Wednesday, May 24, 2006

CAIR Says We Shouldn't Use The Word Islamofascism

An article titled "How the Right Played the Fascism Card Against Islam" on the Web site of [CAIR] the Council on American-Islamic Relations is highly critical of using the term "Islamofascism."

“Fascism is coming back into fashion, at least in the propaganda wars. For the right, it comes in the shape of a new word: ‘Islamofascism’. That conflates (sic) all the elements into one image: suicide bombs, kidnappings, and the Qur’an; the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan; Iranian clerics and Hitler …

Usage has gathered momentum among commentators and academics who seek a verbal missile to debilitate those who disagree with them. They have adopted it as a sort of Judeo-Christian war cry.

Warning: Bad Language Ahead.

No, you stupid motherfuckers, Islamofascism does not conflate all the elements of Islam into the image of a suicide bomber.

In fact, you stupid motherfuckers, the very reason I use the word Islamofascism is to make a distinction between moderate Muslims and Jihadis.

If there were Christians, or Buddhists going around doing the things your past board members have done (funding terrorism), then I would call them Christians Fascists, and Buddhist Fascists.

Hey CAIR, stop acting stupid. I don't believe you are as stupid as you act. And, the American public doesn't buy your bullshit anyway.

The only people who buy it are the newsmedia, and that isn't because they believe it, but instead, becuase they have an agenda against the Bush Administration.

Fuck you, CAIR.


Brooke said...

Well said!

J said...

hear, hear!

Always On Watch said...

So, if "Islamofascism" doesn't exist, where does that leave CAIR's "moderate Islam"?

Anonymous said...

Fascism gets a bad rap yet again. Fascism is political rule by a superior elite coupled to a market economy. If done correctly can result in a very favourable outcome. China has moved from communism single party rule to fascist type single party rule from non-market to free market and has phenomenal growth.

The word fascist gets a bad reputation because it was the name taken by the death cult that worshipped Hitler who was a sphyllitic, Austri-Catholic, vegan with an anti-Semite complex and superior to no one. If used strictly in this sense it might have correlation to fundamentalist Islam as it elevates a child rapist, xenophobic, venal idiot to godlike status.

Anonymous said...

In fact, (...) the very reason I use the word Islamofascism is to make a distinction between moderate Muslims and Jihadis.

That can be a source of confusion, as the term Islamofascism comes across as a name of an ideology. Using different names for the ideologies of Jihadis and Muslims implies that Jihadis and "moderate Muslims" follow different ideologies.

In reality, Jihadis and "moderate Muslims" actually follow the same ideology, namely the ideology of Islam. The reason there is a difference between these two groups is that they have different degrees of devotion to the same ideology (ie. Islam) - it is not because they follow different ideologies.

Pastorius, I do not think that you are an Islam apologist, but your practice of using a name for the actions of the Jihadis which suggests that they follow another ideology than "moderate Muslims" serves to give the impression that the Jihadis are driven by something else than Islam. Your statement thus in itself becomes Islam apologetic, even if you don't intend for it to be.

The problem, obviously, is that the Jihadis become Jihadis by taking their religion seriously by being devout followers of it, whereas "moderate Muslims" become "moderate Muslims" by allowing themselves to be somewhat less devout in their religious practice.