Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Syrian Ambassador To UN: Israel Started World Wars I and II

Yesterday on the floor of the United Nations, the ambassador of Syria (gentleman/monkey in a suit that he is) accused Israel of having started both World Wars I and II.

If one ever needed confirmation that this newfangled 21st century version of anti-Semitism is not anti-Zionism, but is indeed the same old bigotry, then here it is.


So, how is it possible that they could have started major world wars?

What a fucking joke. But, nothing is too stupid to seem legitimate in the minds of our fellow-Earth dwellers, the Islamofascists:

New York Sun: A verbal brawl erupted at the Security Council yesterday as it debated the subject of terrorism. During the skirmish, Syria accused Israel of starting World Wars I and II, as well as “contemplating” a third world war.

The anti-Semitic outburst by the Syrian representative, Ahmad Alhariri, as well as allegations by his Iranian colleague, Ahmad Sadeghi, countered comments from Israel’s U.N. ambassador, Dan Gillerman, who said both Syria and Iran are part of an “axis of terror” that would pit them against a group of anti-terrorism “allies” in a “World War III.”

Both Syria and Iran are listed by the State Department as terrorist-supporting regimes.

Secretary-General Annan released a statement on the exchange after Lebanon requested a cease-fire. Diplomats considered the statement even-handed, but it failed to mention a Security Council resolution that called on all Lebanese militias, including the most well-organized, Hezbollah, to be disarmed by the Lebanese government.

“Iran uses Hezbollah to fight its war by proxy,” Mr. Gillerman told the council yesterday, speaking during a speech at a periodic session evaluating international counterterrorism efforts.

“We hold not only the government of Lebanon fully responsible for all terrorist activity initiated from its territory,but also hold responsible the governments of Iran and Syria for harboring and supporting Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations.”

The “axis of terror is alive and active,” Mr. Gillerman said. “Leaders of Hamas meet regularly with, and have been offered financial assistance by, the president of Iran. The very same president who calls for the annihilation of another member state denies the Holocaust and is attempting to develop the nuclear capabilities to perpetrate the next one.”

Yes, very true. And, it's long past time that we wipe the Islamofascists off the face of the Earth.


Hemaworstje said...

damn your country is filled to the edge with illitarate dumbo's.
despized all over Europe.

Pastorius said...

Am I truly illiterate, or, do you just disagree with me?

Epaminondas said...

hemablutworst ... vee haf noticed your attitude, undt vee haff your IP address, undt vee haff geo located zis place of yourz, undt zoon you vill be zeeing all of ze zionists undt jews here.

Otherwise your comment was totally enlightening, and scholarly in its critical nature.

Europe, btw mein heer, is generally so morally decadent that it cannot even reproduce enough to offset it's own death. So morally decadent it cannot separate right from wrong and ACT ON IT, and please don't forget is THE REASON we exist ... europe's greed, violence and oppression.

Have a nice one, now. ;)

Anonymous said...

"illitarate dumbo's.
despized" - is that what a madrassa education does for you?

Anonymous said...

Pastorius: I am getting more worried each minute of this day. I have blogged
about this article.

And well, the "illiterate dumbo" should learn a bit about History before calling the rest "illiterate".

By the way, why don't you use haloscan here so people can send you trackbacks? You can read then the reflections of all the bloggers who have linked each article. And it's not very difficult to include.