Sunday, May 28, 2006

Today Is Warning Day At Infidel Bloggers Alliance

In light of the post below, in which both a European writer, and I, discuss what we think will happen in Europe, if the threat of Islam is not addressed sooner than later, it is interesting to note that our friend, Mark Alexander is writing on the same topic today.

Here are his thoughts ("Warning To Osama" by ©Mark Alexander):

Europe has been established on Judeo-Christian principles. Islam has played almost no part in it. This is an undeniable fact. Further, today, Islam is the antithesis of all Europe stands for: Europe is synonymous with liberal democracy; Islam, by contrast, is synonymous with backwardness and totalitarianism.

In the Twenties and Thirties in Germany, the Jews became the scapegoats of the Germans. Hitler rose to power in the Thirties and demonized them. He managed to convince his fellow Germans that they, the Jews, were the root of all evil in Germany. When in power, he set about his plan to exterminate them. The so-called ‘Final Solution’, die Endlösung, was put in place.

This was racism in the raw!

Many today find it unbelievable that the Holocaust happened. Many Muslims, in particular, deny that these atrocities happened at all! But they did! That they did is well documented. This is historical fact.

This all happened in Europe little more than sixty years ago. Do you think this could not happen again? You would be mistaken if you do! History has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Human nature doesn’t change, as much as we would like to believe that it does. Circumstances change; human nature does not.

If it were to happen again, would the Jews be the ones to be persecuted? Probably not!

In those days, Jews were perceived as the bogeymen of Europe. These days, if any group of people is perceived as the bogeymen, if any group is perceived to threaten Europeans and their way of life, it is Muslims, not Jews. At the moment, there are far too few Jews in Europe to worry about their existence there. Muslims, on the other hand, live in Europe in millions; further, their numbers are growing apace. Today, these are the people Europeans worry about, not Jews.

Islam calls its adherents to live a very different way of life – a way of life quite alien to the way of life of Europeans. Many Europeans therefore feel quite naturally threatened by their growing existence in their midst, especially so because their politicians are too timid to stem Islam’s growth on European soil.

There is no doubt that Osama bin Laden has pushed the cause of Islam in the West. In fact, he has been hell-bent on making Europeans cower to the wishes of Muslims worldwide. European politicians, so far, have shown little will to resist his calls. Indeed, many would say that European politicians have been spineless and have shown little resolve to tackle the very urgent issues that face Europe today vis-à-vis Islam.

This spinelessness is very troubling. This lack of resolve is very troubling, too. Our politicians are appeasing Muslims. They are showing their weakness in the face of Muslims’ apparent strength. This weakness will not lead to any good place!

When governments are perceived to be weak, politics is headed for a turn to extremism. We saw this recently in the United Kingdom, when the far right made substantial gains at the polls because of the perceived weakness of the Blair government.

With the present political climate, one might be forgiven for concluding that Europeans are weak, and are therefore ripe for take-over. This would be a wrong conclusion to make, even though it appears that way. What has happened in Europe once, can happen again. Might it, perhaps, merely be a matter of time?

No sane person, no kind person, no sensible person would wish to see a repeat of the Holocaust in Europe. Those were extremely sad times indeed; they should never be repeated. But, to avoid them, we need to learn the lessons of history. Learn why they happened in the first place. Learn why they happened at all. Osama bin Laden and his cronies need to learn these lessons, too.

The root of harmony is tolerance. Today it is believed – erroneously in my opinion - that tolerance can be legislated for. It cannot be. When a people perceives that its way of life is under threat, these people become capable of any act of evil. Our politicians would be wise to realize that people have not become more tolerant, have not become more understanding, and nor have they grown weaker. Deep down, people are the same today as they have always been. They can be pushed so far; but they will be pushed no further!

As abhorrent as the names Treblinka, Dachau and Auschwitz-Birkenau sound to the modern ear, the atrocities committed in those camps could happen again. Make no mistake about it! Circumstances might have changed; but man has not changed his nature. Nor has he lost his appetite for evil deeds!

If something isn’t done about the Muslim problem in Europe in the near future, the names Treblinka, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Dachau will not be far from the minds of many Europeans. What happened once can happen again. Osama bin Laden would be wise to take heed!

BLD comments:

Mark, I am glad you have bravely explored this thorniest and most painful topic.

Hard to face though it is, and given that the position of Judaeism in Europe early last Century, was quite dfferent in some respects, to today's situation between islam and the West, the fundamental ingredients are there,and politics is mixing those ingredients in a vast experiment of Societal engineering.

Judaeism had no "ummah" and no creed of matyring death to drive them to violence.Instead they developed the extraordinary range of skills with which they interacted in their Europian home.

The misunderstanding of the Jews, promulgated for a variety of reasons was used by those who sought power and total control.

Islam, it would seem, is predicated on the absorption and ultimate replacement of it's host Countries Culture, and indeed, the replacement of the host population, with their own ilk.

Their ideology permits the use of many methods of war to achieve their ends.

History shows this so many times.

It is no longer a phobia to contemplate the process taking place in our midst. The smoke of the campfire at dawn, is making our eyes smart, and we begin to wake against our will, and sore headed we may be.


Always On Watch said...

I saw this essay of Mark's last night at his site. I'm glad to see it posted here. I have to tell you that I lost some sleep over thinking about what Mark wrote.

Mark has written something here which should make all of us sit up and take notice. Before any of us say "Can't happen!" we need to think long and hard, IMO. Some people I know are mad as hell, and these individuals are not the type to get mad!

While there are some differences between what happened in Nazi Germany and what's happening today, I feel rumblings from "the common man." More and more people are coming to me--my clients--to talk about the situation with Islam and Islamification. And some of those people have never shown an interest in sociology or politics before now. In fact, last week I could barely get away from a client's house for his ranting and raving about the msm lies in Australia, his native country. I can't tell you his source for his discovery, but it was impeccable. And why did he come to me? He doesn't even know that I have a blog! Well, he just had to sound the alarm, had to speak with someone, even the piano teacher (This man is a piano parent). I take this man's wake-up as a good sign. And he'll spread the word too. He's one brave Aussie and not afraid to speak his mind.

BTW, Mark's book is just as thought-provoking as this essay.

Pastorius said...

Mark's writing is always great, and this is the best and most important thing I have seen from him.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article on Tariq Ramadan's recipe for European Muslim victimology, duplicity and taqiyya at

Anonymous said...

Some time ago I was writing something like Mark did. But today I am aware that it is not very corect. First, I think that we cant make a paralel between 1930 and 2006, when we speak about europeans. They are totaly different, specialy the western population. Also we must remember how jews was acting and livieng back then, how muslims are acting and livieng today, in Europe. In my opinion, a reaction like 1930's in Europe it is almost imposible. Eventualy, only from east, but in east muslims dont go, they also know that eastern population just finish communism, they are not so naive or weak. But future will show.

Charles Martel said...

To draw any kind of parallel between the treatment of the Jews in the '30s and '40s and the possible future treatment of the Muslims is preposterous. First of all, the Jews did nothing to deserve their treatment. The Muslims on the other hand deserve expulsion from the West. I would much prefer an awakened West taking whatever steps necessary to safeguard our Civilization to the prostate West that we now observe. It is precisely the spectre of discrimination and lack of tolerance that has provided the cover for the Muslims to invade and destroy our civilization. I would much prefer a holocaust against the Muslims to the destruction of our Western civilization or a holocaust againt Jews and Christians carried out by Muslims.

War with Islam is inevitable and far preferable to our only other option, capitulation. Islam must be Islam and as such will continue its attacks on the West. It will not be subdued peacefully. It never has been in its 1400 year history and never will be. Liberal pluralistic democracy increasingly seems incapable of defending itself against Islam. But the West will not go down without a fight. Finally, with our back against the wall we will fight. But it will be a two front war: one against the fifth column of traitors within and the other against the Islamic barbarians. The Reconquista will not be pretty. The Muslims will once again be vanquished from the West. They must or we will die.

Slobodan Milosšević will be posthumously vindicated as his "atrocities" will be seen as small potatoes against the measures that will be forced upon those fighting to survive in Europe and the United States. And none of this would have been necessary had our elites not been poisoned by the cancer of a virulent anti-Western multiculturalism whose adherents refuse to acknowledge that some ideas, cultures, people and values are better than others. That our Western Civilization is inherently and inescapable superior to others. That we in the West have devised an astonishingly liberating civilization.

Islam is a civilizational perfect storm. Islam is not a religion but a fascist supremacist ideology that must be eradicated. Short of that, the only possible solution is absolute containment and separation. That will entail the forcable removal of all Muslims from Europe and the United States. As utterly impossible as this may seem, it will come to pass, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Pastorius said...

You read this blog at least sometimes. I know, because I've seen your comments here before. You have to be somewhat familiar with where I am coming from.

The idea that I would draw a paralell between the actions of Jews in the 30's and the actions of Muslims today is preposterous.

Let's get that straight right out of the box.

The point of my post, and the point of Mark Alexanders' essay was not to say the Jews deserved it. Instead, our point is that Europe is a continent full of vicious violent people. America, being that it is the child of Europe, is also a continent full of viscious violent people.

Mark's point is that human nature does not change with ideological trends. Therefore, underneath the veneer of politically correct pussiness, the West is still a bunch of viscious violent people.

I swear to God, we will win this fucking war if it means pulling the flesh off the bodies of our enemy with our bare hands. That's who we are, my friend.

By the way, other than your preposterous suggestion, I agree with your entire analysis, and I think it was intelligent and well put.

I just can't stand the idea that someone would think I thought the Jews deserved it.

If you have any questions about that, go read my personal blog CUANAS (Christians United Against the New Anti-Semitism).

Mark said...


Thank you for the defence of my essay. I believe you understand where I am coming from; I believe that Chareles Martel does not. In fact, I think he has totally misunderstood my message!

Pastorius said...

It would seem that he misunderstood quite a bit, but his analysis is spot on, isn't it?

Charles Martel said...

No, no, NO!! I did not think you were saying that the Jews deserved their fate, but rather that the Muslims were as blameless as the Jews (clearly they are not) and would soon be victims of an irrational European blood lust brought on by a lack of tolerance. I apologize if I misstated my point or mischaracterized yours. My point is, the Muslims actually do deserve whatever they reap in contrast to the blameless Jews. I hope and pray Europeans still have a blood lust lurking close to the surface because they will need every ounce in the upcoming epic battle against the Islamic savages. The continent has slept long enough, but if my experience is any indicator, they are a far cry from tapping the wellspring of passion, courage, righteousness, nationalism, civilizational pride and utter intolerance necessary to defeat the Islamic barbarians. If the barbarians do not overplay their hand and strike prematurely then Europe could fall without a whimper. But, as they must, the sons of allah will inevitably overplay their hand. As I said above: the Reconquista will not be pretty.

Mark said...

Charles Martel:

No, no, NO!! I did not think you were saying that the Jews deserved their fate, but rather that the Muslims were as blameless as the Jews (clearly they are not)...

No, I wasn't saying that at all. I think you now realize what I was saying.

By the way, your analysis was spot on.

Pastorius said...

Thanks for the clarification.

Kleinverzet said...

For those that might have missed it. My reaction to this is up on my home blog