Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pakistani "immigrants" from Al-Qaeda coming to Spain

Spanish Union of Policemen (CEP) has informed that Senegalese police has detained last Thursday 49 Pakistani citizens in Tines, a city 70 kilometers away from Dakar.
All of them are accused of belonging to Al-Qaeda terrorist network.
They were arrested when they were preparing their trip to the Canary Islands, where they have decided to go, paying their place in one of the "cayucos" that made their way to the Islands.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, in the midst of the madness, a tiny flower of poetic justice: I had a running argument going with a young man who worked for a local business and could always be seen toting the latest HateBush hardcover. He was convinced that the draft was about to be reinstated and he would be sent to Iraq to fight in "Bush's war". So he got busy and arranged a foreign exchange teaching assignment for himself that started last month.

Guess where.


Just be careful about riding the commuter rail, dude...

By the way, has everyone heard that the "youths" have been Ramadan rioting in Brussels for 3 nights in a row now? Ahhhhhh, Ramadan... those sunset dinners with the family followed by the devout fellowship of an evening spent stoning infidel autos and throwing Molotov cocktails at hospitals.

Anonymous said...

Je, je, je, yes, poetic justice.

Well, now speaking seriously, it's very worrying what is happening here. And the events are developing quickier and quickier.

But then again, we are in the Alliance of the Civilizations and that is what matters.

Finally, I have heard about the French rioters. But I have not have time enough to write about it...