Monday, September 25, 2006

Dhimmi Police

The British police seem to have completely lost the plot.

POLICE have agreed to consult a panel of Muslim leaders before mounting counter-terrorist raids or arrests. Members of the panel will offer their assessment of whether information police have on a suspect is too flimsy and will also consider the consequences on community relations of a raid.

Members will be security vetted and will have to promise not to reveal any intelligence they are shown. They will not have to sign the Official Secrets Act.

This week the Association of Chief Police Officers will discuss with MI5 and the Home Office whether to reveal to the panel intelligence information from the security service.

I cannot think of any other time in history where the police had to get approval from the community hosting a terrorist threat to take action. Sounds like a winning plan, doesn't it? The fact is I am utterly stunned that police will have to seek approval from any committee before carrying out anti-terror raids. If nothing else, how the hell are they supposed to act quickly on time-sensitive intelligence? And why the f**k are these people, who may even be shown information from the intelligence service, not being made to sign the Official Secrets Act? Would that somehow offend their delicate sensibilities?

LGF has details of the Muslim group involved, the MSF-

The Muslim Safety Forum (MSF) was formed by some leading concerned Muslim organisation following 9/11 and the subsequent unfair focus on the Muslim community when it came to policing activities and enforcement of anti-terror policing legislations...Consequently, the MSF came into existence in the year 2000 and had been scrutinizing police activities that have been particularly affecting the Muslim community.

Stop me if I'm wrong, but didn't 9/11 take place in 2001? So how can this group have been formed following that terrible event in 200? Is this a typo or what?

This is the group that calls stop-and-search and anti-terror raids "disproportionate policing". I guess they'll be approving quite a lot of police activity then.

They are the same group that released this statement- "The MSF has always maintained that the Police are targeting the Muslim community...Not one terror related charge has been brought as a result of discriminatory stop and searches. To date, this practice has motivated and provided justification for a right wing onslaught of violence and stigmatisation against innocent members of the Muslim community - recent evidence links the increase in hate crimes against Muslims with the Governments 'War on Terror'."

Here's a little more info on exactly who the MSF are- "The MSF is an umbrella organisation made up of national and regional Islamic organisations including: MAB, IHRC, IFE, MCB London Affairs Committee, YMO UK, Muslim College, FAIR, Amal Trust, The London Central Mosque, London Muslim Centre, Muslim Parliament, FOSIS, ISB, Muslimaat UK, Avenues School, Somali Muslim Community, UKIM, MPAC, Stop Political Terror, Muslim Directory, Ershad Centre, BanglaMedia, Iqra Trust, Association of Muslim Police, Al-Khoei Foundation, UMO, Muslim Welfare House, Women_s Relief."

MPAC, by the way, had this to say after the Forest Gate raid in London- “We can only hope the sleeping Muslims of East London will wake up and rise against the tyranny being perpetrated against our youth in the name of combating terrorism.

Good thing they're part of the organistation being consulted about anti-terror raids then.

The MSF also protested plans by police to arrest detainees released from Gitmo-

The twenty-member Muslim Safety Forum, made up of community leaders, walked out of their monthly meeting tonight (Monday 24th) attended by Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner David Veness.

MSF chairman Azad Ali, who is also a member of the Islamic Forum Europe, told Blink the group were "seriously considering" their relationship with the police.

The advisors are angry that anti-terrorist officers plan to arrest four British detainees due to be released from US custody in Guantanamo Bay as they arrive at RAF Northolt tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

Unsurprisingly, the MSF are also in favour of Iran developing nuclear weapons-

Azad Ali: Well, it's... You're either fair, and you allow people... You know, what you have for yourself you allow for other people, or you're unfair and an oppressor. So, if I'm a fair person - if I have a house and a car, I'd expect my fellow man to have a house and a car as well, and I wouldn't stop them from getting. It's a simple answer.

Azad Ali: America, Israel - just to name two people that are physically involved in all this stuff. They're killing thousands upon thousands of people, innocent people, backed with the threat of nuclear... So, you know, if you... That's my point, it comes back to my point. If you're a fair and just person, then you would allow what you have for yourself for your other man. If you're an oppressor you wouldn't. So, in my eye, people who are hypocritical, are oppressors.

So the group charged with consulting police anti-terror activity considers the police to be unfairly targeting the Muslim community, is opposed to stop-and-search and anti-terror raids, supports one of the world's major sponsors of terrorism having nuclear weapons and opposed the questioning of terrorism suspects returned from Guantanamo. Oh yeah, and one of their member groups called on Muslims to rise up against the "tyranny" of coimbating terrorism.

Sure sounds like a winning team to advise the police on their anti-terror policy. Seems to me that their advice to the police will essentially be, "don't do it".

Welcome to Londonistan.


Anonymous said...

will these raids now take place AFTER the suspects have been warned? How ignorant is that of the nature of this beast.

Anonymous said...

1940 - Winston Churchill has agreed that members of the Nazi Party will be informed of any suspected encroachments by the Luftwaffe into British airspace, and will be asked for permission before RAF Spitfires are sent up to meet them towing banners saying 'We'll cry if you bomb us'.

Anonymous said...

Tony Blair did state that the rules were changing. Who for i wonder.