Sunday, August 18, 2013

NO credibility in the Arab world? Sen McCain, we have none ANYWHERE

McCain charges U.S. lost ‘credibility’ on Egypt

The United States has “no credibility” in the Middle East due to the Obama administration’s inaction in Egypt, Sen. John McCain said Sunday.
The administration previously threatened to cut off aid if there was a coup in Egypt, the Arizona Republican said, but has refused to honor that promise. “We could be cutting off the aid,” as well as cutting off economic assistance, tourism and exports, he said, but the administration is “not sticking to our values.”.
McCain has just visited Egypt in an effort to broker an agreement between military leaders and supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. While there, he said he wanted to give the military generals an opportunity to get on the “path to democracy.”
Sen McCain has complained repeatedly about our inaction in Libya, Syria and now Egypt. As proponent of Mubarak we had no credibility with the people of the ME.  As haters of Assad we had none. As despisers of Qaddafi we had none. We had none because were CERTAINLY since about 2006 PREPARED TO DO VERY LITTLE. And most of all, to those who voted in the govts of Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and others, our freedoms are their blasphemy and thus we can NEVER have credibility there.
Since 2009 we have demonstrated the willingness to risk only drones and seal teams WHERE NOT ALREADY ENGAGED. We have no credibility as an international power ANYWHERE becuase every nation friend or foe knows we will take no action which implies political risk domestically.
But now, Mr. McCain, over these nations the USA has absolutely NOTHING at stake. Worse still, what is it McCain wished us to do? What Obama wishes and back those whose philosophy is totally opposed to our liberal values of free expression, and utter religious freedom?
The Muslim Brotherhood is the ENEMY of the people of this nation. Assad is the is the ENEMY of the people of this nation.  Those rebelling against Assad, are the ENEMIES of the people of this nation. 
This is a clear set of realities. Why this is not clear to this administration, and opposition senators such as McCain and Graham BOGGLES THE MIND


Pastorius said...

Credibility is not built on whether people like our decisions, or our morality, as McCain seems to think.

We have a good reason to not like Assad, or Mubarak, or Qaddafi.

McCain is useless.

Wait, he's worse than useless.

I'm sorry to go way dark on you, but I think his statements here are proof that we have no representation in government anymore. McCain is on Obama's side. He is not on the side of the American people.

The American people don't give a fuck what the Muslim Brotherhood, or Hamas, or any of these terrorist governments think.


It's pretty fucking simple, McCain.

I can't wait to put these a-holes heads on pikes. They seem to be relentless and deadset on creating a revolution in America to get rid of the riff-raff who have taken over our government. McCain is SCUM.

Christine said...

Unless we can get a government in place here who has an understanding of what we are up against, we are doomed.

It seems to me that our government is hell bent on the old foreign policy ideals. Add to that, the totally unrealistic human rights attitude.

What the military in Egypt has been doing isn't exactly right. But, they are far more aware of what they are up against then our government appears to be.

Obama is trying to play both sides of the fence and is failing horribly.

As the people in Egypt have said over and over again, shut up Obama, this is their country and their problem.

McCain has become a serious weakling in his old age. Like Carter, Obama needs to go find someplace to retire.

Christine said...

I meant to say McCain needs to go find someplace to retire.

Obama can fucking retire too though.