Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dumb: GOP Rep. Peter King Says U.S. Must Shoot Cruise Missiles At Syria Or Iran “Won’t Take Us Seriously”…
This is his rationale for wanting to intervene militarily on behalf of an al Qaeda-infested insurgency? 

The above is from Weasel Zippers.

And, I do agree with the Zippy characterization. I would also add that this shows we have no good options in the Muslim world.

Yes, there are factions, and sometimes one might look better than the other. But for the most part, the reason for that is simply they look better when they aren't in power. Once they are in power, they don't look as good, because ...

Islam is Islam.

If they are Islamists, they suck.

If they aren't Islamists, or are only marginal Islamists, they will still appease the Islamists.

They are Muslims after all.

This is not to say that all Muslims are bad. It is to say that the political pressure in a Muslim country is a reality. And, that pressure is determined by the will of the people and the will of the forces of the media, the political class, academia, and the priestly class.

That's just true. It's true everywhere.

And, the reality is most Muslims believe in Islam. They want Islam to be dominant. Because they have been inured in the idea that Islam is to dominate, it is to rule.

Therefore, all Muslim societies are suffused with that idea, and they always have been.

Playing the factions off one another will not do away with the idea that Islam is to dominate and rule.

Because all factions within Islam believe that Islam must dominate and rule, or will act as if they do because of the external pressure of the larger culture, we have no good option. There is no one to negotiate with.

All roads lead to hell.

The sooner we realize this, the better.

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