Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Other


Islamophobes, it’s your lucky day.


I love play swords. All kids love play swords. What CAIR doesn’t realize — like a bunch of effing morons — is that you were doing Muslims a favor by making “jihad” and “fatwa” into play items. There is nothing more kitsch and meaningless than advertising. By rendering “jihad” and “fatwa” into marketing tools you would have actually taken the negative connotations away from those two words. But why would CAIR understand that? They are paid to be retards and screw American-Muslims over.

That's what happens when everything--and everyone--is open game for criticism and mockery except for Islam and Muslims.

Just take a look at newspapers: They're vicious with Christianity. The NYT commented on the Muhammed cartoon mayhem by...printing piss Christ. The very fact that the overwhelming majority of the MSM kept themselves away from the cartoons showed that they were scared of the violent response from the adherents of the Religion That Must Not Be Named.

It's the same with most comedians. They take on Christianity and Judaism; it's all good fun. (Thank you Moses for the promised land: The only place in the Middle East with no oil. Meshugana!) But Islam--oooh, no that's radioactive.

Ironically, the Muslim groups are making the situation worse by keeping Islam itself unassimilated.

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Pastorius said...

Yes, it is a good day for Islamophobes. Hip hip hooray.

I like Eteraz but I find that very often he takes the opportunity to turn what is and ought to be a post against Islamofascism into a side swipe at "Islamophobes", as he puts it here.

Thing is, he ought to know that we have reason to be unhappy with Islam. For God's sake, he writes about it too.