Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Light Beatings"

Infidel Bloggers Alliance has a video up in which one of the subtitles is: "She must not give her husband the chance to beat her,..."

Obviously, the bitches women deserve the beatings. This is another aspect of the Muslim world that gets little coverage in the West. Men can, and often do, beat their wives and kids. You know, for their own good.

The terms of debate in the Muslim world is what amount of beating is alright. Not that hitting someone is wrong. Period.

In my Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia.

Arabic was our third language; Urdu and English were the first and second respectively. This made Arabic and Islamiyat (the study/world of Islam) our worst courses. To top it off, we had the most grotesque teacher for these two subjects. He wore shalwar kameez and had a big black beard. His style of teaching was quite simple: If the kid doesn't learn, then you haven't beaten him enough.

Note that was your average Pakistani school--not a madrassa.

On the day of our test, this teacher would start off by calling out a student and then telling him to write such-and-such sura from the Quran. Understand that the meaning of the Quran is immaterial, what matters is that a student could vomit it all back. If the student made even a single mistake, then the teacher would send him off to the faculty lounge. You see, all the exquisite dunday (long and strong wooden sticks) were there. The teacher would tell the student to bring back the one with the black tape--the heaviest one. I can't imagine that long walk. Afterwards the teacher would hit the open palms of the student with the stick, one hit for every mistake. A few students later, the teacher would get bored, so he would start hitting students on the back of their knees and thighs as they wrote out the verses on the board and made errors.

Truly a sick culture.

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