Sunday, September 24, 2006

DHIMMITUBE: YouTube Bans Truth Tellers

Pim of my favorite You tube filmmakers. Check out Pim's latest here.

The problem with YouTube is that it has become a source of anti-American, jihad loving video. There were hundreds (thousands?) of videos showing American soldiers getting hit (to cheers mind you) on YouTube. In the name of free speech? How very American but it seems they are banning the freedom fighters and lovers of truth, justice and the American way. One of the great fighters on the Jihad has been banned from YouTube.

YouTube is one major weapon in the propaganda arsenal of the Jihad.

Crusader18 User Account suspended by YouTube

That's right, don't bother clicking the links to videos by Crusader18 below, because they no longer work. YT users AbuMustafa and Jihad4u remain as do most of the YT jihadists. Most of those who oppose them have been suspended, and surely more will follow. That's That. Stand By, and as I find a new server, I will be re-uploading. Until then, please enjoy the letter of suspension, and the letter I sent in response, to YouTube

BTW, Crusader did great work. I can't believe they banned him. Here is his response to YouTube.

Dear Sir/Madame,
I have been a YouTube member for 8 months I have over 130 videos, and nearly 3/4 of a million views on them. My Channel has over 17,200 views, which for a blogger, and someone who isn't a "YT Star" is pretty impressive. With as many views as I have had, and as many videos I have uploaded and shared, naturally I picked up my share of trolls
Several of my uploads that YT had rejected were Music Videos, which I sent you several correspondences about wondering what was wrong with the system, and why it had rejected them. I get Trolled and flagged by users who are jealous or just plain haters, so then is YT to become a Popularity contest? YouTube Users AbuMustafa, Jihad4u, and Several others, have Catalogues of videos showing the killing of US Soldiers and Marines, and terrorist propaganda videos, put out by al Qaeda Islamic Jihad, and the other terror organizations, to recruit young Muslims for use as suicide bombers.(AbuMustafa's profile icon, is in fact, a Suicide bomber, as show moments before he blew himself up Killing several soldier at a checkpoint. The Particular video, put out by al Qaeda to recruit More Suicide bombers, is considered by them, to be their Most Successful recruiting video, and in fact, the User describes it in those terms .And yet His profile remains. What is the difference? Except that I am American, and what I posted wasn't illegal in any way, while His videos in fact Are. YT users are forced to endured videos of American Soldiers being Blasted 100 feet in the air, while their bodies are torn apart, and then read comments from Ghouls who celebrate this, while I have for the very most part tried to express my opinions, and Blog the news in a much more moderate, and respectful fashion. View the "offending" video, for which I was suspended. There isn't a drop of blood, or a dead body in it. The video is primarily an interview with a young Marine Sgt. in Iraq. It received over 10,000 views, and 22 ratings.

Read it all at Atlas Shrugs


Krishna109 said...

YouTube is definitely biased. I have noticed some excellent videos that they pulled because they didn't agree with their views.

I have not signed up for an account with them, but I did discover this Conservative group there, 'Conservative YouTubers'--

You have to sign up for an acct to go to that group, but it seems they have 866 members...

Here's one members' page-- Michelle Malkin

Kiddo said...

Krishna--again, you know more about sites I use than I do!! LOL....I've been on YouTube now since about May and I never realized that there were groups. But then I'm usually inundated by messages about my videos there and get too busy. Either that or I'm laughing at all of the commenters who are calling me a "Neo-con Zionist Jew Bitch Whore"!!. I'll check that out, thanks Krishna!

Some people are aware that the most I got into the "YouTube community" was to notice that stupid 18-year-old chicks were getting over 100,000 views each for talking about their boyfriends and dancing like strippers. Hence, my alter ego with the blonde wig and her videos. Oh, my right arm for more time in a day to get things done.

Thanks for cross-posting this Atlas. And the shout-out and the link! YOU rock, baby!!

ziontruth said...

As the Muslims strike further to intimidate all those who would criticize their religion (that's the straight line that runs from Rushdie to the Danish Cartoons to the Papal Quote Crisis), then unless Western governments say "Enough is enough!" and enforce the freedom of the agora with an iron fist, infidels will have to build an entirely independent structure for voicing their words and ensuring they stay on the air.

CRUSADER said...

I'm Back up as "SpiritofCMartel" Do me a favor and rate this...