Sunday, September 24, 2006

Follow the $$...Al Qaeda, functional allies, Iran, Hizb freaks all the same ..get the financiers

Top advisor to Turkey's PM is business partner of Al Qaida financier

claude_shocked.jpg Gertz again....
Next month, President Bush will welcome Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. At Erdogan's side might very well be a person who's gotten rich through his connection with Al Qaida. Cuneyd Zapsu(other info at link), Erdogan's closest adviser, has been a partner of Al Qaida financier Yassin Al Qadi. Zapsu's ability to play with the West and its chief enemy attests to the dubious position of Erdogan's Turkey — a country that claims to be the door to the Islamic world while seeking to benefit from jihad as well. "In any Western country, Zapsu would be in serious trouble and probably in jail," a U.S. official said. "But Erdogan is protecting him and that raises questions regarding which side is Turkey on in the war against terror."

Given what occurred with the 4th ID and Turkey in 2003, is this really a shock?

The Bush administration has been largely silent on Zapsu. But Bush will be briefed on Erdogan's adviser, who is expected to accompany the Turkish prime minister during his scheduled visit to the White House on Oct. 2.
The prospect of Bush greeting a man designated by the United States as an Al Qaida financier has already been discussed in the National Security Council. So far, however, the feeling is that the president must overlook Zapsu to discuss Turkish cooperation against Iran.

You can't overlook ENMITY, George. Get it? Raise the issues. Don't go all State Dept on Iran.

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