Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Massive Fire At Istanbul Airport

massive Fire At Istanbul Airport

Gee, what do you think caused it? Am I jumping the gun, because of my Islamophobia? Oh, yes I am:

ISTANBUL, Turkey - A huge fire engulfed the cargo section of Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport on Wednesday, temporarily disrupting air traffic and causing thousands to flee nearby terminals.

Three people were injured, Deputy Gov. Fikret Kasapoglu said, adding that authorities suspected a short-circuit may have caused the fire, which billowed black smoke 100 feet into the air. There was no immediate indication the blaze was terrorism-related.

Private NTV television said the fire began in a section where fuel depots were located.

Planes dropped water onto the flames, and airport authorities said the fire was slowly being tamed. A firefighter atop a tall ladder poured a stream of water on the blaze.

“The fire is under control and we’re taking precautions to prevent it from spreading to passenger terminals,” said Baris Tozar, the undersecretary of the Transportation Ministry.

“There are no problems concerning flight security,” Tozar added.

Airport director Irfan Balta said planes had been successfully moved away from the fire.
NTV said some cargo workers may have been trapped inside the blazing two-story cargo building, which was used to store international freight arriving in Istanbul.

Private Sky-Turk television reported occasional explosions at the building.

The building was located close to a hangar housing military aircraft.

Millions of tourists pass through the airport each year to reach Turkish resorts on the Mediterranean or Aegean coast.

Radical Islamic, leftist and Kurdish militants are active in Istanbul and Kurdish militants recently claimed responsibility for a huge fire at an Istanbul factory.

Gee, if looks as if AP (the source for this story) might also have a touch of Islamophobia.


I doubt this was caused by a short-circuit. I say something was planted on one of the planes and it went off early.

I also say that it is likely we will never know the truth, which, of course, means that my jumping the gun conclusion will, likely, never be verified.

Oh well, I will persist in my Islamophobia anyway.

I am such a bigot.


Pastorius said...

Apparently it was the Kurds.

So, does that mean it is Islamofascist Terrorism, or not?

Always On Watch said...

Within an hour of the explosion, I was hearing "No ties to terrorism." Too fast a conclusion!

Kiddo said...

Did my mythical army of Mikrasia finally strike back? YAY!! We demand a right of return, the Hagia Sopia, the return of place-names back from their modern Turkish variants, and the head of Abdullah Gul.

Some may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Look at HAMAS.

Cubed © said...

Always On Watch said...

Within an hour of the explosion, I was hearing "No ties to terrorism." Too fast a conclusion!

Yeah, methinks they protestesth too much (or at least, too fast)! These days, I don't think it's unreasonable, and certainly it isn't paranoid, to have "terrorism" in the differential diagnosis of possible causes of destructive events. It's a lot like medicine, where if someone comes in with a set of symptoms, you have to rule out cancer.


Never forget the definition of "bigot" (this is from Encarta):

"Somebody who has very strong opinions, especially on matters of politics, religion, or ethnicity and refuses to accept different views."

If you're right, you're right, so if that makes you a bigot, go for it! Islam is evil, and no one can persuade me that it is not. I am proud of my bigotry!

Pim's Ghost,

Dream on! Sounds good to me...