Saturday, January 20, 2007

The perils of being perceived as a risk averse people and a risk averse nation

1: Strategist: Iran believes it could destroy Israel with a single nuke
2: U.S. signals Gulf allies that attack on Iran is possible this year

When the United States Senate Majority leader destroys the credibility of the officeholder of the only nationally elected office in time of war, we are in some peril as a result

Yesterday Harry "We just killed the Patriot Act" Reid told the world, INCORRECTLY, by the way, that the president has no lawful right to attack Iran without the legislative say so of congress.

WW2 began, not only because of appeasement, but because the strategic cultural error made by the Germans was the belief that the English and French would not fight over Poland, a nation unreachable, by their armies an a nation in which neither had any vital security or commercial interests.

Japan assumed that with the US Navy totally crippled, we would negotiate rather than fight a long brutal war, and for what?

Very few cataclysmic wars occur because both sides know and understand each other well, and understand the stakes and the costs, and say, 'it will be worth it, let's rock'.

I have gone on and on regarding how the talk, defeatism, incompetence, and plans of the democratic majority impinging on Iraq, and the single war it cuts across, decreases our security. I have questioned the analysis of experts like George Friedman of Stratfor, who simply seem unable to encompass the religious morale and moral force compelling Iran and the Hojatieh, and the salafist mass murderers.

Read now these stories...from Bill Gertz of the Washington Times, by subscrip only from here

Strategist: Iran believes it could destroy Israel with a single nuke

JERUSALEM — Iran's nuclear program seeks first-strike capability against Israel, a leading strategist said.

The Israeli strategist and former intelligence officer said Iran believes it could destroy the Jewish state with one nuclear weapon.

"Iranians believe that it holds, may hold, a first strike capability against Israel once it has a nuclear capability," said Shmuel Bar, director of studies at the Institute of Police and Strategy. Iran believes "that Israel is a one-bomb country, one bomb from the point-of-view of the receiving side; that the U.S. would not intervene against Iran under such conditions; and all of that with apocalyptic zeal may result in actual use of nuclear weapons," he said.

Bar, who for years worked in the Israeli intelligence community, told a conference on Jan. 9 that Iran was prepared to destroy Muslim cities as the price for firing nuclear missiles toward Israel. He said the ruling Islamic clergy would support a nuclear attack on Israel even at the risk of killing millions of Palestinian Muslims.

"They're developing weapons both as deterrents and that part of the Iranian regime — the more revolutionary part — has all of the components for developing a doctrine of use of nuclear weapons, as opposed to adoption of using nuclear weapons as deterrents," Bar said. "I think that it's a religious background which brings them to this sort of a doctrine."

Bar said Iran has studied the U.S. wars against the former Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq. The chief Iranian lesson was that only nuclear weapons could deter a U.S. attack.

"Nuclear weapons are strategic necessity for deterring the West and Israel and for achieving their strategic goals," Bar said. "Until they arrive at nuclear weapons, Iran's strategic deterrence must rely on terrorism and subversive potential."

Bar said Iran has scored its sole foreign success in the operation of the Hizbullah militia in Lebanon. Hizbullah lost 800 fighters in the war against Israel in the summer of 2006. Bar cited funerals in Lebanon for those termed "holy warriors."

"Whatever they may say, they lost somewhere around 800 men who we can account for," Bar said. "You count the funerals and the names, and you count the names of the people in the documents in south Lebanon."

If this is all true, then who can blame the state of Israel for taking all measures to destroy or delay Iran's ability to kill the jews,, worse still, they are but the little satan....we are the main target and the main enemy

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Rick Darby said...

If such a strike is undertaken, let's hope Israel's wishy-washy prime minister Olmert is archives, or somebody had better give him a stiff drink first.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Ernesto? Are you all right? Where are you at that they did this?

Epaminondas said...

that site is UP this AM

Anonymous said...

It is dangerously misleading to use the term "Gulf Allies". [Exceptional individuals aside..] The Persian Gulf is the most fanatically anti-American region on Earth. Platitudes at this very dangerous point in history will inevitably cost American lives.

I have lived amongst Muslims for most of my adult life, they are more like vipers, than "allies". Tame a few Rattlers and water moccasins, and I'll consider such terms as "Gulf Allies". (or "Axis Allies" for the Nazis")

The Islamic world issued a Fatwa for 10 million Americans......the "Allies" you speak of are the source of the edict, and I can assure you that they are serious about honouring the religious ruling. Patient certainly, but committed to the deaths of ten million U.S. citizens.