Thursday, September 28, 2006

Storm Track Disinformation: Muslim Threat in Europe Overestimated

From The Gathering Storm

You really have to wonder if academicians really leave their ivory towers or even read the newspapers. If the did, they wouldn’t be printing tripe like this.

A study by U.S. political scientists finds the 15 million Muslims residing in Europe don't pose a threat to European values or politics. Researchers Carolyn Warner and Manfred Wenner of Arizona State University say they reached that conclusion given the extent of the European Muslims' myriad divisions and internal fragmentation.

Yep, they sure are divided and fragmented these Muslims. But it’s funny. Every time something annoys this fragmented group of divided Muslims they seem to have no trouble coming together to protest what ever Western Culture is annoying them at the time.

"Western fears and criticisms are partly based on serious ignorance of the characteristics of Islam and of the people in Europe who adhere to it," wrote Warner and Wenner, noting "Islam is a highly decentralized religion ... structurally biased against facilitating large scale collective action."


What about these examples of large scale collective action – the Mohammed cartoonifadah andthe violent react to the Popes recent reference to Islam to name just two? But the pinhead professors go even more off the deep end.

In addition, they say Muslims immigrants remain divided by ethnic differences, with religion failing to be the unifying focal point of Muslims in Western Europe.

Unbelievable! Muslims in Europe not united over their religion? The why the outpourings of hate and intimidations any time their religion is a perceived to be slurred?

These profs are so back in the 60s in their understanding of Islam that you wonder what they’ve been smoking.

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