Thursday, September 28, 2006

Civilization vs. Tribalism

M. Simon:

The war against Islamofascism is not the first time we in America have faced enemies who loved death more than life. Honor more than victory. We have faced such enemies every time we have faced one of the oldest human cultures on earth. Tribalism.

The problem today is that the age-old tribalism appears under the cloak of a religion. (Go ahead, guess which one.)

The Prophet Muhammed is the embodiment of all that is wrong with Islam. Unfortunately, the Muslims consider him to be an infallible human. Nothing he said or did could be wrong.

Imagine if someone were to pick a person who lived, let's say, 100-200 years ago. Now suppose he was called absolutely perfect by X number of people. Would that fact alter the morality of the dead guy?

It shouldn't.

Think of the prevalent outlook between 1806 and 1906. Racialist views are the norm; slavery is accepted in most of the world; non-whites and women are treated as inferior in the West and on and on.

We would simply laugh at anyone who claimed that a person who lived in that time held the most clear moral view for all of humanity till the end of time.

Yet, Muslims think that Muhammed who lived 1400 years ago is the guy to forever emulate. Muhammed:

The West ought to be rhetorically whipping Muhammed. The cartoons of that vicious clown* were quite mild to be honest.

* I mean no disrespect towards professional clowns.


Anonymous said...

"The cartoons of that vicious clown were quite mild to be honest."

True. They merely show him as a nutjob. The artist who best portrays the truly satanic nature of The Pervert is D T Devareuax at .

The violated little girl with blood-stains between her legs is Ayesha - the demonic pervert's child sex slave.

Isaac Schrödinger said...

"But Mohammed IS Islam. There is no other source."

Quite right. If Muslims admit that even one aspect of his life is immoral, then the entire straw house crumbles.

Kiddo said...

Or if they are shamed regarding Mo, as Ali Sina and others have suggested.

Excellent post. This has bothered me for a long time. Islam is simply the attempt by old Mo to become recognized as a prophet, his failure at this, and his creation of anything he could remember of the monotheistic religions that he'd been told along with some power-hungry delusional statements thrown in to justify his desires.

We SHOULD mock the hell out of him. The Simpsons should be making episodes about the idiocy of the cartoonifada. Everyone should, and not just car dealers 5 years after 9/11. Now that this has sunken into the Western consciousness and we have had time to do our homework, there should be nonstop mockery.