Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Alright, Help Me Out Here? Islamofascist Terrorism, Or Not?

So, earlier today, I posted on the massive fire at the Istanbul airport. I declared that I believed it was terrorism committed in the name of Islam.

Well, it was a Muslim group, but I am not sure how to classify this one:

A radical Kurdish group said it was responsible for a fire at the cargo section of Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, the hub of international air travel in Turkey, which slightly injured three people and caused delays in air traffic.

The claim, which could not be confirmed, was made by a group calling itself the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) in a message to Firat, a pro-Kurdish news agency based in Europe.

“The sabotage is a response to the policies of massacre followed by the Turkish state towards the Kurds,” the message said. It added that its actions would continue “as long as the extermination policies of the Turkish state against the Kurds are in force”.

Is that Islamofascist terrorism, or not?


Anonymous said...

This is either:

(1) Sabotage of Muslim property by some heretical sect of apostate Muslims controlled by the Zionists.


(2) An act of Jihad by real Muslims against the corrupt Turkish secularist Zionist sympathisers.

In either case, THE JOOOOZ ARE TO BLAME!!!

Always On Watch said...

Here is some information about the group. Notice the vagueness.

OBL has previously denounced Turkey as being too willing to Westernize and, therefore, as not being Islamic.

My guess, Pastorius? I'll answer the question you posed with a "Yes."

Anonymous said...

Latest reports indicate the blame goes to those ubiquitous creators of chaos known as MWB: Morons With Blowtorches.

Though I did read where some Kurdish group took credit which I assume means they have gotten their hands on MWB technology.

Mizgîn said...

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but Teyrêbazên Azadîya Kurdistan (TAK) is not an Islamist group. Neither is it connected to PKK (also, it's not "PKK" anymore--it's KONGRA-GEL), and KONGRA-GEL has condemned TAK's attacks in the past. Nor does this have anything to do with Jews.

I'll give you a hint to see if you can figure out where TAK is coming from these days: You need to check what Erdogan said about the appropriateness of Kurdish women and children as targets for the TSK (that would be the Turkish army, to you). Erdogan said this back at the end of March/beginning of April, and TAK made a reply to him at that time.

Hope that helps you out.

Cubed © said...

Look, the use of terror to accomplish a goal is terrorism. It doesn't matter who uses it against whom. Terror is terror.

Muslims, no matter what their ethnic origins, have a penchant for doing violence to others, including other Muslims, because they have no concept whatsoever of individual rights (which include the prohibition of the initiation of force), a warped view of what self-esteem is (it's how physically strong you are, not a reputation you have with yourself because of competence and integrity), and because they have a moral code which sanctifies the use of terror.

You can certainly make it more complicated than that, but why bother?

Anonymous said...

aren't these the same kurds we went to war with in iraq the first time round, and then established a no fly zone to protect...

it looks like hey are getting sh1tted on from all sides