Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Never let a crisis go to waste? Rahm, boychick, we hardly knew ye

If we had some people who understood the price and sacrifice, the goals and the long range, the enemy and our friends, the bloody minded dictator of Syria, backed by the bloody minded mullahs, acting against the bloody minded salafi freaks, backed by the bloody minded imams of the salafi bent, then we MIGHT have an opportunity to generate a situation in which EVERYONE except a state with a stable democracy as WE UNDERSTAND THAT WORD, is thrown into a LONG TERM civil destruction, mediated ONLY by the choice to give all that up and join life.

Rahm would at least understand that.

But, of course, as too many, have all said, and nearly all in the ascendant, and aggressive forms, they love death as we love life.
All we have to do is to wreck enough to let them all be WHO THEY ARE.
Then - let the Mossad and IDF go and get the WMD. Let the Israelis deal with an Iran in which the armories of the IRGC, Al Quds, and Basij have been destroyed.
These forces from Syria, from Qom, from the Nefud, from the mountains of Yemen, appealing to the worst in human beings, can only destroy. Look at Afghanistan, Iraq. No amount of blood, or american treasure, or propounding the ideals of Jefferson, Franklin et al will turn aside the human will to destroy BORN IN IGNORANT HATE.
Let them.
Do ONLY what it takes to LET THEM.
Be prepared to go all the way if that should become compulsory.
If we are not prepared to kill a lot of people, and destroy a lot of things if events do not work out to whatever plan is in Obama’s mind (as they never do), then let us kill no one, and let us break not a single brick apart.
How can we ethically do otherwise?


Pastorius said...

I will never understand how Rahm put up with Obama, Jarrett, and Powers, et al.

Christine said...

The problem with a lot of the world and most especially the US is they have totally forgotten what it actually takes to win a war.

If we had fought Germany they way we have been fighting in the ME, most of the Jews on earth would be gone and we would all be speaking German.

What did it take to finally win against Japan? Limited area, but total outright destruction.

Almost everyone who was involved in beating Japan, admit that without the nukes, many more millions of Japanese citizens, Japanese and American soldiers would have died.

War is nasty business. Infrastructure is destroyed, people die. That cannot be helped, unless you have no intentions of winning.

I seriously am not looking forward to the day when we are attacked again and war is declared. There is absolutely no guarantee we will win the next one.

We could have won the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan if we really wanted to. But it would have meant treating the muslims like we treated the nazis. Wipe them out.

Anything less, we might as well not waste our time.

Of course I can hear the libs right now saying, ok, so why don't you get a gun and go over there.

Talk about an idiotic response. I read it all of the time.

Pastorius said...

Epaminondas said...

War is not a screwdriver.
It's not some thing to be unleashed as a finely calibrated, evocation of policy whose results are proportional to the IQ of the planners.
This is the TACTICAL mistake made over and over.

That fucker Nathan Bedford Forrest always had it right, it's just about killing.
Nothing more.
When you kill enough, you win. When you do it hard and fast that number is lower.
That is the bitter truth missing from our generals, our executive, and our legislature.

Christine said...

Exactly Epa.