Sunday, September 24, 2006

Storm Track Disinformation: An Apologist Speaks

From The Gathering Storm

From the “I know I’m right. Don’t confuse me with the facts” department.

The Muslim Observer with its eyes firmly fixed on the rear mirror of history, spoke out against the Pope’s recent remarks on Islam in total disregard of the road of current events in plain sight in front of them. A Dr. Aslam Abdullah wrote:

“The speech writers of the pope should be better-educated when making references to other religions. If they had looked at the book ‘The Spread of Islam in the World: A History of Peaceful Preaching’, written by 19th century historian Thomas Arnold, they might not have quoted the passage of the emperor.”

Yep. Islam - that peaceful tolerant religion - the epidemy of a civilized society. Like these examples for instance.

  • Tunisia seizes French newspaper over Islam remark
    New Zealand Herald - New Zealand
    TUNIS - Tunisia has confiscated Tuesday's edition of French newspaper Le Figaro because its content insulted Islam and the Prophet Mohammad. The daily ran an article by philosopher Robert Redeker on the controversy over the Pope's remarks on Islam in which Redeker described the Koran as a "book of unprecedented violence" and accused Muslims of seeking to intimidate the West. "The edition of September 19 of Le Figaro which contains offensive material about Islam has been confiscated," the source said.
  • Somalia: Islam is Official Religion, Conversion is Banned - Washington,USA
    According to the International Religious Freedom Report 2006 issued by the US State Department last Friday, proselytizing for any religion except Islam is prohibited in Puntland and Somaliland and effectively blocked by informal social consensus elsewhere in the country. In January 2005 a group of violent extremists desecrated the Italian colonial cemetery in Mogadishu. While the excavation of the cemetery served a political and economic function, the act had religious overtones, as those in control of the site stated that they planned to build a mosque there and erected a makeshift sheet-metal shelter as a first step. In 2004 there were several fatal attacks against non-Muslim international relief and charity workers throughout the country and in the region of Somaliland. In addition, recent threats have targeted non-Muslim Westerners in the country, including in Somaliland.

Dr. Abdullah needs get out more. I wonder how he would explain these two recent news events.

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