Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Saudi student once taped a recording of a Jewish school in Maryland

With the recent news of the Saudi Buscapists, there's also an older story that needs focus too. From the Boston Globe (H/T: Soccerdad):
WASHINGTON -- The FBI is investigating a Saudi college student and his American wife who recently videotaped a Jewish school in Baltimore and said they sent the footage to Saudi Arabia, according to law enforcement officials and community leaders who know about the case.

The Saudi man, who came to the United States on a student visa four years ago, and his wife were seen videotaping an Orthodox school for girls, Beit Yakov, on Oct. 26 and fled after witnesses wrote down their automobile's license plate number, officials said. Law enforcement officials were contacted and later interviewed the couple, who said the video was intended for the man's parents in Saudi Arabia.

The couple has not been charged, and law enforcement officials have declined to identify them.

Federal and local law enforcement officials emphasized that they have not uncovered any reason to believe the couple was casing the school.

A spokesman for the US Department of Homeland Security said no new national terrorist alerts have been issued about possible threats to Jewish institutions, considered attractive targets for anti-Semitic groups.

But recent terror attacks on Jewish synagogues in Turkey and the fact that the Baltimore couple fled have raised enough concern that FBI agents are investigating. The inquiry has been broadened to Saudi Arabia, where the FBI is trying to recover the tape, and to the woman's home state, Utah, the officials said.


Abramson said authorities reported that the man and his wife, a Muslim convert, were not initially asked for a copy of the tape by local authorities because they had no legal grounds to seize it. But he said officials at the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia are trying to help the FBI recover it as part of the investigation.

"The tape that he had used ended up not being seen by local authorities," Abramson said. "It ended up in Saudi Arabia." He added that officials said the Saudi end of the investigation has been delayed somewhat, in part because American officials there have been focused on the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks on a housing complex in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

Jewish institutions around the world have stepped up security significantly in recent years. Officials said suicide attacks on Nov. 15 at two Jewish synagogues in Istanbul and two bombings at synagogues in Tunisia last year have led to additional security precautions.
Facinating, how the authorities didn't make a serious effort to get a warrant to confiscate the tape. And I wouldn't be surprised if the House of Saud didn't cooperate in getting the tape back.

I'm guessing that this was part of a plot to kidnap some child brides for an up and coming Mohammed, is that it? To do with them what that false prophet did to Ayisha? This is very disgusting indeed.


TechnoYid said...

They beefed up security for Bais Yaakov of Baltimore for a while, but then, because it is difficult, boring, inconvenient, and expensive, security became more lax.

Unfortunately, ennui and laziness make most security protections go away.

Pastorius said...

What the hell is going on? Why doesn't our government protect us?

What reason could there be for a Saudi couple to be videotaping a Jewish school?

It is as if our government is completely unaware that Jews are not even allowed into Saudi Arabia.

At some point, we have to realize that our government is not our friend, and, if they continue to act in ways that will lead to further terrorist attacks, then they are aiding our enemy. said...

And those werew Saudis that boarded the school bus in Florida and scared the bejeezus out of the driver and kids.

Call me crazy but there are dots begging to be connected out there

Epaminondas said...

What are you guys talking about, it's a tiny minority of extremists ...... isn't it?

The Al Saud are our friends aren't they?

So what if the in laws are bit peevish about painting on the mosque walls, or think music is the tool of satan. SO what if they arrived in Bosnia and trashed the cemetaries because MUSLIM graveyards there seemed to them to have memorials which created idols. It's not as if they are racists or hateful, right? They are a creative and rational and kind and tolerant people, aren't they?



Ibn, can you hear me?

Pastorius said...

Yeah, Mr. Ducky, I hear you get on school buses all the time. Don't you?

cube said...

yeah, right. If they are so innocent, why did they run?

This story proves that we should all be more vigilant.

Avi Green said...

The parents of the students in the Florida school and their lawyers should be taking issue with the local authorities for caving in to the Saudi government and letting those two dirtbags go, too. That too was simply atrocious.