Friday, May 26, 2006

Death Camp Religion: Malaysian Textbooks Advocate Murder of "Apostates"

Whole nations are caught in the grip of Islamofascism. In Malaysia, students are being taught from textbooks which advocate murdering anyone who leaves Islam. Here's a letter from a concerned mother:

I wonder if the present government is aware that violence and murder is being preached through its own curricula and textbooks. This is not an exaggeration. I urge the government to seriously consider if its curriculum for Islamic Education is what it wants to feed young minds.

I was shocked and disturbed to find out that the secondary school syllabus for Islamic Education (Pendidikan Islam) includes learning how to deal with apostates and that one of the prescriptions is to kill them off.

In many widely-used Pendidikan Islam workbooks (which base their texts on the Ministry of Education’s syllabus), imposing a death sentence on apostates is offered as a religious duty. Allow me to extract some of what is written (and the original Malay version for readers to check on context and accuracy).

For example, under the heading ‘Ways of Dealing with Apostates’ (Cara menangani orang murtad), the following precepts are given:

1. Advise and persuade the offender to repent and return to Islam (menasihati dan memintanya supaya bertaubat dan kembali kepada Islam)

2. To impose a death sentence (melaksanakan hukuman bunuh)

The text also has a heading which reads: ‘The death sentence against an apostate who refuses to repent and return to Islam has several virtues’. (Hukuman bunuh terhadap orang murtad yang tidak mahu kembali kepada ajaran Islam mempunyai beberapa hikmah).
Among which are:

1. To show to others at large that Islam is not a religion to be mocked at will (menunjukkan kepada orang ramai bahawa Islam bukanlah agama yang boleh dipersenda dengan sewenang-wenangnya).

2. So that no one will dare to denigrate the Islamic religion (supaya tidak ada orang yang berani memburuk-burukkan agama Islam).

To people like the authors of these textbooks, and all who support them, Islam is like a Death Camp. Once you are inside the fence, you are not leaving.


The Anti-Jihadist said...

The English-Malay translation is accurate.

This is an excellent find. Nothing much surprises me anymore. As I've been saying for sometime, show me a 'moderate Muslim' and I'll show you a mirage...or someone who is 'moderate' in name only.

Islam is not moderate. Never is.

Always On Watch said...

Brainwashing in the textbooks--no doubt about that.

Anonymous said...

Elmers Brother,

Thanks for stopping by! And thank you for your service! My hubby has 8 years left until retirement.

Interesting blog. I'll stop by again :)