Saturday, September 30, 2006

Muslim Cab Driver Refuses To Pick Up Blind Woman

A Muslim cab driver refuses to pick up a blind woman and her guide dogs. Why? Because Muslims think dogs are filthy animals:

A Muslim minicab driver refused to take a blind woman with her guide dog because of religious objections. In Islam, dogs are regarded as being “unclean” in the same way that pigs are. But his refusal has led to his being convicted under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

Bernie Reddington, 37, was furious when London taxi driver Basir Miah refused to take her and her guide dog Orla in his private hire vehicle. Mrs Reddington, from Norwich, along with her son Christopher, 13, who is also blind, attended a hospital appointment at Great Ormond Street children’s hospital in London last November.

Taxi driver Basir Miah arrived in his cab to collect Mrs Reddington to take her to Liverpool Street station, but when he saw her guide dog, he said: “No dogs”. After ignoring Mrs Reddington’s insistence that his refusal to take the dog was illegal, Miah left the group with a hospital receptionist. This week, at London’s Horseferry Road Magistrates’ Court, he admitted refusing to carry out a booking made by a disabled person on the grounds that the disabled person was accompanied by her assistance dog. He was fined £150 and agreed to pay £250 compensation.


Anonymous said...

It's strange that Death-cultists have such a low opinion of dogs, and yet they'll still have sex with them (before or after they kill them?) when they get the chance.

Give a dog a bone (so to speak) Allah f***ing Akhbar!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do Death-cultists bury their corpses so fast ? They try to get them 6 feet under within 24 hours.

Well, according to
the following things are essentially najis: (filthy):

-Dead body

But being najis doesn't stop you having sex with it. It doesn't prevent dogs from being gang-raped (see above)

Nor does being najis prevent the Christian children of Beslan being gang-raped.

Being najis may give you protection against having to meet them in a social context, but it doesn't give you any protection against being violated by Death-cultists dicks when you're defenceless.

And that's why, male or female, you don't want to be seen dead above ground when there are 'youths' on the prowl!

Anonymous said...

What an excellent topic for discussion with those "nice, polite, moderate Muslim folks down the block who are just like you and me". Let's get a dialogue going about what they really think of us for picking up after our pooches. That should provide a cultural wake-up call for the neighbors. Maybe "Bridges TV" (see post above) could do a few public service spots on the subject... promote greater understanding, ya know.

Prodicus said...

This wouldn't even be news in Malmo. Standard procedure.

Tasbeeh said...

I'm Muslim and MODERATE, however, my parents are okay with dogs. In fact, she used to own a dog as a child. Mulims think that all animals are unclean, but in the practical way: like, clean your hands after you touch a dog, because they might have germs.

I'm not going to deny that there aren't extremists out there who do, in fact, torture innocent animals. But this, Islamically, is WRONG. The prophet Mohammed taught Muslims to LOVE and care for animals, not hurt them.

The Prphet used to say: "Whoever is kind to the creatures of God, is kind to himself." (

The taxi driver was obviously one of the VERY FEW Muslims who are almost as ignorant to the true religion of Islam as the author of this post and the people commenting on it.

Lastly, Muslims don't consider Non-Muslims najis. Please check your sources.

Pastorius said...

Hi Tasbeeh,
You sound like a decent guy. Thanks for you comment.

I believe there are probably many Muslims who feel the same way as you. However, two sources on Non-Muslims being najis are Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and Ayatollah al-Sistani.

As I understand it, this idea that Infidels are najis is a Shiite idea. Maybe you are Sunni?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pastorius, she is Sunni. She answers it at the end of this post:


Pastorius said...

Thanks, Blueslord.

I hope she comes back and sees what I wrote. I hate thinking that she thinks we just make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

When it come to this illiterate moron who is completely oblivious to Islamic laws with regard to the treatment of living beings, he has committed a heinous crime in which he deserves severe punishment, please do not try to spin this to use it as a tool to attack lawful generous Muslims who do not hurt a fly. At the same time it amazed me that a disgusting animal like the dog in the 1st comment who wrote about death cultists having sex with dogs dead or alive even though having sex with animals is in his filthy culture look some of the Greek going at it with goats-cosidering the fact religion of pieces is probably having sex with his mother as we speak-death culture is part of your idiotic society the rate of crime related deaths in the US is 15000 lives a year per capita, that's understandable for a super power who has the ability to anhialate 2 cities massacre millions in Vietnam Cambodia, Laos, iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, Corea . having the worst record in human rights from slavery to the civil to preserve slavery war to the genocidal wars to annihilate the native population of N.AMERICA to more than 20 wars over 200 years history good God that is madness, committing the most horrendous atrocities against humanity through white Christian terrorism, we see Christian terrorism starting by the hatred to every one whose skin color is not disgustingly pail to the white evangelist Christian haters who want to silence everyone who is does not agree with their stupid views . these people are so twisted and dome, so hateful, so behind-at least 300 years in the past they still believe that our world was created 6 and a half years ago, a human being became the son of creater passed away went to heaven then came back, sounds like a fairytale from a ridiculous fictional book my nephew will not believe, last word to so call religion of pieces, muslims usually wash up everytime they go to the washroom I advise you to wash your filthy bottom 1st before you even write about anyone again it will clean your body but not your soul because no matter what u do you are a stinky, demeaning, smelly, dirty ass, kafir, najis.

sharpshooter said...

In the N.American white Christian culture and the exported white culture abroad it's OK to hunt down and shoot any living thing in the wilderness moose, mountain lions, humans in the case of the natives dear, turtles, wolves, ducks. gees, wolverines, baggers, buffalo seals which are skinned alive by a disgusting white man who never heard of the word mercy.Christians believe Earth and everything in it was created for the sake of man, and man can exploit anything in it living or otherwise. Such brutality justified in your book, why don't write about the ongoing slaughter of the koalas in Australia by white Christians and the extinction of many species in Australia such as the Thilasine and koalas in some areas on the hands of the same criminals. Log in to this link to white christian crimes against animals:
justifying 12 days old baby seals for their fur coat skinning them alive with complete disregard to their pain and suffering:

Anonymous said...

Why do Muslim dislike dogs?
Let's understand Islam and it's creator.
Prophet Muhammed was a very horny fellow. He was one of those people if he lived in this day and age will be a convicted child rapist rather than a prohet. During the live and times of Muhammed there was no law requiring a man to keep his penis in his pants and having sex with anything that had a hole. So explains the fact that he raped a 9 year old Aisah. Of course he and Muslims claim he married her. But honestly do you think any real prohpet will even consider marrying a six year girl and start having sex with her by the time she is nine. Maybe a phedophile prophet.
So in general to protect young girls and women from the horny, violent Muhammed, the the girls were forced to cover themselves up from head to foot. Not on modest grounds but as a protective measure. Some where along the way this became a tradition.
When the women starting covering themselves up Muhammed had difficulty getting young girls, so he turned to the dog. However, after poking the dogs behind a few times he found it unpleasurable. Being unhappy with the dog he made a decree dogs are dirty and unislamic.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a filthy religion. Just look at how it takes what in many (though by no means all) cases is a normal human, and turns him into a beast.