Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The kill 'em all theory gains ?


KABUL, Afghanistan May 31, 2006 (AP)— Afghanistan's parliament has approved a motion calling for the government to prosecute the U.S. soldiers responsible for a deadly road crash that sparked the worst riots in Kabul in years, officials said Wednesday.

2) Boston Globe

May 31, 2006

THE RIOTING provoked by a traffic accident Monday in Kabul signifies more than an Afghan version of road rage. Legitimate grievances were being vented, however much the rioters' anger may have been exploited by political factions and common thieves. This being a season of renewed Taliban and Al Qaeda attacks, and of retaliation by US and NATO forces that has caused unintended civilian casualties, all parties that want to prevent Afghanistan from lapsing back into a failed state must take seriously the popular anger on display Monday in the Kabul riots. The people's fury has several sources.

The US Army truck that careened down a hill on burned-out brakes, crashing into Afghan vehicles, provoked a violent response because similar incidents have happened all too often. Whether from nervousness or callousness, foreign military forces have repeatedly sideswiped Afghans' cars, speeding off without concern for the damage or injury they may have caused. These incidents pluck at the Afghan sense of honor.

or why do they hate us? Traffic? Entropy? Because they can? Because we're US

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Anonymous said...

Oddly, I don't remember hearing about much of this sort of thing happening in occupied Germany and Japan after WWII. Could it be because the Germans and Japanese knew they had been in an actual WAR and had LOST? They weren't "liberated", they were BEATEN? Then, when they were helped back on their feet instead of being executed or enslaved, they had the sense to be grateful and focus on rejoining civilization.

Epaminondas said...

I think IF the evidence PROVES the case which still HAS to be made, they get the full ride court martial, and that's that.

Now why don't you deal with the REAL PROBLEM, which isn't us?

Too hard to face the reality of having to committ acts, or is Everett too comfy to critical progressives?