Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ahmadinejad On The Letter

Last night I posted this article wherein Ahmadinejad stated that his letter was an "invitation to Islam."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Thursday that his letter to President George W. Bush did not concern the nuclear dossier, but rather was an invitation to Islam and the prophets culture.

He made the above remarks in reply to a reporter while attending press conference on his letter to President Bush in Jakarta in the afternoon of the third day of his stay in Jakarta.

"We act according to laws and our activities are quite clear. We are rather intent on solving more fundamental global matters.

"The letter was an invitation to monotheism and justice, which are common to all divine prophets. If the call is responded positively, there will be no more problems to be solved," added the president.

The wording of this is, clearly, a threat.

Today, Ahmadinejad is indicating he has some big decisions to make:

As he boarded a plane for Indonesia on Tuesday, Ahmadinejad said his letter contained "the demands of Iranian people and our nation."

"I discussed our views, beliefs and positions regarding international issues as well as some ways out of problems humanity is suffering from," he told the official Islamic Republic News Agency. "We will wait for reaction ... and then we'll make decisions."

This is an extraordinary time in which to live. We are under mortal threat, and yet, it seems the people I work and play with have no idea at all.

As I noted yesterday, the FBI and the Justice Deparment launched "urgent" probes into Hizbollah terrorist cells operating in New York City and across the nation.

The fact that the FBI released information about an "urgent" and ongoing investigation into terrorist cells, clearly indicates that they are very concerned, and that they believe they are somwhat out of control of the situation.

Normally, an ongoing investigation into a terrorist cell would be kept as secret as possible. That way, the FBI can build a case. If the terrorist are aware they are being watched they will take extra precautions to make sure they are not detected.

The only motivation that I can think of for releasing the information that they are conducting "urgent" probes is to intimidate the terrorists, and to possibly cause them to rethink their efforts.

What I am saying here is I think the threats coming from Ahmadinejad are tied to these, apparently, active Hizbollah terrorist cells.

Would Iran dare to attack us through terrorist proxies? If we were attacked in such a way, how would we retaliate?


Anonymous said...

Pastorius, you've noticed the same eerie situation I have. From what I understand, the president of Iran declared war Islamic style on us a few weeks back and, since we didn't accept his "invitation", is now making plans that do not bode well for us. Yet this has barely been hinted at in the Media and most of the US population hasn't a clue. You try to explain what "the letter" really meant, and even if they have actually heard of "the letter", which is rare, they look at you like you're nuts. If you try to explain about Islamofascism, they mumble something about "there's always a few nuts in any religion" and start grumbling about Iraq, Global Warming, and Bush listening in on their personal phone calls. It's totally Alice in Wonderland.

What's desperately needed is a crash course on Islamofascism or at least a good round of "consciousness raising", because if people are still in this stage of ignorance when another 9/11 strikes they are likely to react ineffectually. I think getting people to visit the blogs and read Spencer, Phares, Wallaq, Bawer et al can help but what's the best way to reach enough people to make that effort worthwhile?

Pastorius said...

I think we are about to get a crash course in Islamofascism, after which, there will be little confusion.

Islamofascists want to destroy the West. I believe we will all be clear on that soon.

Then, the question will be, do we want to survive?

I think we do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Infildel

I did a post today on such a response called 'Going Roman'. Might find it interesting.

It's at http://the-gathering-storm.blogsource.com/post.mhtml?post_id=332163

Hodja said...

His invitation is clearly a threat. It is part of the islamic triple part rocket as the first step:

1) Invitation to islam
2) If you refuse you must pay tax to islam
3) If you refuse to pay tax jihad is the answer

See Spencers book "The politically Incorrect Guide To Islam and the Crusades" where this tactique is described.