Sunday, September 24, 2006

Iran, North Korea develop Nuke Warfare doctrine together, contra USA

Iran has adopted North Korea's war strategy against the United States

There is one?
U.S. intelligence sources said Iran has invested in the production of North Korean command and control systems for a missile war against the United States. Iranian engineers and military officers have been training in Pyongyang to wage a nuclear war against a much stronger opponent.
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Earth to Council on Foreign Relations....Earth to Council on Foreign Relations....
"Teheran has assessed that the United States is preparing a massive strike to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program," an intelligence source said. "The Iranians see North Korea as its only ally in any defensive effort." Over the past year, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has conducted exercises in Iran and North Korea to test nuclear war scenarios. About a dozen senior IRGC engineers attended the North Korean launch of the Taepodong-2 intermediate-range missile in July 2006.

Are they more prepared to actually FIGHT a nuclear war than we?

Are we prepared for the launch or use of even a single EMP warhead over the east coast? Is that posible event regarded as some kind of neo-con (CODE WORD ALERT) hysterical fear mongering?

The sources said Iran has procured a missile similar to Taepodong-2 that would enable strikes on U.S. bases in most of Europe. Iranian missile development has also been assisted by China and Russia.

If US bases in the ME and Europe are damaged or knocked out, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to logistically support even air action on any sustainable bases, except for directly from the US, Guam and or Diego Garcia (with B-2's and B-1's, then B-52's only after air superiority was established). If Iran was to use a handful of nuclear weapons in this way, US warfighting doctrine would have to choose between an almost impossibly difficult conventional war, and obliterating Iran with the correct weapons for the job, showering EVERYONE EAST, NORTHEAST AND/OR SOUTHEAST (prevailing winds) of Iran with lethal fallout. I believe Iran has correctly assessed the US as being too risk averse for this mission. Lucky for them I am not in a decision making capacity. Where are the Bobby Lee's and Billy Sherman's when we need them?
In January 2006, Iran began a series of exercises to test second-strike nuclear capability. The IRGC tested Iran's strategic air defenses in a simulation attended by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his top aides.
The U.S. intelligence community closely monitored the Iranian exercise in January, the sources said. U.S. intelligence concluded that Teheran was preparing for a war with the U.S. that could take place over the next year and include Iranian strikes on Iraq and Gulf Cooperation Council states

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Anonymous said...

And to think that all it might take, if we only had the will, is one little Smart Bomb smack in the middle of the Kaaba...

Again, a lot of this fits the general theoretical scenario Walid Phares came up with a couple years ago: strikes against our overseas bases combined with waves of massive conventional strikes here, either involving some nuclear hits or threat of same, possibly a few engineered "natural disasters" (since they so admired the fine work of Katrina -- hurricanes can't be set, but wildfires can). Cripple the "Great Satan" without destroying all the goodies they'll want when they take control.

Anybody know a single good, accessible resource on the EMP threat?

Epaminondas said...

Imagine if the Iranians could execute such a strike at Israel.

All of their technical advantage which is all they have to hold off the 6-10 to 1 numerical superiority of the arabs woul dbe gone.

Lasers, radar, countermeasures, hacking, radio, all gone in an instant. All that would be left is ballistic weapons used in the most crude fashion and nukes, used the same way.

One EMP strike over Tel Aviv and Israel is in the 19th century...follow that with a CW attack against a nation then unable to communicate and warn its people and ......

Epaminondas said...

From the COLD WAR....