like the Masons, Elks, Girl Scouts, 4H etc.

The weather was exceptionally good today, and the crowds were heavier than years past. IT was a struggle to work our way through the aisles in the packed buildings.

As we were squeezing our way through one aisle, I heard a voice from a man sitting at the edge of one booth that did not have a visible sign identifying his purpose. I leaned in to ask him to repeat himself.

He wanted to know if I signed my drivers license to permit organ donation. I replied "No". He immediately reached for my hand and asked me earnestly - "why not?".
My initial reaction was "non of your business", I'm not willing to discuss this with perfect strangers in this environment. Then, I thought - out loud - with HIPPA and ObamaCare providing access to our most intimate health details to any variety of govt. agencies, why on earth would anyone prefer to publicly provide permission for organ donation ahead of time? It seems to me that our personal medical history provides enough information to help match a potential donor for a desperate person in need of an organ donation. If it is known that the potential match has signed their license permitting organ donation . . .how much of a stretch is it for coincidental accidents to make these organs conveniently available. With the shenanigans this administration flagrantly plays with private communications of lawful citizens why would anyone trust this administrations healthcare machine to not breach privacy too? (especially for a vote or additional palm grease)

Anonymous said...

Just as an hint of political payoff to the above concern: Illegal immigrants protest @ Chicago hospital demanding free organ transplants