Friday, September 29, 2006

And just when it looks safe to go back in to the water

We find the liberals, excuse me Ghost of HHH, I mean progressives (for instance George Lakoff) claiming it's the misery of a poor and hopelss economic existance, coupled with repressive western supported (sometimes true) governments maintained for stability. (Sorry Mr, Atta and the other 18, I guess that lets you out)

We find the relgious right claiming it is becuase of evil book, consumed with the poetry of the sword, and it's base being as Muhammad put it, all war being deceit

We find the neocons worried it is because of arrogant relgious superiority, and the presupposition that the dominant strain and only voice says if you run about making up laws otu of your own head then you cannot be following god's (i.e. Sharia via the immutable word of God , the Quran)

So comes the US Army, who without a clue wants an institutional answer..and thanks to Dr. Bostom we get it here:

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Kiddo said...

THAT'S the book my Mom gave me that I forgot to unpack! OK, I have a reading assignment. I remember that cover. Let me go get that one out. Big book, right? Crap. Now I'm behind. It's hard to keep track when you practically own a library. I fel like the woman in "The Mummy" sometimes. Lost in books.