Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Natives Are Getting Restless

(Thanks to Religion of Pieces)

Apparently, the Brits are getting pretty fed up with their dhimmified government officials. Yet another Muslim is trying to establish Sharia within the UK by insisting his daughter must be allowed to wear the Niqab in a public school. The school authorities are reacting with the usual bureaucratic nonesense. But, in the comments section of this Bucks Free Press article, the people make themselves heard:

A 12-YEAR-old school pupil has been banned from wearing a Muslim veil in lessons because it is not seen as uniform.

The girl, who goes to a Bucks school, has been asked to stop wearing her niqab, a veil that covers the face usually leaving only the eyes visible.

The school is now facing a court battle about whether she can wear the veil and could be left with a £500,000 bill.

The pupil and her dad, who do not want to be named, are taking their case to court through a judicial review next month. The Muslim pupils at the school are allowed to wear a hijab, a scarf which covers the head, but not a full niqab.

Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC), who are responsible for the county's schools, are in talks with the family and are trying to stop the case going to court. The girl, meanwhile, is having lessons at home. This is being paid for by the school.

Here are the comments:

Posted by: .... and another thing on 7:39am today
The answer is simple .. the full veil is not considered appropriate uniform. You always have the option to leave the school and find another. THE SCHOOL MUSTY NOT BACK DOWN ON THIS ISSUE !!

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Posted by: Sue on 8:37am today
As an ex resident of Hazlemere how sad to too this is situation arising, can the family of the girl concerned see that they are making other families from Bucks suffer because of the effect their action will have on services. Shame on you, look at youe action with better eyes that you are.

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Posted by: ... England RIP on 8:41am today
So the DfES & Bucks county Council will fund a court case (ie. the tax payer). The father is taking the case through a judicial review; whose paying ? I bet he bloody well ain't. As Dean says integrate or sling your hook ... and take batman with you !

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Posted by: Shiffty on 9:02am today
Wonder why this person wants to remain masked? AND...doesn't want to be named... Trouble maker stamped all over this one...and guess what...we end up having to pay for it and we'll lose. I'm for a new breed of terrorist...one that tries to mend society by NOT breaking it up.
Posted by: ... and another thing !! on 9:51am today

Bucks Free Press .. there is clearly a lot of anger about this matter and quite right. As a tabloid serving the people, you must give this issue maximum exposure. Do NOT bow down to those in authority that may try to prevent you from reporting what needs to be said just because it upsets a small minority that started the problems in the first place.

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Posted by: Si on 9:51am today
This is starting to get out of hand .Either we do something about this or our daughters are going to wearing this crap .Sharia local courts are being reported in the high wycombe area too .Stand Up and fight or lose our country

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Posted by: Bernard on 10:05am today
There will be no Sharia courts, no Sharia Law and there will be no change in the attitudes to the rights and treatment of women in my country. They may tell me i cannot have a day off on St Georges day, they may tell me that Britain is a rich melting pot of culture and diversity, but underneath it all is the soil of Britain. My grandparents fought and were injured in 2 wars for this country and i will be damned if i will allow it to be taken over quietly and sneakily. If i have to stand alone i will, but as long as i live this will be a Christian country and if you want another crusade you can have one cos we all know how the last one turned out

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Posted by: Oooo Butt on 10:09am today
This is silly Ban uniforms, its the only answer. Any arguement will cost the school money thus less in the pot to teach the children.

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Posted by: Bernard on 10:21am today
You bleading heart liberalist. You want to ban the uniform because people dont want to confiorm to what it stands for. Perhaps people shouldnt have to wear safety equipment on a motorbike cos they dont want to. Or maybe you think people shouldnt wear a seatbelt because they dont want to. If you dont conform to what you are told to wear sometimes, there are consequences such as coming of the bike unprotected or crashing the car without wearing a belt. Perhaps we should allow your child to be brain damaged falling off their bike because they didnt want to wear the helmet the law says they should. I hope you wouldnt claim disability benefits for them if you this happened to you.

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Posted by: Liz Wilson on 10:31am today
This is utterly ridiculous. Buckingham County Council - and the leader Shakespeare in particular - should be hung out to dry for running away from this. They are going to allow a girl to attend school wearing a mask. What kind of message does it send out to the other pupils? Do what the **** you like and then threaten to sue the headteacher if he or she objects. BCC should be backing the school financially and morally - as should the Government. When is Britain goes to wake up?

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Posted by: Oooo Butt on 10:31am today
Dear Benard I'm not a liberalist, in fact I don't even vote. In my day we never wore helmets whilst on our pushbikes. Seatbelts and motor cyclist wearing helmets is law...do you suggest we make school uniforms law?

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Posted by: Peter McLeod on 10:35am today
At least our local MP, Paul Goodman, seems to be sensible on this issue. Can't he kick some sense into his Consevative friends on the county council?

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Posted by: Pattie on 10:35am today
I am a teacher and the thought of having a person in class that is unidentifiable is a huge imposition and possibly a huge risk. Is the student under the veil another person allowing the said student to be absent (illegally) from school? Is the veiled student really the said student that is taking the test/exam or is it her sibling or friend sitting the test for her? Is the student under the veil really the said student or a pervert wanting to check out or molest the girls in the toilet block. This is not to mention the teaching difficulty of being unable to read the facial language of the said student. If these Muslims want specialized treatment then they should pay for it themselves and put only their own children at risk.

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Posted by: Sabrina on 10:42am today
There is a school uniform code which is for everybody not just non-Muslims, its another story of Muslims against the rest of the world. Why is everything so offensive to Muslims?

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Posted by: Bernard on 10:51am today
Dear Oooo, In your day we didnt know smoking caused cancer but that doesnt mean thousands of people a year didnt die as a direct result. If you break the law in this country you accept being punished. If you break a school law, you should also be punished. Surely this is then discrimination against other pupils in the school who cannot wear what they would like and confiorm to the rules then ? The point is simple, the shool dress code does not allow the Niqab so pupils do not wear it. If you are not happy with that, the same as if you werent happy with the teaching standards, you move your pupil to another school that does allow it. If i dont agree that a speed limit should be 30mph and drive at 40mph, how far do you think i would get if i said my religion allowed me to drive at any speed i liked ? My wife and i are regular visitors to a muslim country and we adhere to their dress codes and social acceptance. We conform to the standards fo the country we are in and the sooner people start to accept that in Britain, the better things will be.

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Posted by: Escobar on 11:06am today
GO ON BERNARD MY SON!!!! TEAR HIM A NEW ****. Why is everything so offensive to muslims?

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Posted by: Obi Wan on 11:08am today
Well said Bernard. By the way us Jedi can drive at any speed we like coz we use the force.


It goes on like that.

When the will of the people diverges this far from the will of the government, the government is in trouble.


livfreerdie said...

This brings up the question that I have asked on several sites, what do we do? Grab our guns, jump in a few pick-ups, drive to Capitol Hill and throw the bums out? The election system is owned by those with the most money. Those elected, it seems, could care less what the people think. There is a line in the Declaration of Independence that goes something like this, when a long train of abuses... it is the right, the duty... to put an end to it. Do we wait for a "Seven Days in May" scenario? And how do you organize to effectively throw out the government when the Constitution calls it treason? How do you pull off an illegal act legally?


Anonymous said...

I went to the Bucks Free Press web site to check out the comments. The front page showed a count of 152 comments. You can see that it's a burning issue because it generated way, way more comments than the other articles. However, the comments are not shown when you click on the article link. Other links with comments do show the comments after each article. This is a clear case of self-censorship. The blunt truth is that it won't be long before non-Muslims put survival above all else, cease to care about the distinction between good and bad Muslims, and rise up to purge any perceived threat by all means. People can see clearly that government security agencies do not, and will never have, enough manpower and money to keep tabs on the hostile elements in their midst. Worse, the power of these agencies are proscribed by law (even though it may have more power to act than a civilian) and these agencies have trouble with their Muslim employees, e.g., the recent case of the Muslim policewoman refusing to shake hand with her male superior and the recent case of the Muslim policeman refusing to guard the Israeli embassy. Sites like westernresistance.com do a better job of in-depth reporting than the legacy media.

Anonymous said...

livfreerdie, what does the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence say about an open rebellion? I imagine this has been studied already in the case of the open rebellion that was the Civil War.

Krishna109 said...

There have been a lot of discussions online as to what can we do about the threat of radical Islam. Various suggestions have been made...from writing letters to our elected reprentatives, getting the facts out to the public via blogging...to more extreme measures, such as nuking Mecca. Sometimes it seems like the sitaution is hopeless, there is nothing effective that we can do.

However, more and more I am beginnning to think that radical Islamists will be defeated-- by their own actions. As they become more and more extreme [and more and more absurd], people will start to wake up.

Unfortunately this process is prolonged by the dhimmitude of most of the MSM...but so many Muslims are making so many demands for special treatment...and the violence is spreading to so many areas..I think that eventually people will start to realize the facts.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether elected representatives are any use. Those that can do anything have long since been bought by petrodollars.

In fact those who can't do anything and are utterly useless also seem to have been bought. I see former presidential hopeful Dhimmi Carter is back in action on behalf of the one true religion.

I was rather surprised because I assumed he was dead, either because I hadn't heard of him for many a year or because I thought he must have done the honorable thing at the end of his presidency and retired to his study with a bottle of whisky and a revolver.

Anyway, its not for me a Brit to criticise American politicians, so in the interests of UK/US understanding I'd like to nominate ex-Peanut Farmer Dhimmi Carter for the prestigious Neville Chamberlain Peace Prize.

Anonymous said...



livfreerdie said...

Funny you should ask. I did a small search on dissolution of government and got John Locke, which I couldn't understand. Found a site, Mr. Jefferson says, or something where the writer pointed out how the framers of the Constitution conveniently omitted the "people" in Constitutional and/or governmental change. Now being of limited education it is hard for me to make sense of these thinkers. Of course they didn't have the distractions of tv and the internet. Near as I can figure out, if the Feds do not accept the responsibility laid out in the Constitution then it falls to the states and eventually to the people. The 2 that stand out to me are the protection and security of the borders and our freedom. I'm sure there is an answer in there but I'll be dogged if I can figure it out.


Anonymous said...


I agree with you. The online stuff on legal justification for dissolution of government is full of dense legalese. Will need to spend a lot of time to understand the arguments. As for doing something, what about looking into the possibility of holding a binding national referendum on stopping Muslim immigration (not just from Islamic countries but also those from the West)?

Pastorius said...

Anonymous and LiveFreeOrDie,
We can't even get our American government to build the border fence that is wanted overwhelmingly. There's no way our government is going to do something about Muslim immigration until they are really afraid of us.

The fact is, this year is the biggest year for immigration from Muslim countries ever in our history.

livfreerdie said...

That is what I was getting at. If the government fails to do it's Constitutional DUTY, does that give the people the right to perform that duty? Found a couple of interesting sites on national referendums, one saying that Congress has voided that right.





livfreerdie said...

Please don't take me for an idiotic, radical anarchist. I love this country, thought I was fighting for it when I went to 'Nam, and will fight for it and the freedoms provided by the republic, not democracy, in which we live. Regarding our politicians, Pogo said something like we have met the enemy and it is us.


Pastorius said...

You don't sound like a radical to me. But, I'm sure that many people would think I'm a radical. And, they will continue thinking I'm a radical, until we get hit with a terrorist attack that kills more than 10,000 or more Americans.

At that point, everything that seems radical today, will suddenly be considered the height of prudence.

Anonymous said...

Read the interview with Paul Sperry on http://www.sperryfiles.com/ and you will understand that government security agencies CANNOT be trusted because they have been INFILTRATED.

Tom said: "That is what I was getting at. If the government fails to do it's Constitutional DUTY, does that give the people the right to perform that duty?"

Why do you even need to ask whether or not it is OK to defend your country? The government is NOT the country. No one can accuse you of treason for demanding that the government, your servant (a traitorous one at that), enforces the laws on the books.