Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Al Qaeda Roundup - having taken the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan, now about to add Sudan?

Al Qaeda increasingly active in Darfour, claims credit for execution of editor in Sudan
Information from detainees leads to discovery of weapons cache in Egypt
U.S. Treasury enlisted for the war on terror
Al Qaida activates sleeper cell in Yemen for attacks on oil facilities


CAIRO — Al Qaida has announced the revival of its network in Sudan
The network has already claimed responsibility for the execution of the editor of Sudan's independent daily. The execution claim, posted on the website of Al Arabiya satellite channel, marked the group's first announcement.Western intelligence sources said Al Qaida operatives have become increasingly active in Sudan's war-torn Darfour province. In April 2006, Bin Laden cited Sudan as a new front for the Islamic movement.

In an audiotape, Bin Laden called on supporters to attack United Nations forces in Darfour. The sources said the Khartoum government has not confirmed Al Qaida's presence in Sudan.

Al Qaida said its Sudanese network has begun targeting pro-American and liberal figures in the Arab League state.

Al Qaida claimed its operatives abducted and killed Sudanese editor Mohammed Taha Mohammed Ahmed for writing an article denounced as blasphemous. Ahmed was abducted from his home in Khartoum on Sept. 5 and his body was found the following day.

"Thanks to God's grace, the execution was carried out against a dog of the dogs of the ruling party, the atheist journalist Mohammed Taha, who defamed our prophet Mohammed," the statement said.

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