Sunday, September 24, 2006

Farrakhan Returning to the Motherwheel

Apparently Louis Farrakhan is on the way out: "doctors in Cuba last March discovered 'an ulcer in the anal area' and that he has lost 20 pounds in the past six weeks."

I'm not too excited about the reports of Bin Laden's demise, nor would I be about Farrakhan's. I just don't think it's that big a deal. Contrary to what the MSM and John Kerry seem to think, our current problems are not about one person: Bin Laden is not the head vampire, and driving a stake through his heart would not cause all the jihadis around the world to turn back into human beings again, like at the end of The Lost Boys. The jihad will continue; and, some racist hate-spewing demagogue will pop up in place of Farrakhan, to carry on his important work of attempting to divide and ultimately destroy America.

But since his name is in the news, I thought it would be a good opportunity to mock him. Here's what wikipedia says on the funniest Farrakhan episode:

On October 24, 1989, at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC., Louis Farrakhan claimed he had a vision of being abducted in 1985 by an invisible pilot in a UFO and carried up on a beam of light to a "human built planet" known as the "Mother Wheel." There the voice of Elijah Muhammad informed him that the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, under the direction of Gen. Colin Powell, were planning a war, which Farrakhan said he later came to realize was "a war against the black people of America, the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan." "I saw a city in the sky," Farrakhan said, after which the UFO "brought me back to Earth and dropped me off near Washington; over to Tyson's Corner and Fifth Street I make The Announcement." His entire inspiration for the "Million Man March", he says, is based on this "vision of being swept into a UFO that took him to a larger mothership." (The Washington Post, Sept. 18, 1995, p. D3).

That's good stuff. Also, look at this:

The Blackman is the original man. From him came all brown, yellow, red, and white people. By using a special method of birth control law, the Blackman was able to produce the white race. This method of birth control was developed by a Black scientist known as Yakub, who envisioned making and teaching a nation of people who would be diametrically opposed to the Original People. A Race of people who would one day rule the original people and the earth for a period of 6,000 years. Yakub promised his followers that he would graft a nation from his own people, and he would teach them how to rule his people, through a system of tricks and lies whereby they use deceit to divide and conquer, and break the unity of the darker people, put one brother against another, and then act as mediators and rule both sides. (Elijah Muhammad, Message to the Blackman in America, Muhammad's Temple No. 2, 1965 & Dorothy Blake Fardan, Yakub and the Origins of White Supremacy, Lushena Books, 2001)
That's funny, isn't it? Wikipedia also says:

Farrakhan has made several arguably racist statements, including "White people are potential humans — they haven't evolved yet" in March 2000, [11] and "Murder and lying comes easy for white people" in 1994.

Yes, I suppose if you squint your eyes really tight that might look vaguley racist, from a certain point of view.

Check out some of Farrakhan's quotes at the ADL's website, they're good.

Back here I discussed with Pastorius (pleasant blogging upon him) some reasons why young lefties are susceptible to Islam:

college students and others who reach the age where they start to ask questions will inevitably have doubts about Christ coming to earth, the communion (if they're Catholic), the Bible's chronology (Earth is 6000 years old), etc. College kids begin to see Christianity as a fairy tale, and this is helped along by their first exposure to Nietzche and Marx, and suddenly it all makes sense.

But they still have some vague feeling of spirituality, and something has to fill this void. What choices are out there? Worship of Gaia, Wicca, etc., but they seem sort of made-up. If only there were some well-established, bare-bones, monotheistic religion. Aha! Maybe I'll give Islam a shot! Islam doesn't have a dubious creation myth, everyone keeps talking about how it's a Religion of Peace, and best of all, it seems like there is some kind of growing alignment between Islam and the correct political position -- socialism. We share common enemies, after all: Bush, the West, eurocentrism, the US, capitalism, etc. What about all this terrorism stuff I keep hearing about on the news? No problem, my queer theory professor says it's all propaganda by the evil Nazi US, and assures me that Islam is a peaceful religion.

Along similar lines, it's not hard to see why Islam appeals to angry young black people. It's a supremist system, and allows members the certainty that they are the superior people, and non-members are subhuman pieces of shit who are expected to grovel at the feet of Muslims. For those individuals who have been raised from birth with an inherited sense of historical resentment and victimhood, you can see how it would be appealing to have the shoe on the other foot. It's instructive to see how Islam is celebrated in rap music, side by side with themes of violence, rebellion and misogyny. There is a slow transition into Islam everywhere in our society, from the media to the high Protestant churches where Jesus is barely mentioned anymore, in favor of a new-agey, feel-good, Dr. Phil theraputic approach. This is also seen in a pervasive program of cultural appropriation, which touches on everything from false claims that a medieval British king converted to Islam, to saying that various elements of our culture "came from theirs," to saying that Jesus would be a Muslim if he were alive today. The goal is a merging, as in Eurabia, but it's quite clear what the long term result would be. Hint: it would be similar to what would happen if the Palis' "right of return" allowed Jews to become a minority in Israel. This merging and blending is happening in hip hop culture, in ways that are so subtle the individual is probably not aware of it, such as the way the clothing resembes Islamic garb more and more.

Read my earlier mockery of a NOI person, in response to an article at Final Call magazine where he made statements that were arguably racist.

Now, visit the Louis Farrakhan African Name generator.

Here are my results:

Throw away the white man's name of:
Gormless Norman
From this day forward, you shall be known by all your brothers and sisters as:

Which one will survive the war of armageddon?


Pastorius said...

I've noticed a very heavy middle eastern influence in the sound of hip hop music the past few years. Now, I like the sound, but it is interesting coming on the heels of 9/11.

Pastorius said...

On the subject of Farrakhan, he really is a funny dude. Remember his million man march speech where he got into all the numerology? That was hilarious.

I think it is worth noting that, as I recall, it is official doctrine of the Nation of Islam that white people are the spawn of the devil, and they officially hate Jews the most.

Anonymous said...

I may be an old heathen but the impending demise of those two losers does make me wish I believed in Hell. said...

Farrakhan, Osama, Castro

blowback from hell will be fierce

Anonymous said...

And with two of them about to kick the bucket in Cuba, there should be an double the good news headed over the Ocean our way one of these days, Atlas! We deserve all the little victory celebrations we can get. (Happy new year too, my friend, and thanks for the IBA recommend, you were right!)

Anonymous said...

Such poetic justice, he always was a pain in the a**.

Anonymous said...

Comments from forums:


I went to the Nation Of Islam Mosque service yesterday-----and the minister said the media is making up lies, they said Minister Farrakhan is not gravely ill.

They said Minister Farrakhan is going to take the rest of the year off to rest up, and he is going to start back speaking at the first of the year

STEVE HARVEY said he called minister Farrakhan yesterday, and Minister Farrakhan told him he was healthy and feeling stong and he said he is not on his death bed, he said he is nowhere near it. He said the media has blown things out of proprotion

Minister Farrkhan told Steve Harvey that he has already gained his weight back and he can do everything he has always done.

The doctor say Minister Farrakhan has the body of a 30 year old man

1. Farrakhan has been standing up for black people for 50 years, so he deserve a rest

Yesterday, 5:11 PM

Joined on 09-16-2006

POP Life: Power Of Prayer. lol.

Yesterday, 7:24 PM

Joined on 10-18-2005

Yes------God is good

Satan is crying tonight because minister Farrakhan is going to keep on speaking the word of God, and that's going to wake up people

atan is crying like a baby

Yesterday, 7:37 PM

Joined on 08-09-2006

This is great news. I am happy to hear that he is doing well.

Yesterday, 8:35 PM

Joined on 10-18-2005

I am to-----because we don't have a lot of people that have the courage to stand up for black people like Minister Farrakhan

I hope Minister Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton lives a long time

I love those brothers------and I always will

Anonymous said...

Farrakhan's Letter to President Bush

December 1, 2001

George W. Bush, President of the United States of America

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N. W.
Washington, DC 20500

As-Salaam Alaikum.
(Peace Be Unto You)

Dear President Bush,

May this letter find you, your family and staff in the best of health and spirit in spite of the prevailing circumstances.

I am Minister Louis Farrakhan, National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, whom I believe Allah (God) raised among the Black people of America to teach us Islam as a means of our reformation and resurrection. He was also raised by Allah (God) as a Warner to the government and people of the United States of America. I sit in His seat by Allah's (God's) and His permission, therefore, His Mission is my Mission, and, it is out of my sense of mission and duty that I write.

I am deeply concerned for our country, and, I am deeply concerned for you.

I used the possessive pronoun our, because the blood of my ancestors soaks this soil and their blood has been shed on every foreign battlefield for the preservation of this nation. Therefore, we as a people feel a deep sense of ownership of America as much as any American. It is also out of this deep sense of concern and ownership that I write to you.

I write you from my prison. A prison without bars that has been made for me because of the passion for truth and justice out of which I speak, and, the propaganda that makes me appear to many as anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and anti-Gay. None of these names accurately describe who I am. I hope that you will open your heart to what I am writing not withstanding the prison from which I am writing.

Since Adam, there has not been one person or nation with power and dominion over the whole earth. This is the awesome position that America holds by Allah's (God's) permission.
This indeed is a great trial for you and for America, because, when Allah (God) allows anyone of us to rule over His servants and a great part of His creation, He does so to see how we act. If we act well, He will not replace our rule; however, if we allow the power, wealth, and wisdom that we possess over Allah's (God's) servants and creation to blind us so that we act other than as Allah (God) would desire us to act, then, He acts through the forces of nature and through people to overturn our rule.

This is a very dangerous Hour, but, it is an Hour filled with great opportunity. What is needed in this Hour is Right or Divine Guidance. This Guidance must be in accord with the Time and what this Time demands.

It is written in the Book of Revelation "The nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great, and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. " (Chapter 11 verse 18)

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "We are living in the Day of Judgment." This is what is producing the anger of the nations and the Wrath of Allah (God). This is the time that those who have been deprived of justice must receive justice, for, it is only our acting on the principle of justice that will ease the anger of the nations and take away the Wrath of Allah (God). There can be no Justice without Truth, and, there can be no Peace in the world without Justice.

As a nation, America is blessed with wealth, wisdom, science, technology, and, abundance. America is also blessed with the awesome power to destroy nations of people. In order for you and America to receive the greatest of Allah's (God's) Blessings, which is the longevity and perpetuity that former great nations and empires have not enjoyed, you must rule according to the Will and the Way of Allah (God).

Mr. President, you and this nation stand in the position of the Vicegerent of Allah (God). (The person or nation that rules the earth in the place of Allah (God)). This is why America must rule the world as Allah (God) Himself would rule, for, she is now standing in His place by His permission.

Allah (God) also has awesome power to destroy. He is called The Possessor of Power over all things, and, He is also called The Destroyer, The Avenger. However, none of these attributes are His principle attributes. All of His attributes of might and power to avenge and destroy are balanced by His major attributes, which are Beneficence, Mercy, The Nurturer - of all things making them attain stage after stage until they reach perfection, and, King or Judge - who judges with justice. These are the four greatest attributes of Allah (God).

If America is to be truly triumphant in this Hour, these four great attributes must give balance and direction to America's awesome power to destroy and her desire to avenge the horrible act of September 11th.
When I heard you say that this act against America on September 11th has given purpose to your administration and that you feel that it is your mission to destroy the terrorists, their networks, those who harbor them, and, that the awesome power of America will be used toward this end. This, you hope will be the legacy that you leave to future generations; you also hope that the children and the American people will live without the fear of such evil as we experienced on September 11th. However, within these statements are my reasons for deep concern.

You have risen to the challenge of this Hour and this Hour has given you the support of the American people and the support of most of the nations of the earth. In my humble judgment, what you see as the purpose of your administration must not hinder or blind you from seeing the possibility of an even greater purpose and potential legacy.

It is out of this desire to see you fulfill that which will give you the greatest legacy that I write to you as a humble servant appealing to a great and powerful nation and ruler. I respectfully say to you that I believe if you continue this effort in the way that you presently have in mind, it will not end terrorism, but unfortunately may increase it.

On September 17, 1985, 1 had a vision-like experience where I was told of the secret plan of President Ronald Reagan who had met with his Joint Chiefs of Staff in early September 1985 to plan a war. I was not told whom that war was against, but, within a few months it became clear to me that the war was against Libya and its Leader, Muammar Gadhafi. President Reagan on coming into office had as one of his aims the desire to get rid of Muammar Gadhafi, and to place in the leadership of Libya a regime more favorable to America's foreign policy interests. The desire of President Reagan also concerned the planning of a war involving young Black men here on the soil of America. This is what inspired me to tour the country talking to Black men urging them to stop the killing of one another, and, this is what eventually led to the Million Man March on October 16, 1995. Another of President Reagan's desires was to make null and void the treaty that was signed by his predecessor, President Jimmy Carter, returning the Panama Canal to the Panamanian people by the year 2000.

President Manuel Noriega of Panama was demonized by the press, tried in absentia and found guilty of drug dealing. This was used as the justification for a violent action that was taken against Panama using the armed forces of America. However, the real aim was to place in Panama a government of America's choosing, and, to nullify the treaty signed by President Carter that gave the Panama Canal back to the Panamanian people.

During President Reagan's administration, Muammar Gadhafi was demonized in the American press. The bombing of a discotheque in Germany was used by President Reagan to justify the most expensive assassination attempt in the history of this nation.

I need not bore you with the details of this because you have access to information that will verify the truth of what I am writing.

I am writing this to show a consistent pattern of behavior of America's Presidents, administrations, and the press with respect to those Muslim leaders and other leaders that America has chosen to denounce as rogues, and to use as a justification for military action to cover their real purposes.

President Richard Nixon wrote that the enemy of democracy was not communism, but, fundamentalist Islam. Every President since the Nixon/Ford administration has taken some military action against a Muslim nation. President Jimmy Carter felt that the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, and his replacement with the Islamist regime of Ayatollah Khomeini was a threat to America's vital interests. So, Saddam Hussein was given 80 billion dollars with America's approval by the Saudi government and the rulers of the United Arab Emirates to make Saddam Hussein a strong military power to use him against the rise of the so-called fundamentalist regime in Iran. During President Carter's administration, the American Embassy in Iran was taken and the hostage crisis began.

The effort of Jimmy Carter to free the hostages through military action after the fall of the Shah of Iran was a failure. In the negotiations between our government and the government of Imam Khomeini, it was agreed that the hostages would be released, but not during the administration of President Carter. The hostages were released in the early days of President Reagan's administration. President Reagan also saw Imam Khomeini and his desire that the Iranian people return to the purity of the faith of Islam as a threat to America's vital interests in that area of the world.

Your father fulfilled President Reagan's desire concerning the Panama Canal. Your father also had a problem that involved Saddam Hussein and Iraq. At the same time that he was prosecuting the war against Saddam Hussein, a part of that conflict also involved young Black men, gangs and drugs in America. Although the Gulf War was won by the allied forces, Saddam Hussein remains in power and has become a fixation with every succeeding President.

Mr. President, you have now inherited that which Presidents Reagan, Carter, your father, and President Clinton were not able to complete. What I have been shown is that you have decided to fulfill their unrealized expectations.

Afghanistan is only a preliminary to a much wider war which is already planned, and this war also has a home front aspect as well. Should you persist in this, you will do what no Islamic Leader is able to do. No leader of any Muslim nation can call for Jihad or Holy War and cause the Muslim world to obey that call. The only one who can call for such is one who sits in the position of Khalifah or successor of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Since the destruction of the Caliphate of Islam by corruption within the ranks of Islam, and European machinations; the rise of nationalism among Muslim nations has made it difficult and nearly impossible to unify the Arab and Muslim world on the question of Jihad. However, Mr. President, if you follow what you have in your mind, which many of those around you are encouraging you to do, then, you will do what Osama Bin Ladin and no Muslim extremist could ever do.

You will unite the Muslim world in hostility against America and Great Britain, and, you will use your great position of power inadvertently to call for a Holy War against the West.

You will force the more moderate Islamic regimes either not to side with you, or to side with you at the risk of being overthrown by growing Islamist forces within their countries.

The coalition that you are gathering will fall away from you and you will have to pursue this war alone. I am afraid that this extended war may take a turn that you and your advisors least expect, and involve America in the greatest of all wars, the War of Armageddon, in which no nation will be left out, including Russia and China.

I believe there is a better way to win. A way that may appear more difficult, but, you will be assured of the Help of Allah (God).

The world is with you to pursue those who perpetrated this act of war against America, and, your pursuit of the guilty parties is right and proper. However, Mr. President, it will take great courage on your part to look at America's policies with a critical eye, and, it will take even greater courage to break from the policies of the past and make a new beginning for this nation and the world.

You have sent a strong signal to the world in your statement that the Palestinians should have an independent, sovereign state. If you pursue this course with firmness and justice, the hot bed of terror in the Middle East will subside. The more fair, just and equitable the solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, the more the anger of those on both sides will subside, and, America will get the credit of settling this 53 year old problem with justice, thereby justifying America's position as the Viceregent of Allah (God). Mr. President, with the backing of the American people and the leaders of the world, if you reexamined policies that are unfair and changed them, this signal to the world would bring the world and those so-called enemies and rogue states into your and America's sphere of influence.

Since America is peopled by the people of the entire world, and, all have contributed to America's greatness, then, America as the world ruler has an obligation to the entire world.

There is no need for a clash of civilizations. The Muslim World has much to learn from the West and the West has much to learn from the Religion of Islam.

Creating the climate for dialogue will make a great future for America, and, under her rule a peaceful world can come into existence.

There is no nation on this earth that I know of where I would have the freedom to speak as I do or write the Head of State as I am writing, and, I truly appreciate this freedom.

There is no nation on this earth that offers more in the way of freedom than this nation, however, unrighteousness is what we all should work to overcome, because in the final analysis, it is righteousness, that will make this nation truly great. I am appealing to you and imploring you Mr. President to orchestrate an end to policies that are unjust.

I appreciate the privilege that I have to live in America, and, with all her faults there is no nation on this earth where I would rather live. However, this freedom that I enjoy under the constitution lays on me a heavy responsibility. That is, to protect the best of this nation and to work to overcome those weaknesses of the nation that are causing her fall.

I have traveled to many countries and have spoken to most of the Heads of State and Government, and, not one of them has ever said to me that they hate the American people, but, they have said that they are displeased with America's foreign policies.

I believe that I can be of service to you, our nation, and to all of those whom you believe are America's enemies. I believe that all of them can be made the friends of America. The whole world would like to have America as a true friend, but, America can never be a true friend of the people of the earth until and unless she rules with the Wisdom and Spirit of Allah (God) which reflects itself in our love for humanity, our love for truth, and our exercise of the principle of justice.

The nations would be willing to share their resources with America with joy if they believed that they would get a fair price for what they produce that would allow them to raise the standard of living of their people. There is nothing that the earth possesses that America could not have easy access to, if America determined to rule the nations of the earth with the principle of justice.

If America turns away from this principle and does what she is doing because she has the power to do it, then, Allah (God) who grants power will take it from America and bring another people in her place. This does not have to be, but it will be based on how America conducts herself in this Hour of her greatest trial and her greatest potential triumph.

Mr. President, please think and pray over what I have written, and, speak to your advisors and close friends concerning it. I pray that Allah (God) will grant you the wisdom to see that what I am saying to you is good and is the way to triumph over the evil and hatred that is in the world against the United States of America.

May Allah (God) grant you the wisdom to see deeply into the Prophets' utterances concerning this Hour.

I pray that we will be triumphant over terror and become the Friend of Allah (God) in so doing.

Best wishes for your success.

Thank you for taking the time to read these words. I Am Your Servant in the war against evil,

Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Servant to the Lost-Found
Nation of Islam in the West.