Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Secure Borders and Immigration Policies are two SEPARATE Issues

This....gentleman, Mr. Juan Leonardo Quintero, an illegal immigrant then, was deported from the USA in 2004 for "indecency with a child".

He came back.

Across the border.


In Houston, he shot and killed a Houston Police officer, during a routine traffic stop, when it resulted in his arrest for coming back.

The police officer was married with 5 children.

I dont care if you believe the USA should have easy or difficult immigration policies...

There is no excuse for virtually non existant border security. NONE

George, we're voting in 6 weeks.

Are you feeling us?


Anonymous said...

I know its there in the link, but the other fact you ought to highlight besides the officer having a family is that he once pulled children from a burning building. I mean it is awful anytime a father is killed, or anytime an officer is killed...but in this case, not only that, but a true hero was killed--and killed by the very scum of the Earth.

Forget due process with this guy...bullet in the head, send his body back to Mexico and charge them for the damage he's done. What is the cost of putting 5 kids through college? That ought to cover it.

Epaminondas said...

I don;t know about a bullet in the head, but we must be able to have be a capital offense with a dead officer

Rick Darby said...

If you want to be strictly legalistic about it, yes, border security and immigration policies aren't the same thing. But it is obvious that both are sick, and for the same reason: right now we have no sane controls in connection with either.

The unofficial presumption is that, barring some unusual circumstance, anyone is entitled to enter the country and stay once they're here. That may not be what the law says, but it's what this government's policy says.

So, except for very high-profile terrorists already known to the authorities, we have no quality control. You can be a terrorist operating undercover or a bestial criminal, and walk right in and disappear into a network of people from your country of origin, or of criminals or terrorists.

There is plenty of blame to go around, but in the end it's down to George W. Bush. I once admired him, but have had to reckon with too much evidence he is out of touch with reality.