Thursday, September 28, 2006

American Political Hegemony Isn't Just A Myth - It's Total B.S.

From Reliapundit, the Astute Blogger:

... just by comparing the nations said to be under USA hegemony the last 50 years to the nations under Soviet of Jihadist hegemony.

All the nations under so-called USA hegemony expanded their human rights and their prosperity under USA influence and protection - while those under Soviet or Jihadist hegemony had less and less liberty, and became poorer and poorer - (until the whole shebang collapsed!):
Western Europe was better for people than Eastern Europe; South Korea was better for people than North Korea; Japan and the Philipines and Taiwan and Singapore - and South Vietnam and Thailand - were better for people than China and Cambodia and Laos.

REPEAT: Hong Kong was better than China. Puerto Rico and the DR are better off than Cuba. Even India sucked until - like China - they abandoned Marxism and opened up to economic ties with the "evil greedy capitalistic USA!"

The last 2 decades of trade with the "evil greedy capitalistic " USA has lifted more Chinese out of poverty than the previous 5 decades of Marxist/Maoist idealism. We have exploited them right into the 21st century!

There is not a single solitary country which was under real USSR hegemony which did better than those under so-called "USA hegemony. " The walls were built to keep them in, not us out!

The BOAT PEOPLE were fleeing Vietnam and Cuba, not San Diego or Boston!

And we didn't even EVER conscript their citizens, or tax the people in these "captive client states". In fact, the opposite is quite true: WE PAID EXTRA TAXES TO PROTECT THEM - WITH OUR CONSCRIPTS, OUR SOLDIERS, OUR BLOOD! We sacrificed for their freedom.

That AIN'T "dominance"; that's humanistic heroism!

You really should read the Astute Blogger everyday. He is one of the best bloggers on the net.

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