Saturday, September 23, 2006

"DhimmiTube" at YouTube

I'm posting this for a fellow anti-jihadi blogger and YouTuber who just couldn't last against YouTube's PC political slant:

From his own blog:

"Crusader18 User Account suspended by YouTube
That's right, don't bother clicking the links to videos by Crusader18 below, because they no longer work. YT users AbuMustafa and Jihad4u remain as do most of the YT jihadists. Most of those who oppose them have been suspended, and surely more will follow. That's That. Stand By, and as I find a new server, I will be re-uploading. Until then, please enjoy the letter of suspension, and the letter I sent in response, to YouTube"

Check it all out, and do note that those other jihadi users are still around, as well as MOUNTAINS of videos about Islam that are in Arabic, but all in praise of Islam. What the rest of the videos are about other than praise and how much of a recruiting tool they are remains to be seen as translations aren't available and as YouTube doesn't bother to check them out.

Atlashas already posted this with more detail at her site, along with a shout out to my video goofiness (thanks there, baby!!) and I hope we can keep this particular nod to "Dhimmitube" alive and well.--Hat-Tips--Atlas/Pamela and Crusader18


CRUSADER said...

Hello All,
Cru18 here, Big thanks to pimsghost for posting this. All who read this knows it's not about one YT user getting tossed, but about what direction YT has taken. Do These Jihadists videos belong there? Absolutely not. What can you do? YT users can flag them. Bloggers can Blog about it. Dozens of us have been supended. All the major terror groups remain well represented, and more find welcome there every day. While we are busy fruitlessly debating with them, they are indentifying and removing those who attempt to stand in their way. Read it all.

Pastorius said...

Hey Crusader,

Thanks for doing what you are doing. I understand the importance of the fight. However, I have a question. Couldn't you just assume another name and repost everything?

Kiddo said...

Pastorius, really, after getting used to the YouTube system, it's more a matter of principle. I will possibly be moving more than just one video to iFilm as they aren't censor happy about what they host. But one reason that YouTube censors more heavily is that it is more successful, and therefore has many potential contracts coming up with business partners, new business partners to cultivate, and ads already all over the place. The fact is that they keep jihadi recruiting videos up while suspending users like Crusader18, yet all of our objections to the pro-Muslim videos and pro-extremely-violent-Islam videos goes completely unanswered. I realize that when it comes to businesses, you're losing a lot by trying to stand on principle. But how can we talk of a boycott on Citgo and other businesses on principle yet give certain website businesses a free pass?

One other issue is where to store video files. I know, I know, I joke a lot about being on an Apple IIC from the 80s. But that's not that much of an exaggeration. Now that is entirely my fault, and I am rewarding myself for learning how to do more than just turn a computer on within the last year by buying a new one soon. But unless you have a newer computer with more memory and horsepower, where the hell do you store files? I have a whole other computer devoted to the task! I run on THREE! If I hadn't just backed up and YouTube suspended me, then POOF!! All of my work, gone. Once I buy a new computer and back up harddrive, no problem. But I have the money to do that, and not everyone does. Crusader had so many videos on his account that I couldn't have stored all of those kind of files to save my soul.

Regardless, point taken. Make duplicate accounts, upload your stuff again. Many YouTubers are currently hosting Crusader18's videos at the moment. I don't know how I would be able to do that with my limited knowledge and materials, however. And for younger users or people with fewer connections on the web, the resources aren't always available.

If you see everyone else bending or breaking the rules and getting by with it and then you get punished, it will leave you stinging. They can always say "it's the law", or "it's in the user agreement", but it still destroys your hard work and others still get away with breaking the same rules. All I'm saying. LOL....sorry I'm not more concise.

Pastorius said...

Pim's Ghost,

I think we should fight against YouTube, and I think we should put the videos back up under another name.

By the way, the difference between a Citgo boycott and this situation with YouTube is we BUY gasoline. So, our money goes to Venezuela. But in the case of YouTube I give them NO MONEY.

Of course, they turn the eyeballs I send over to their site into money, but for the most part I don't send eyeballs to their site. Mostly, people just view the videos at IBA and CUANAS.

Kiddo said...

Pastorius, I do think we should back up as much as possible and keep making multiple accounts when using sites that are more politically correct like YouTube. But any business that makes their money by advertizing revenue is also subject to the boycott game. If they rake it in through their advertizers, make a stink about their practices until it becomes controversial to advertize with them. List their advertizers for a boycott list for the web. Those companies get worried and put on the pressure.

Again, I am not going to these lengths myself. I am just explaining the rationale for why a boycott would make sense equally for businesses which are supported by ad revenue as opposed to direct profits. Just so that people know my reasoning. Frankly, until I learned my editing software, I was almost unable to break the rules on YouTube or even make videos that were good enough to watch. But with some subjects you have to use copywritten materials unless, like Atlas (and her doing this fucking ROCKED!!) you actually travel to the places you're focusing on and shoot the video yourself.

But then, we are in the middle of these rules and laws being made while we are using the web. Uncharted territory. But the jihadis are posting as much stuff that's technically "against the rules" as we are with posting news coverage videos.

It'll be interesting to see where this whole debate ends up.