Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Koram's prescription about wife beating

I have found this video in Sugiero's blog.

Watch it. It's worth it.

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Anonymous said...

OK, I'll be happy to lead off. I hope it's all right with everyone if I vent a bit first.

If that fat-faced arrogant misogynistic goat-f******g sonofabitch ever so much as laid a finger on me I would rip off an important part of his anatomy -- take it as analagous to my being a consciencious surgeon and it being "gangrene" -- and shove it up his nose.

Thank you. I feel much better now.

What a bizarre scene. I know that there are "radio personalities" and the like in this country who occasionally mouth off like that in a sort of defiant display of macho swagger, but can you imagine a panel of professional women working in media tolerating that sort of behavior the way these women did? Yes, they argued with him but none of them expressed outrage -- what was very disturbing was the light, laughing, bantering "feminine" manner. It would have been in bad taste to make a joke of it in any context, but in a Muslim country that is a life-or-death issue and that moon-faced Islamogoon is quite right in saying that it comes down from Allah that women are inferior and men should beat them. So here are these poor women walking this line where they at least get to challenge him verbally on this, but they can't go too far or they will be accused of defying Allah and there will be hell to pay. And that bastard knew it, which is why he felt entitled to pound the point home, you should excuse the expression. His definition of a "light beating" demonstrates so much of what is wrong with "moderate" Islam. (BTW, I bet "electrical cords" means using the end with the plug to administer a horrendous beating that leaves bruises for weeks.)

Where is Rosie O'Donnell when we really need her? We could send her over. For one thing, she'd beat him to a pulp. For another, it would get her out of this country. Win-win situation.

This needs to be shown on Fox. (It needs to be seen all over TV, but Fox is the only place it has even a chance of showing up.) And questions need to start being asked of "moderate" Muslim men in this country. I wonder if we could get C.A.I.R.'s Hooper to comment?

Gesundheit Institute 2 said...

Who is this "gentleman"..?!
Lawyer..?! NOPE
Medieval dentist..!!!

Anonymous said...

When I saw it, I was astonished, how on earth, he can be saying those things so peacefully, quietly, and how the women can be so laughable about it.

Yes I thought just the same you wrote, revereridesagain. It's disgusting and it is shameful. Anyway, I am sure this particular video is not going to be shown in any Spanish TV.

I think he is just the sadist and the women should be -even if she doe snot want- the masocchist. Should be another sexual phantasy and all that.


Anonymous said...

But since he wears a suit and does not call for suicide bombings we have to consider him a moderate, right? When I see the answers Muslims in both the West and Middle East give to questions on opinion polls, I am at a loss to figure out who moderate Muslims are and how one is defined.

Pastorius said...

I agree. This man does not see his wife as a partner. He sees her as a servant.

It's disgusting.