Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No More Fatwa Fridays

From Gates of Vienna:

Dennis Mitsubishi has caved to the mau-mauing of CAIR. There will be no jihad-mocking commercials on Columbus area radio stations.

This is very depressing. Between the surrender of Dennis Mitsubishi, the groveling of the Pope, and the pre-emptive self-censorship of a German opera house, it seems that the entire West is ready to roll over as soon as a mob of angry Muslims starts screaming. Or even before it starts screaming.

The next time something like this comes up — and you know it will — let’s mount a grassroots blog campaign to counter CAIR. If a couple of the big blogs like LGF got on it, and the rest of us responded, it could make a difference.

We could have been posting Dennis Mitsubishi’s phone number, and urging everyone to call the dealership to express their support. People who live in the Columbus area could have promised to buy their next car there. It would have made it easier for those poor guys to resist the pressure from CAIR.

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Kiddo said...

Let's do it now. Let's get a graphic made up (hint hint, nudge nudge, anyone who's good with that) and put have it available to put on our blogs. We could say something like "No More SCAIR Tactics!" or "CAIR, We Don't CARE!". Whatever. We could use my old Cair leaders as nuns pic, or anything else. Why not now? Let's do it.