Thursday, September 28, 2006

Belgium Back To Normal, But ...

The rioting stopped last night in Brussels, as police cracked down, arresting the main culprits, apparently:

Last night Brussels police arrested 39 youths, including 15 minors, in the Marollen neigbourhood. The area had seen heavy rioting the previous nights. Some of the arrested immigrants were carrying combustibles. One schack was set alight and one car was torched. The police said there were no serious incidents. Yesterday afternoon Freddy Thielemans, the Mayor of Brussels, told journalists at a press conference that of the 45 youths arrested the previous night 31 were known to the police for a total of 242 crimes. The Mayor emphasized that the riots were the work of youth gangs and cannot be compared to last year’s riots in France since there had been no direct confrontations between the police and the rioters.

However, all is not well in Belgium if you consider the dhimmi attitude which pervades among many of its citizens:

Meanwhile, Belgian artists warn that a victory of the “islamophobic” Vlaams Belang [Flemish Interest] party in the local elections on October 8th may lead to violence. In an interview in the Dutch-language weekly Knack Magazine this week painter Luc Tuymans says: “In the worst case you will get organised resistance, perhaps even rather violent reactions. I suspect many shop keepers will have their windows smashed. People do not seem to be aware, but a vote for the Vlaams Belang may have serious consequences. They should realize this before they take a final decision in the voting booth.”

Vlaams Belang is, admittedly, a political party with a history of past racism. It is, in fact, a mutation of the Vlaams Blok party which was officially banned by the Belgian government. The current Vlaams Belang party does not represent itself as racist, but is, instead, anti-immigrant. Such a sensibility is popular these days considering the violence and streetcrime which has blossomed in the major cities, and considering the fact that Belgium was host to Muslim rioting last year, and now again this year.

But, the dhimmi "artists" and politicians refuse to deal with the will of the people. Instead, they make the will of the people illegal. Let me be clear, I am not for Vlaams Belang. I would caution Europeans against voting for such parties. But, at the same time, the reason these parties are now receiving more votes in places such as France, Belgium, Germany, the UK, and Sweden, is precisely because the people can not find their will represented in any of the other major political parties.

Now, get a load of this next paragraph:

Tuymans is one the artists supporting the free 0110 concerts against the Vlaams Belang. The concerts are subsidized by the Belgian national lottery and are broadcasted on public radio and television. Another artist supporting 0110 is rock singer Arno, who said this week that Brussels is an example for the future of Europe, since it is “one of the only Arab cities which is not in a state of war.”

Well, so much for that fantasy.

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Jaime Raúl Molina said...

If the authorities in Belgium (and other European countries with severe problems with the Muslim immigrants, such as Sweden) continue to ignore the signals and even go to the extreme of banning speech and political activism in favor of restricting immigration of Muslim people, then...

History shows that a Government cannot for too long ignore the wishes of the majority without the recourse to terror. The population of these countries is becoming more and more insecure and correctly inferring that if their Governments cannot protect them from these "youths", then they will have to protect themselves.

Then, when the people have organized their bands of vigilantes and start taking real action, the Governments will have to take sides.