Monday, May 22, 2006

This Is Not a Drill


This notice is for all U.S. military veterans who may see this:

A few minutes ago, I am told that the news services are saying that discs with the financial records of every single living U.S. military veteran have been compromised.

Until this can be sorted out, please keep close tabs on your financial records if you are a military veteran. Apparently, the CIA and the FBI are on it.

I hope to goodness that this is a hoax, but better safe than sorry, since "they" have targeted our economy.


elmers brother said...

I heard it was TRICARE the military healthcare system. The VA etc does not have access to my financial records. I know of no central place where veterans financial records are kept.

I am recently retired from the USN.

elmers brother said...

The Tricare thing could be just as bad especially if they get a hold of SSNs

Anonymous said...

Oh please not Tricare, my 86-year-old mother is on that. I did hear it was records that included SSN, but what worries me even more than the financial implications is that they can now steal the identity of any vet from the last 30 years or so. And does it seem just a little too coincidental that some functionary just happened to illegally bring those records home to "work on them" and that house just happened to be broken into and the burglars just happened to grab a bunch of computer discs along with the money and jewelry?